ESC to close 3.46 (by 195 users)jeokdoui namja 적도의 남자
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized jeokdoui namja
english The Equator Man (literal)
aka Man Of Equator, Man From The Equator, Man's Equator


genres drama, life, romance, work


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 21 Mar, 2012 - 24 May, 2012
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.46 of 5 by 195 users
total users 574
rating 675
favorites 3



Jang Il and Seon U become friends after Seon U fights off debt collectors looking for Jang Il. Jang Il starts to help Seon U work towards his dream when Seon U's father dies. While investigating what really happened to his dad, Seon U is attacked and ends up in a coma. Years later he wakes up, but learns that he is blind. He meets Ji Won, a girl who reads to the blind. They begin to fall in love. But one day Seon U breaks up with Ji Won and disappears. 13 years after Seon U was attacked, Jang Il has become the prosecutor he wanted, Ji Won works as a VIP planner at a hotel, Su Mi -- who knows the truth behind Seon U's attack -- is now a famous painter, and Seon U has become the CEO of a company. Now adults on their own paths, fate slowly starts bringing them all back together to unveil the secrets of the past.




Lee Jang Il
Kim Seon U
Han Ji Won
Choe Su Mi
Lee Jang Il (young)
Kim Seon U (young)




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xdsmile 23 Feb, 2015
OMG! Eom Tae Ung is a great actor X_X
How could he fix his eye after meeting with Jang Il and his father!
It's my first time seeing ETU's acting, and I thought that his eyes were really warped a little :O

I never thought humans can do that XD
yurisama 27 Sep, 2014
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alexadm81 08 Jan, 2014
This drama was very very good, each episode was really interesting but I think the plot could have been a bit better in some parts. The acting was one of the best. Not a masterpiece, but almost a 4.5/5. :D
alex3 03 Jan, 2014
I'm at episode 3 and I hate almost everybody in this drama. >< It's a good show tho.
btw. young Seon U - super cute.
addy1884 26 Jun, 2013
I love Eom Tae Ung I love Lee Jun Hyeok I love Eom Tae Ung I love Lee Jun Hyeok I love Eom Tae Ung I love Lee Jun Hyeok I love Eom Tae Ung I love Lee Jun Hyeok I love Eom Tae Ung I love Lee Jun Hyeok I love Eom Tae Ung I love Lee Jun Hyeok I love Eom Tae Ung I love Lee Jun Hyeok I love Eom Tae Ung I love Lee Jun Hyeok ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
vaniahs 24 Jun, 2012
I don't really know what I should give for the rating, cause I love it and hate it at the same time. I absolutely love the plot. But this drama would have been so good had it not seemed too rushed and badly produced.

I was in love with this drama immediately from the start until they switch actors. The switch is too awkward!! It's too obvious that the director wants to let Taewoong do all the blind-acting, cause Hyunwoo is a rookie actor and probably can't act blindness that well yet.
It wasn't clear how much time has passed when Sunwoo was in a comma. This drama is just simply not planned out well enough. They switch the actors when Sunwoo wakes up, which supposedly hasn't been more than 2 years. The older actors look too old to be that age. The age gap between the characters are too little, and the gap between the actors is too much. Also, people's face don't change that fast, especially after a comma. This wouldn't be as bad if they just stick to the time frame; but what did they do?? They did a 12 years flash forward just a couple of episodes later. WHY???!?!?! WHY WHY WHY?? UGGGHHH!!

The actors switch is one of the biggest problems with this drama. I love the young/old casting for Jangil and Soomi, though, but not so much for Jiwon, and definitely not for Sunwoo. I love both actors, and they did awesome, but they just look nothing alike.

Other flaws in this drama that make me cringe are the bad camera angles, the many unnecessary long awkward stares, the awkward changes of scenes, and, again, AWKWARD endings of some episodes. And also sometimes awkward change of time frames.
It seems to me that this drama is supposed to be a lot more of betrayal and bromance, than romance. So some of the scenes where it's supposed to be Sunwoo's and Jiwon's lovey dovey moments seem like they're too pushed; like they try too hard. I love their chemistry when Sunwoo is blind, but after he opens his eyes, their chemistry is not working, so they seem to be a little bit draggy (keep in mind the awkward stares, silences and camera angles). And there are a lot of bad cheesy edits too. With the dramatic music and all, it's obvious that the director is trying too hard to make the romance scenes a lot more important than it should. But sorry, it didn't work.

I love the story line. It's a very good mix of betrayal, bromance, romance, family and friendship. Because of this drama, I fell in love with Hyunwoo. Teehee. He's so cute, and he made all the sad scenes a hundred times more sad cause he's just too cute and you just don't want anything bad to happen to that cute face, and beautiful soul T^T. But it's a drama, and shit's supposed to happen.
The revenge was sweet. I love it when in stories the protagonist becomes a lot more evil than the antagonist, so you start to hate him a little, but then you think back and realize it's a good thing that he turned kinda evil. AH!! Love it!! Nothing in dramas are more satisfying than a sweet, delicious revenge!!

So, conclusion...
Screenwriter, I love you and I will look forward to your other dramas!
Director, fuck you for ruining this awesome story. Just fuck you! !
lothiriel 05 Jun, 2012
Seon U saw the young Jang Il too, however he didn't jump into the sea, so I don't think hallucination is a valid reason in itself. After forgiving each other, they started to go back to the city, then Jang Il suddenly turned back and jumped. Yeah, you're right, he totally lost his mind which was also one of the reasons, but seemed to me he KNEW what he was doing at the very moment of the jump. That's why I think it was an intentional act, attempted suicide out of guilt.
sarahohimesama 04 Jun, 2012

yup you have a point.. i agree with you but he didn't commit suicide he jumped to the water because he saw the young senou in his imagination, well you can't blame him cuz he lost his mind :(

he's evil and all but i pity him, he was a victim too.. T-T