ESC to close 3.99 (by 1620 users)the king two hearts 더킹 투하츠
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized the king two hearts
aka the king, king2hearts, the king 2 hearts, deo king, deo king tu hacheu, 킹2hearts, 더킹2hearts, 더 킹


genres drama, suspense, romance, politics


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 21 Mar, 2012 - 24 May, 2012
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.99 of 5 by 1620 users
total users 2825
rating 6459
favorites 154



In a world where South Korea is governed by a constitutional monarchy, North Korean Special Forces Agent Kim Hang A is persuaded by her superiors to take part in the World Officer Championship, an international military competition where the North and South will be entering as one country for the first time. But when ill tempered South Korean prince Lee Jae Ha is also placed on the team against his will, tensions between all the soldiers elevate. As a growing threat begins to loom over the monarchy and Hang A knocks Jae Ha down a peg or two, things are further complicated when Jae Ha’s brother, the king, makes a bold political move -- by arranging their engagement.




Lee Jae Ha
Kim Hang A
Kim Bong Gu
Eun Gyu Tae
Lee Jae Sin
Eun Si Gyeong




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02 Jun, 2012
The King 2 Hearts may not be perfect (there are plenty of flaws) but it is a show that knows how to balance the poignancy with humour, family moments with romantic ones and expertly walks the fine line of political intrigue on one side, and a romantic comedy on the other. This is a show that's done right, and whose flaws are so small they don't really matter.

The acting in this show is phenomenal. From the leads to the extras, everyone acts amazing. All the characters are fleshed out, so there's a lot for the actors to work with, and work with it they do. Lee Seung Gi never really clicked with me in his previous shows; I hated his Brilliant/Shining Legacy character and his My Girlfriend is a Gumiho one never really got me invested. But whatever he did in the interim had him knocking all his scenes out of the ball park. Whether he was a jackass prince or the king fighting to save his country and his fiancee, you felt everything with him. Ha Ji Won proves once more she can have chemistry with any leading man, and this is definitely one of her best performances. And everyone else turns in their best performances yet as they click with friends and enemies, and seem to breathe their roles.

The plot is probably the weakest aspect, and seeing as how it managed to keep you interested, it's not so much a bad point as it is that something has to be the weakest. There's politics-enough to stay true to the show's world, but not so much you drown out the rest of the storylines. There's family (all of whoms dynamics I LOVE), and none of which are dysfunctional, their all true to life. And there's romance which is never shied away from and is built to have you believe. And the villain, while over the top hilarious and childish, also proves to be a worthwhile adversary to our lead, which is a nice refreshing change because you're invested; you never know who will win the battle and how the tides will change.

And then there's the music, my favourite part hands down. The OST for this show is the best I've heard yet. Every single track matched the scene and mood perfectly. The emotions wrung out of you are attributed to the great soundtrack. To sum it up: this is pure love.

For a show that keeps you on your toes, with great characters, a well paced plot and actors who become their roles, as well as foreigners who [mostly] speak their foreign languages properly, the King 2 Hearts is definitely joining my list of favourites.
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27 May, 2012
I... really love this drama. Is it perfect? No.

The abundance of foreign extras (who clearly are all such bad actors they could not find jobs in their own countries, seriously) comes to mind. Bon Bon, hair piece guy, randomly racist US soldiers, that one dude who said he was head of some security council, but even he didn't seem quite sure since you could literally hear his brain scrambling to spit the dialogue out correctly... the list goes on. >.>

The ones that counted, the actual stars, were well constructed and turned out great performances, quickly becoming characters you were invested in, people that you cared about, and that's the part that makes it all worth it. The writing, while on occasion spotty, was largely strong throughout, selling both the romance and the political intrigue without boring you, hitting the dramatic moments at just the right time while often subverting your expectations, and showing the strength of the characters separately and together, both of which it treated with importance. The cast (aside from the aforementioned horrible foreign exposition fairies) just worked as a whole. The chemistry between the leads seems almost effortless, the supporting actors delightful, the acting nuanced.

It's definitely a drama that I enjoyed beginning to end, and one that ended up pleasantly surprising me as something different. The basic drama elements are there, but presented in such a way (literally a matter of multinational security) that it all means more. Every action, even the mundane, seems risky not because you're being told it is, but because it is, and gradually you see these characters, like the drama world they live in, are of a different breed, and are capable of remarkable things.
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13 Oct, 2013
Both series are about North and South Korea's dream to become closer. Both involve a love between North Korean woman and a South Korean man.

19 May, 2012
Both dramas are about Korean royal families. Also in both dramas the royal household deals with some kind of difficulty. And in these dramas the main couple have chemistry and adorable skinship.


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seoltang 14 Aug, 2017
Agora que terminei, posso entender por que é o favorito de algumas pessoas. A personagem principal estava sensacional. Amo personagens femininas fortes. Ainda bem que não estragaram a história.

p.s. também achei a morte do final desnecessária.
gisattina 05 Jan, 2017
tudo bem que é drama,mas tinha que ter a morte no final.....como esse povo sofre....:(,
gisattina 05 Jan, 2017
tudo bem que é drama,mas tinha que ter a morte no final.....como esse povo sofre....:(,
kai2kid 04 Sep, 2016
the drama is okay i watched it cause Eun Si Gyeong was a intresting charecter
polygonrain 07 Dec, 2015
i love this drama <3
karinchen 05 Aug, 2015

"But possibly because I like it so much, this is also one of the few dramas that manage to infuriate me this much; to the point where I turned into my grandma and grumbled, moaned and sometimes screamed to the screen. "

hahaha me too ^^
danicrs1 14 Jul, 2015
One of the best kdrama I've watched. Loved every moment except for the death of this awesome character I liked so much. Overall it was a great drama!
kirtil 02 Dec, 2014
This drama is one of my favorites. I like the actors, the characters (most of them), the setting, even the story (mostly)..

But possibly because I like it so much, this is also one of the few dramas that manage to infuriate me this much; to the point where I turned into my grandma and grumbled, moaned and sometimes screamed to the screen.