ESC to close 4.65 (by 930 users)running man 런닝맨
  • 2010
  • variety
  • Korea

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romanized running man
aka reonning maen


genres action, comedy


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format variety
network SBS


date 11 Jul, 2010 - ?
episodes 450
duration 90 minutes
air day Sunday
at 18:00 - 19:30
status releasing


avg. score 4.65 of 5 by 930 users
total users 1436
rating 4324
favorites 258


ben pao ba xiong di
2014 variety ch


The members (usually with celebrity guests) go to various culturally significant places in Korea and have to perform various tasks in order for their team or themselves individually to win the game and be eliminated from punishment. In later episodes, there is no punishment, simply winning or losing, and sometimes members have to find the guests instead of playing together with them from the beginning.






director, screenwriter



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12 Aug, 2013
Both feature Yu Jae Seok. Sometimes Happy Together 3 has a guest from Running Man as well. That said, they are really different from one another. But I feel that the funny vibe between the members of Running Man is the same as with the host of Happy Together.


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blackpearl 19 Jun, 2018
I stopped watching RM in 2016 after all the scandals with the casts erupted, especially when Gary left since he was one of my favourites... I randomly checked and I'm like 78 episodes behind now (Jesus). Going to start watching again, even if it's just for sentiment but I hope the break has given me enough closure after what happened to be able to enjoy the show again. So here goes nothing...
bayanoh 17 Dec, 2017
Episode 381 was the best this year! Never seen this many twists outside dramas and movies.
I was disappointed by Jong Kook's elimination but he's too smart to get eliminated without doing something first. His plan was so perfect, I was so confused the whole episode. Also, his partner was outstanding in putting his plan into action, as expected from a great actor.

P.S. Jong Kook's lying improved a lot. I always could tell when he is lying, but not this time. I think he figured out his tell and worked on it. Just the previous episode I figured out he was the one who didn't give any money to the production team the first two rounds. I always wondered why none of the members could tell when he is lying. This is the first time I've been fooled by him.

I got chills when I saw Heo Seong Tae because I was traumatized by his role in the drama Tunnel, but he is so cute as a person. He seems like someone who is as pure and innocent as a baby. I'm really looking forward to seeing him in variety shows. I bet he will be popular.
bhagwanti 31 Oct, 2017
I was avoiding to said it out loud, because he wouldn't like it but
There's no Running Man without Gary.
I keep watching, out of sentiment, hope they would surprise me, but at the end there are days I just re-watch old episodes.
Jae Seok is great MC, but they could do without him. Jong Min and Tae Hyeon area pillars of 1N2D, but they would keep going without them well, etc. But there's no Running Man without Gary, They should call it at least RM2 or something,
With episode 374 I was happy to see they came back to role-play episodes, beginning was nice... then guests came out, and everything was destroyed...
bayanoh 13 Aug, 2017
Episode 363.. The episode with no twist at all
So Min is really bad at being spy, and so is Girls' Generation's Su Young. Yuri is the only one who managed to deceive me, I thought for sure that Hyo Yeon was the third villain, she threw me off by her awkward conversation with Kwang Soo.

You don't need any hints to find out that Su Young and So Min were villains. I knew from when Su Young yelled at Haha that she was a villain and she proved that by trying so obviously to prevent Haha from talking about the hint to the other teams. If she wasn't a villain why would she do that? I thought they caught her for sure and were just pretending they didn't know, but apparently I was mistaken. So Min on the other hand had a bad acting moment, that's when I found out.
aquariia 07 Aug, 2017
Episode 362 was hilarious.
I died when Jae Seok called Kwang Su 'boss' at the end. xD

The show got much better recently.
beeesseoul 19 Apr, 2017
I'm super attached to the 7012 original cast so a second season with completely different members would've destroyed me and I don't think I would've watched further. I honestly feel so glad that it isn't ending and Jongkook and Jihyo remain in the show even if it means getting new members. Infinity Challenge has managed to survive by adding new members and keeping some of the original ones, so why shouldn't Running Man? They definitely have to change the crew though and potentially reset some of the formats because many episodes are extremely repetitive and boring even if the cast does all it can.
bhagwanti 17 Apr, 2017
@yumichan86 @blackpearl decision changed into giving them another chance, after "Korean an international fans" were commenting a lot on it, and asking not to end the show.

I kept thinking since a while that they need a new member to refresh things, but I don't thing they chose well. We'll see but the truth is that with no changes in production team, new members won't help. RM is still going down.
blackpearl 10 Apr, 2017
Lol so I thought they were supposed to stop filming in February? It's April now and they're still going? What is the truth?