ESC to close 3.08 (by 1368 users)kpop choegang survival KPOP 최강 서바이벌
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized kpop choegang survival
english K-POP Extreme Survival
literal KPOP Ultimate Survival
aka The Best Audition, Strongest KPOP Survival, Ultimate Audition, kpop choegang seobaibeol, choegangodisyeon, kpap choegang seobaibeol, K팝 최강 서바이벌, 최강오디션


genres comedy, romance, friendship, music


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network Channel A


date 19 Mar, 2012 - 01 May, 2012
episodes 14
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 20:50 - 22:00
status released


avg. score 3.08 of 5 by 1368 users
total users 2194
rating 4216
favorites 39



Failing the entrance exam at a respected English music school, Ji Seung Yeon decides to leave for South Korea. On the plane back she has an unpleasant encounter with the lead singer of the popular boygroup M2, Gang U Hyeon. Finally back home, Seung Yeon encourages her childhood friend Ji U to take part in the free audition held by Sunny Entertainment to find new members for M2. Due to her boyish looks, Seung Yeon ends up in the audition herself.




Gang U Hyeon
Ji Seung Yeon
Gwon Ji U
Gang Chang Min
O In Yeong
Jang Hyeon Seok




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04 Jul, 2014
The drama, Kpop Choegang Suvival, is a lot like the reality competition show Win: Who is Next. Both the drama and the reality show are about rookies who compete against one another for a chance to debut as a Kpop idol. Though Win: Who is Next is a reality show in which two real trainee groups from YG Entertainment compete, it still has the heartfelt emotions and competition that is present in the drama Kpop Cheogang Survival (which also stars Minho, of Team B, from Win: Who Is Next).
Both dramas are about a group who faces the challenges of the music industry. The rookie groups compete with each other to try and become stars, and that takes a toll on their friendships.


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bhagwanti 18 May, 2014
Am I getting cynical or what? Drama where cast is mainly from music industry, and looks like main actors get into acting thanks to their family connection (MBLAQ and DBSK). It was horrible... after first episode I left it for long time. Watched a second...and rest of them till the end by skipping parts because I couldn't stand it. And ok, don't discuss acting skills, it wasn't horrible, but the script?
I am pretty sure that K-pop stars agencies facing dating rumors would solve it like this, yeah (irony)
kamilles 05 Sep, 2013
This was so funny. The plot reminds me of you're beautiful, and they're both good. :)
endroine 31 Aug, 2013
Where can i watch this
hwaiting 02 May, 2013
What was the song Yun Jae a/ Jin Hyeok sang in the audition in Kpop survival?
limenora 09 Apr, 2013
It's annoying...

...that we don't get a proper ending. What happened between the President and Team Manager? And what about the Juniors debut? M2? How did the audience react for Woo Hyeon and Seung Yeon's relationship? So many questions...
(sry for my bad english)
hanni12 24 Mar, 2013

They basically stuff the thing with k-pop idols, so that the fangirls in Japan (where K-Pop is a huge thing) will eat that fluffy crap up. The Korean audiences aren't that interested in it, look at the ratings of things like The Beautiful You and Love Rain. The TV stations don't really care for the numbers in Korea as the big money is made in Japan...

If you are interested in more of the inside stuff you can write me an pm and I will send you an link to the blog where I get this stuff. ^^
goguma 24 Mar, 2013
good cast - ok Yoohwan was good(actually great - love Park bros) and Go Eun A wasn't bad either (but her role isn't really challenging). That's it. @hanni12 unfortunately you're right. But what does it mean that it was made for Japan?
vestema 17 Feb, 2013
I was so happy to see UKISS' Kevin, Eli, Kiseop and Soohyun in some episodes. ^^