ESC to close 4.18 (by 625 users)sinui seonmul: 14il 신의 선물 - 14일
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized sinui seonmul: 14il
english God's Gift - 14 Days (literal)
aka god's gift: 14 days


genres crime, drama, family, life, suspense, fantasy, time travel


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 03 Mar, 2014 - 22 Apr, 2014
episodes 16
duration 75 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 4.18 of 5 by 625 users
total users 1107
rating 2611
favorites 45


sinui seonmul: 14il geu hu
2014 TV kr
side story


A mother travels back in time, 14 days before her daughter is kidnapped and murdered, with the hope to save her child.




Kim Su Hyeon
Gi Dong Chan
Han Ji Hun
Gi Yeong Gyu
Hyeon U Jin
Han Saet Byeol




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27 Jun, 2014
God's Gift is a good example of a time thriller done right.

The show keeps it taunt, exciting and doesn't take the audience to be idiots. The acting is amazing throughout with the clues carefully thought out. Even the smallest detail is important, and that is where the few problems of the show come in.

There are twists galore, which is usually nice, only in this case the show becomes so tangled it becomes extremely difficult to follow. When you need to pause a show and almost resort to taking notes to work out all the clues, there are too many threads to follow.

But it's hard to complain about a complex show, so God's Gift is a recommend for any mystery lover.
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03 Aug, 2016
Both series feature a mother searching for her kidnapped child and having to deal not only with finding for the kidnapper but also with other intrigues.


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xdsmile 11 Oct, 2018
So disappointed!! I was expecting something waaaay better after checking out the plot and the ratings :O
they storyline is shallow and isn't connected properly, the reasons behind their actions aren't logic either!!
acting was good though

dropped at ep6.. bad...
powerpuff 29 Jun, 2017
It was good only in the beginning before they went back in time. There's no logic behind anything after that. The characters are so inconsistent and the villains are like supernatural pro fighters that just won't die. It got tiring very fast for me.
frannam 12 Mar, 2017
This is a masterpiece. I loved it so much! <3
aprile 31 Aug, 2016
It was an exciting piece, I really enjoyed it... but the end wasn't a good one.
hiroyuki 10 Jan, 2016
Last episodes last 10 minutes was horrible!! T^T I loved this series but that last ep... omg. They ruined the whole show.

Dong Chan is dead?!
jessicarose 24 Dec, 2015
It could've been easily a masterpiece it wasn't for the last 5 minutes... I'm so disappointed right now!!!!
Besides that I liked every sec of it.
beeesseoul 04 Oct, 2015
This drama was more than great. Not one episode was ever boring as expected from a thriller. And I really do think this is the first time I watch a thriller like this in a kdrama. It was very refreshing and super mind-boggling. The production values were off the charts and you can tell these people worked super hard with every single detail from watching the special and paying attention to the writing. Even the opening and ending credits were thought out perfectly. The actors did awesomely also.

I will agree, however, that the ending was a bit disappointing and not because of the outcome but because it seemed so sudden and out of nowhere.
vanart 05 May, 2015
One of the best dramas I've attended. Holds you from the beginning to the end. It was the first time I watched a drama in a week.