ESC to close 2.45 (by 482 users)shingeki no kyojin
  • 2015
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized shingeki no kyojin
english Attack On Titan
literal Advancing Titans

Based On

based on manga
title shingeki no kyojin
author Isayama Hajime (諫山創)


genres action, horror, fantasy


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 01 Aug, 2015
duration 98 minutes
status released


avg. score 2.45 of 5 by 482 users
total users 925
rating 1180


shingeki no kyojin
2013 TV jp
shingeki no kyojin: end of the world
2015 film jp


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original creator


01 Dec, 2015
Hmm... So, if I say that I had no expectations about this movie, I will be lying. But I did try to keep them as low as possible, because, let's be honest, the story of Shingeki no Kyojin is next to impossible to portray in live-action, no matter what anyone is saying and we all know it. I doubt even one of the big Hollywood studios will be able to pull it of, so yeah... As a fan of both the series and manga, I tried to do my absolute best not to have expectations.

Sad truth is that the final product shows some signs that the staff involved at least tried to do something plausible. (When you have a story so impossible to portray you change it, okay. I get that.) But the way they tried to do it is just - laughable, or to say it simply it is like someone said - hey, let's just strip the story of everything that makes it genuine, put a few new characters, and take away all of the personality the few original characters have (except Hanji/Hange). The result - yet another love triangle story that just so happens to take place in a world full of man-eating creatures. (Yeah. This sentence basically summaries the whole movie. I am not kidding.)

And yeah, the staff really did try to create something plausible, because the movie is beautiful. The special effects are well done. The titans are almost believable, but to be honest the impact they could have made was totally lost because the characters in the story were the exact opposite. I could talk about how emotionless and blank-faced all of the cast is for hours, but I will limit myself only to Miura Haruma, who by the way I absolutely love, but even he (and how good he looks in the uniform) can't save this movie. In fact I think this is his worst role ever. Most of the time his Eren is just standing there looking hurt or blank-faced without any apparent reason for that. Not to mention that he spent almost the whole movie running from the titans, not fighting them. When we include the fact that everyone around him did almost the same, I think you get the picture.

I gave it a chance. I tried to think of something good to say , but what is there to like in a movie that made me laugh almost hysterically because of how ridiculous it was. I am rating it with two stars, because as I said the movie is beautifully filmed and some of the scenes are well choreographed, but when you take it as whole the beauty is just not enough. So, yeah. I tried to expect basically nothing, but if I say that this movie is even worse than my lowest expectations I will not be lying. In fact, Haruma or not, this is just one of the worst live-action adaptations I have ever seen. And not because it doesn't follow the original story. But because it takes on original, out-of-the-box concept and replaces it something stereotypical. Which is sad in a way, because they could have done so much better.
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dodi1d 05 Sep, 2016
Terrible CGI!
serendipity92x 09 Mar, 2016
I really liked it, coming from a fan of the anime :)
justironic 15 Feb, 2016
Let's be real, it's a good movie. Compared to many Japanese action movies, it's visually pleasing and not over-done (or under-done) when it comes to special effects.

And hey, it's not the original story, it's an adaption. If you watch it as an adaption, you won't get disappointed. If you watch it as a movie that is exactly the way the anime is - you will be disappointed. But you know what, no live actions ever live up to the manga/anime, so you should've given up on that already. If you can't deal with not comparing and getting disappointed, then just don't watch it, tbh.

Watching it as a separate movie is the key, I think. It's like a semi-AU fanfiction with some original characters. And it's neatly done, if you ask me. I liked it.

I loved the manga and the anime, and if I was to compare this movie to them, no, it isn't on the original work's level. But it was a pleasing movie to watch, it hadn't lost the atmosphere and I liked the way they used elements of the original work and still made the plot work. I'm looking forward to watching the second movie.
majorzero 01 Feb, 2016
@keepingbreath It's not close to average Hollywood blockbuster, unless reboot of F4 is blockbuster in question. Hell, I'll watch Revenge of the Fallen or Age of Extinction over AoT any day.
keepingbreath 31 Jan, 2016
I don't understand why people are screaming in every corner that it is the worst movie ever. Are you seriously? Are you really have never seen A LOTS OF japanese trash movies?
This movie was okay. It was close to an average american blockbuster and there is nothing bad in this.
If you are a huge anime fan and going to find fault with every detail it's not the problem of other people who want just to watch some action/fantasy movie in their day off.
Let's be not so biased.
kasura 25 Jan, 2016
Worst movie ever!!!!!! horrible!!!
I only like Ishihara Satomi and maybe some titans who were pretty believable....
Random chan 09 Jan, 2016
@kawarashii And the sad part is that so many people rate it good that it's closer to "good" than to average or bad :D!
danisensei 31 Oct, 2015
I waited anxiously so long for THIS? With only 7 minutes playing, I already found the anime way better. Couldn't be more disappointed! It was just awful. The only thing I liked about it was Ishihara Satomi's acting. She interpreted Henge perfectly. Everything else was bad. And the plot was changed too much. Even Miura Haruma's pretty face couldn't save this movie.
Oh, and whatta... was that ending? Like seriously?