ESC to close 3.92 (by 1146 users)tenshi no koi
  • 2009
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized tenshi no koi
english My Rainy Days
literal Angel's Love


genres drama, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 07 Nov, 2009
duration 119 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.92 of 5 by 1146 users
total users 1714
rating 4491
favorites 73



Some people fall in love at first sight, but for Rio faith has to give her a few more tries. Seventeen year old Ozawa Rio is a beautiful young woman with many people yearning for her attention. In school she's popular but kind, but what others doesn't know it that she doesn't think twice before using them. This also goes for people at bars and similar places. She takes advantage of her beauty, which makes her and her friends get into prostitution. This doesn't really concern Rio until the day she finally falls in love.




Ozawa Rio
Ozawa Kouki
Ayukawa Tomoko
Shibata Naoko
Shiota Kaori
Shimoyama Masao


director, screenwriter


13 Jul, 2010
At first, I thought I wouldn't like this film. And the first 20 minutes of it proved me right. I made myself watch it through the end, though, and it was really worth it.

Such a lovely and touching tale, of how love can change people and make them become better in every way possible. The relationship between Rio and Kouki was beautifully built, and by the end of the film I realized how much I enjoyed it.
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ticaminha 24 Jun, 2014
One of my favorite movies ever! The movie i've cried the most in my whole life LOL, it worth every single minute, if you don't have sure if you should watch it or not, go ahead!! ♥
nimnz 05 Sep, 2013
In the beginning I thought it was silly & I wouldn't like it, but it was really good and touching!! I liked it!
Gosh! Shousuke's deep voice is so charming!
stellybish 17 Aug, 2013
I loooved this movie <33
Rio was the most adorable thing ever!!
Such a cute and heartbreaking couple ;w;
beeesseoul 08 Aug, 2013
Such an adorable film.
I'm actually extremely surprised that it didn't end sadly.

Tanihara Shousuke was so perfect omg. Like everyone said, it did have its flaws, some of it being the acting...
But adorable and touching nevertheless.
tieza 01 Aug, 2013
There's something about this film. Yes it may not be the best film ever but it's special and I believe that it will stay with me for a long time. Really great.
kawaiiteen 25 Jun, 2013
i was hesitant at the first part but then as it goes on, I found out it was a masterpiece! Oh that kind of love ♥
hephzibah 30 May, 2013
This movie was really good...
Well, it has its own flaws, not perfect, but hell... Did it squeeze my heart? Yes it did, and not just once!
samanthawoo 20 May, 2013
Really good film! Put it into masterpiece... I strongly recommend to watch :)