ESC to close 2.62 (by 623 users)fashion wang 패션왕
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized fashion wang
english Fashion King (literal)
aka fashion house, paesyeon wang


genres drama, romance, work, fashion


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 19 Mar, 2012 - 22 May, 2012
episodes 20
duration 80 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 2.62 of 5 by 623 users
total users 1310
rating 1632
favorites 13



Lee Ga Yeong and Gang Yeong Geol are two aspiring fashion designers whose circumstances have prevented them from ever achieving their dreams, while the privileged Jeong Jae Hyeok and Choe Anna are at the top of the fashion world. When the four meet in New York, it becomes a competition to see who can rise to the height of success, and win the person they like -- at any cost.


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Lee Ga Yeong
Choe Anna
Gang Yeong Geol
Jeong Jae Hyeok
Yun Hyang Suk
Jo Sun Hui




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27 May, 2012
Fashion themed shows never seem to fair well in Korean television, and Fashion King is no exception. If anything, it's an example of how not to do a show.

It's hard to get invested in a story where you can't stand the characters and could care less about what happens to them. While having a morally ambiguous male lead is great (and refreshing), when you've hit episode 12 out of 20 and there's yet to be a redeeming quality or a reason to not punch the male lead in the face, you're in trouble. The female lead was about as interesting as a wet rag, being so wishy-washy about her choices, always looking like a deer caught in headlights and having no character consistency. Choe Anna as the second female lead brought nothing to the table; the acting was pretty bad, and it was a constant struggle to tell if she was angry, upset or happy. If anything, only the character Jeon Jae Hyeok had any sort of proper backstory and means of connecting with viewers. He was the only character I was even remotely interested in and whose scenes I was tempted to watch. When your second lead outshines the main in all possible aspects, you're in huge trouble.

The plot of the story was terrible, and revolved entirely around two men who were trying to show whose was bigger, a female lead who switched sides like a girl switches shoes, and a second female lead who couldn't evoke any emotions. Period. If the plot had been stronger (and there was a lot of possible material to work with), the show may not have been so bad, but sadly, this was one of the terrible points.

The acting was middling at best, but tended to be-at its worst-downright cringe-worthy. with only Lee Je Hun putting any effort into his character. He was the only person I remotely even connected with. Sin Se Gyeong and Yu A In turn in what are their worst performances yet. And Yu Ri, while a great singer, should really not act until she's had a few more lessons. She had only one facial expression throughout the entire show, and that was boredom.

Acting has been seen to elevate a terrible plot, unfortunately, it seems as if the actors were only doing this show as a favour and only turned in the bare minimum of acting needed.

Watch this show only if you're terribly , terribly bored or for Lee Je Hun (or if you're like me, and need to finish a show you've gotten at least half way through). The fast forward will be your best friend, and you can get through all twenty episodes in about two hours or so.
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karinchen 11 Dec, 2015
okay that was a drama... afther i started it a friend of mine told me abouth the so-colled bad ending. okay i want to watch the drama till the end....

the story was... it was at the beginning good but over time getting worse and more boring.

so abouth the bad ending... okay frankly I expected around the 10 episode that
Lee Ga Yeong and Jeong Jae Hyeok
are ending together. so okay... but not in that way ^^.

so my question is: if I'm expecting a bad end, but it surprised me in the end, is it still a bad end?
karolcia955 08 Jun, 2015
I can't get through this drama... One of the worst drama I've ever seen... That's bad cause the preview seemed so nice...
danisensei 08 Mar, 2015
If it wasn't for that very end... I mean: I didn't get it. oO
Why would she want/agree to have him killed? She was very aware of it.

This drama would have been better if it weren't that long and went in circles so much. Seriously,
Ga Young coming and going all the time, always like a puppy running after Young Gul and doing his will; she doesn't have her own free will, she should be with Jae Hyeok much before, at least always working at his company, but she always throws everything into the air bc of 'that piece of trash'.
Ga Young's behaviour is really annoying.
Yu Ri did an amazing job as actress. She should keep on that. She's much better showing the woman she is instead of a girl in SNSD.
My favourite character was the masochist Jae Hyeok. <3
maririn 07 Dec, 2014
1hinata30 25 Aug, 2013
WTF O.O, okey I didn't expect this drama to have an ending like this...
someonelse 25 Jul, 2013
One of the worst dramas I've seen. I feel bad for Yoo Ah In because he's better than this. I thought he played Yong Gul with some good dimension.
thalia 03 Jul, 2013
Que final foi esse mano??? O_o
carolhiis 26 Jun, 2013
Tudo lindo, tudo otimo mas essa cara de sonsa da Lee Ga Yeong da nos nervos '-'

Noooossa que bosta de final foi esse, sem sentido algum, o escritor viajou legal
nada ver ele morrer em "Bigu" ~kekeke