ESC to close 3.76 (by 683 users)wo hu cang long 臥虎藏龍
  • 2000
  • film
  • Taiwan, Hong Kong, China

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romanized wo hu cang long
english Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (literal)
aka tiger and dragon, 卧虎藏龙

Based On

based on book
title wo hu cang long (卧虎藏龙)
author Wang Du Lu (王度庐)


genres action, romance, martial arts


language Mandarin


country Taiwan, Hong Kong, China
type real
format film


date 06 Jul, 2000
duration 120 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.76 of 5 by 683 users
total users 922
rating 2565
favorites 18



In 19th century China, Li Mu Bai owns a light, fast and magical sword which name's the 'Green Destiny'. Because of the numerous fights that follow, Mu Bai decides to entrust a skilled warrior, Yu Shu Lien, with it. She must give the sword to Lord Te, but as soon as the night comes, the sword is stolen. Shu Lien then meets Jen, governor Yu's daughter, who must marry a man she doesn't love and who dreams of a life as free as Shu Lien's. But, in truth, Jen works for the nasty Jade, and is the one who stole the 'Green Destiny'. Then, Li and Shu Lien hotfoot after Jen in order to take back the magic sword.


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Li Mu Bai
Yu Jiao Long
Yu Xiu Lian
Luo Xiao Hu
Jade Fox


producer, director
original creator


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In both of them the main role is played by Zhou Run Fa. Both are a mix of chivalric and martial arts and they are set in China (but in different centuries). Fighting moves are similar.


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nanuklein 08 Aug, 2011
I was quite young when I got to see this film, but I really liked it. lol martial arts, forbidden love, etc. got it all
thefreak 07 Apr, 2011
I think I watched this film a hundred times xD
Well, this film is a rare one because it's almost the only one my friends agree with me in case of the rating:
The setting, the fighting scenes and especially the choreography are amazing!! I couldn't tell when therer were special effects or....did they even use some? Ô.o I mean some of the fight scenes were actually so fast that I couldn't tell if they were real! :D
But the story and the characters are one of the worst I've ever seen! There is no improvement and I wanted to kill Jiao Long every time she opened her mouth or appeared on the screen V.v
So 2 stars + 1 big star for the amazing fighting performance!
ahmeto 03 Aug, 2010
I honeslty don't understand how it has that low score... it's one of the best...
riaria 28 Jul, 2010
I am not sure if I should ever put "completed" as my status for this movie, since I am constantly re-watching my favourite episodes and humming allong the OST.
flcl 18 Jul, 2010
I've seen this like 6 times and it is always as amazing. Pure Art.
zaharisa 03 Mar, 2010
O_o.. Didn't know this movie is in this database :)

I really like one scene near the final when Li mu Bai touch the hand of ... "the woman master"? and says to her that her hand was just like he was imagening her.
The most touching romantic scene ever. :D

I wasn't paying too attention of this movie... until that moment.
I cried.
And then decided that I really like this movie.