ESC to close 4.29 (by 1124 users)gaksital 각시탈
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized gaksital
english Bridal Mask (literal)
aka doll mask, the bride mask

Based On

based on manhwa
title gaksital
author Heo Yeong Man (허영만)


genres action, drama, romance, martial arts, fict. history


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 30 May, 2012 - 06 Sep, 2012
episodes 28
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 4.29 of 5 by 1124 users
total users 2173
rating 4823
favorites 243



At the height of imperialism in the 1930s, Lee Gang To is a high ranking officer of the Japanese police force. Reviled by his fellow Koreans as a traitor to his own country, the coldly pragmatic Gang To chose to pledge his loyalty to the Japanese government and the emperor, a decision even his mother scorns him for, his late father having sacrificed everything to reclaim their homeland. While skilled at his job, he's soon being thwarted at every turn by the mysterious Gaksital, a masked hero to the people and a symbol of the independence movement. After a shocking personal discovery, both present tragedy and memories of his own past open his eyes anew to the true nature of his country’s oppressors, and Gang To finds himself donning Gaksital's mask, fighting against the very people he worked alongside to become Korea’s unlikely savior.




Lee Gang To
Kimura Shunji
O Mok Dan
Chae Hong Ju
Lee Gang San
Seon Hwa


original creator


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08 Aug, 2012
The male lead in both dramas helps the poor citizens who are unfairly treated by the nobles. The similarity of these dramas is that they show how and why the main character became a masked hero.

30 Jun, 2012
Both lead protagonists are seeking revenge for the sake of their fathers. In both, highly-regarded people did something that both leads, who have a nickname ("Bridal Mask" and "City Hunter") and wear a mask to hide their identity, want to be revealed. Both of them have quite good fighting scenes and also a sorrowful romance.


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y0urlorelei 07 Sep, 2012
3 months with this drama and now as it ended I feel so empty ;(
When I stated it I was in some kind of period in which I couldn't find the drama for me, but from the 1 ep I fell in love with Bridal mask (masterpiece) :}}}
Some of the characters were really annoying, I even hated 2-3 , but what's the drama without them :}
I pitied Shunji; he lost his brother (it's not like they loved each other so much) but he can't just watch doing nothing; it was crazy how he changed on 180 degrees tho' ;O
So sad Ueno Rie and Kachiyama didn't end up together >.>
In the end of 27 ep I already felt like Mok Dan would die T_T don't know why so much people find her annoying, I liked her very much :3
And in the end Bridal mask lost everything- the woman he loved, his dear friend (later enemy), his family, but he will keep fighting for the people... it may a great act, but still isn't it sad with all the sacrifices he made along the way ;x
namstar 07 Sep, 2012
i will miss this drama ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
mikomi0e 07 Sep, 2012
The least sympathy which were left for shunji just vanished in the first 6minutes at the last episode.
I mean, while everyone was talking about who would die in the end, ueno? Or Kang To? Or Shunji? I thought by myself - it would be too boring. I think when Mok Dan would die it would be amazing. Though for the most of you she was an annoying character in the end everyone would pity with her. And since I found out about the wedding - I was sure. She is going to die in her wedding dress in Kang To's arms. God, I'm good. xD
Shunji's suicide was obvious too.

The writer did great. Amazing scenes. Amazing OST. Yes, I'm not a fan of politics so the talking was boring but the fighting scenes made up for it. I rated it with 5 stars because of the idea of this drama (the storyline) and Shunji/Kang To enemy-friend relationship.
What a war! Korea vs Japan! Nice!

I'm honest. I'm satisfied it finally ended. After 3 months, every week staying patient nearly killed me. ^^
About the beginning of episode 28 when there were written something about Park Hui-seok, I found more information in english. For the interested ones.
evahee 07 Sep, 2012
Masterpiece, great drama. Everyone should watch this for sure!
Ah... What am I gonna do without Gaksital now... Wednesday and Thursday has been the Gaksital day for me since the end of May D:
I cried sooo much when Shunji died omg... I just couldn't bring myself to hate him cause I always felt really bad for him. I cried when he said farewell to Rie on the phone too ;__; Still, it's better than my precious Joo Won dying, I don't ever wanna see a drama which ends up with him dead >.<
yamaguri 07 Sep, 2012
Best drama ever!!♥ I'm really going to miss it. ;_;
bklauxd 06 Sep, 2012
It's ended. :((((( It was an amazing drama, i enjoyed almost every episode of it. They did a great job. I will feel empty from now on, i watched it since June. It's time to put on my favourite list. <3

Such a sad ending. In the end almost everybody died but well i didn't expect a happy ending. Somewhat i feel sorry for Mok Dan, i thought that she would survive since she lost her father and Shunji died in the best way, i mean in the end he realised that he lost himself and he killed a lot of people.
mikazuki 06 Sep, 2012
Only one ep to go! Feeling excited but I'm going to miss it :(
Please, somebody tell me the name of Comrade Ahn's actor! He's so good-looking :o
stellybish 06 Sep, 2012
Episode 27! ;o
Kang To vs Taoru was just lol That could have been longer xD
But I loved the fight between Kang To & Shunji ~
& OMG!! wedding ;o I have the awful feeling that the final episode is gonna be full of death! *cries*