ESC to close 3.39 (by 670 users)geonchukhakgaeron 건축학개론
  • 2012
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized geonchukhakgaeron
english Architecture 101
literal Introduction To Architecture
aka Introduction Of Architecture Class


genres drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 22 Mar, 2012
duration 118 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.39 of 5 by 670 users
total users 1221
rating 2270
favorites 12



When Seung Min was on his first year at the Academy of Architecture, he met Seo Yeon. She was a musician student, and Seung Min totally fell in love with her. Years have passed, and now he meets Seo Yeon again - she asks him to rebuild her father's old house.




Yang Seo Yeon (present)
Lee Seung Min (present)
Yang Seo Yeon (past)
Lee Seung Min (past)
Jae Uk
Seung Min's Mother


director, screenwriter
singer, composer


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Both are about a girl and a boy who were friends when they were young, and then when they grow up, they meet each other again. Both have a similar atmosphere, though Will it Snow at Christmas is more dramatic.


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yuki89 02 May, 2016
The ending was totally unexpected but
a happy ending would've been too obvious and this is actually more like what real life really is, not always happy, not everything goes as we want it to or as we planned it. And honestly that's what misunderstandings are really able to do.

I really enjoyed it, it was heartwarming and I shed a few tears here and there. Suzy isn't that bad actually, she seemed fine to me, not that much forced I guess. Ga In was quite ok too this time (not a big fan of hers). Yoo Yeon Seok surprises me every time, he's really good. The cinematography was awesome, that's a given.
sillysym 20 Oct, 2015
@watashiwachiaki yeah me too
i'm so disappointed because the movie was so good pf
watashiwachiaki 26 Aug, 2015
I was surprised with the ending.
my reaction was "what? that's it?" and I watched till the end of credits hoping for a continuation clip lol

but anyway, it ended perfectly as it should.
totally worth to watch
michikohime 27 Jul, 2015
Suzy isn't as bad as most people said. Ga In isn't as bad as she usually is (I really hated her in previous dramas). The scenries are beautiful. The story is very good. It could have been greater though. It's not about the ending.
in fact, if there was a happier ending, it would have made this movie too cheezy and I think I wouldn't have enjoy it as much. It's still end well enough, both main character knowing they love and care for one another, even to this day

There a thing called false conflict in stories. And at one point, this story revolve too much around a false conflict. And, to me, it would have been better if there was something else going on. This movie could have been a masterpiece if they avoided this.
I'm talking about the part where Suzy's character is drunk. If the boy just voiced that he was there (when she clearly seemed intoxicated and that the other dude seemed to take advantage - yet I know about all that "sunbae culture" in Korea, but still...) or if they just talked thing over afterward, all the misunderstanding between them would have disappeared. It's weak storytelling to go and build a pivital point of your story on false conflit.

Still enjoyed myself a lot and cried. Maybe it hit closer home than I had imagined it would
sleepingstar 04 Apr, 2014
Good movie, I feel it is such story many people can easily identify themselves too to extent at least, which is always good.
naeoppa 02 Apr, 2014
I loved this movie and I liked the end as well ;;
You know, sometimes things just doesnt work out. Both grew up and lived their lives after that first love period. It was beautiful and it hurt at the same time. And life is just like that..
stellybish 05 Aug, 2013
I personally enjoyed the movie. A bit slow paced but nice.
The cinematography was great!
Gotta say I was impressed by Je Hun *o*
& LOL Jeong Seok was amazing!!! haha Such a funny character xD
Watching Suzy and Yeon Seok was...
... awkward >_<" haha Because I've firstly seen them in Gu Family Book ~
The ending... they kissed, but I guess for a goodbye.
Sad love story. They both loved each other but it didn't work out :/
Tctc, I don't even know why Seung Min married Eun Chae!
He didn't seem to love her? xD
flaviadreamy 21 Jul, 2013
a very beautiful movie :)