ESC to close 4.29 (by 1123 users)gaksital 각시탈
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized gaksital
english Bridal Mask (literal)
aka doll mask, the bride mask

Based On

based on manhwa
title gaksital
author Heo Yeong Man (허영만)


genres action, drama, romance, martial arts, fict. history


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 30 May, 2012 - 06 Sep, 2012
episodes 28
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 4.29 of 5 by 1123 users
total users 2172
rating 4820
favorites 243



At the height of imperialism in the 1930s, Lee Gang To is a high ranking officer of the Japanese police force. Reviled by his fellow Koreans as a traitor to his own country, the coldly pragmatic Gang To chose to pledge his loyalty to the Japanese government and the emperor, a decision even his mother scorns him for, his late father having sacrificed everything to reclaim their homeland. While skilled at his job, he's soon being thwarted at every turn by the mysterious Gaksital, a masked hero to the people and a symbol of the independence movement. After a shocking personal discovery, both present tragedy and memories of his own past open his eyes anew to the true nature of his country’s oppressors, and Gang To finds himself donning Gaksital's mask, fighting against the very people he worked alongside to become Korea’s unlikely savior.




Lee Gang To
Kimura Shunji
O Mok Dan
Chae Hong Ju
Lee Gang San
Seon Hwa


original creator


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08 Aug, 2012
The male lead in both dramas helps the poor citizens who are unfairly treated by the nobles. The similarity of these dramas is that they show how and why the main character became a masked hero.

30 Jun, 2012
Both lead protagonists are seeking revenge for the sake of their fathers. In both, highly-regarded people did something that both leads, who have a nickname ("Bridal Mask" and "City Hunter") and wear a mask to hide their identity, want to be revealed. Both of them have quite good fighting scenes and also a sorrowful romance.


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saranghaepperu 07 Sep, 2012

I fell a few tears when Mok Dan died... but.. I always thought Shunji was the mean guy and that I hated him for it but then when I realized he was going to shoot himself I had to pause and I burst into tears and I omg.. I'm still crying if I think about it's like.. it wasn't hate at all it was a love-hate kind of relationship that we had.... omg Shunji why did you die as such a beautiful mess? ♥
mikazuki 07 Sep, 2012
I rated it 5/5. It was definitely not perfect, but I enjoyed the story and characters a lot. And there was so many different emotions which were potrayed well: hate, friendship, love, agony... I really liked how the characters changed through the series, how their feelings and personalities shaped up to entirely different, too. I came to like characters I didn't like at first and the opposite way. There was many reaally nice supporting characters, too.
Overall it was very interesting and different. And not to mention the awesome actors and epic soundtrack!
Wow, I'm really going to miss it.

I found the wedding scene very nice and fitting, but what really send me abashed was that Mok Dan died. Aww man, really? I didn't like the character anyway, but Kang To losed everything, his big brother, mother, best friend and lover. Fortunately Kang To didn't have to kill Shunji in the end.
And I feel they left pretty much things unsetteled, but that's what I feel in the end of every drama.
stellybish 07 Sep, 2012
I love this drama so much!!! The actors did fantastic job! The story, the OST! Everything was EPIC!
Surely, the most memoriable drama of the year!
Of course... there were some boring moments... but which drama doesn't have them? xD
The only thing I didn't like was...
Kang To's sudden change of heart when he found out who Mok Dan really is... It happened so unnaturally :/
Same with Mok Dan finding out who Kang To was xD
But yeah if they needed more time the drama was gonna be 50 eps so that's okay xD

About the ending!
So many people died T__T I cried so much for Shunji too ;w;
I think the wedding was a MUST! It just fitted the situation...
Ending was a bit rushed but I really loved the end! It just gave me shivers and left me speechless...
Wish we could have seen them win & maybe a few years later but yeah I guess I'm asking for too much xDD
golden91 07 Sep, 2012
thefreak 07 Sep, 2012
I didn't rate this with five stars because I think they totally ruined the ending. The problems of the characters were solved, the problems of the story remained though. Adding that the first 12 (!!!) episodes were hella repititive and Mok Dan got on my nerves, while she even destroyed an awesome bromance.
All in all I would rate this 'good', but I think I'll go with 'very good' because the performance of the actors was stunning! KUDOS to Park Gi Ung, Shunji was awesomenly portrayed! Kang To, his older brother and RaRa were amazing characters too and I liked the fact that they all weren't as one-dimensional as a lot of others.

But seriously....why marriage??!! It absolutely didn't fit the situation and was only for Kang To to suffer more *yay* Even Shunji and RaRa did suffer because of Mok Dan.
Shunji's suicide was predictable and that scene was well filmed....but I still bawled my eyes out because of him Q___Q
aquariia 07 Sep, 2012
Masterpiece for sure and a great ending.
It's good Kang To didn't have to kill Shunji by his hand and I'm happy Rara end being alive.

Kang To/Shunji rivality was deffinitely the best part of this drama and I'll miss them the most. Both Ju Won and Park Ki Woong did such a great job here.
xdsmile 07 Sep, 2012
It started really good and awesome, but I'm wondering if they changed their writer or something?
they destroyed everything with these meaningless scenario!
I was hoping for a masterpiece since they extended the drama :/
what was that!? marrying in the middle of war :O
blackkxstar 07 Sep, 2012
Bridal Mask you have destroyed me but you have also made me very happy. For the first time in a drama I went through so many emotions at the same time. I was angry, depressed, happy, romantic, hopeful and torn. I seriously feel like I have no more tears to shed for other dramas. My eyes are dry and right now I feel like they will forever be dry. In the end you had me in pieces crying into my pillow as if a closed one had died and then right at the very end I am hopeful and happy with tears in my eyes. I am in a spin of emotions and now I am left missing those 3 months I spent every week excited waiting for Wednesday and Thursday to happen. I do feel a bit better since Nice Guy will be airing next week which is written by my favourite screenwriter but I know for certain nothing right now will ever top Bridal Mask for the moment. I didn't even know it was possible but you have made 1st place and dropped The Princess' Man down to 2nd... I will miss you!