ESC to close 3.61 (by 414 users)dalkomhan insaeng 달콤한 인생
  • 2005
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized dalkomhan insaeng
english A Bittersweet Life
literal Sweet Life


genres action, drama


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 01 Apr, 2005
duration 120 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.61 of 5 by 414 users
total users 664
rating 1495
favorites 24



A gang leader suspects his girlfriend, Hui Su, to have a love affair with another man. He asks his right-hand man, Seon U, to follow her and to kill her if he ever surprises her with someone.




Seon U
Hui Su
President Gang
Min Gi
Myeong Gu
Mun Seok


director, screenwriter


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missblackrabbit 22 Apr, 2015
Could have been so much better with good editing skills and a decent soudtrack (not even mentionning the - unintentional - shaky camera).
Really enjoyed the "How did it come to this" he says to himself, showcasing how he's surrounded by emotional idiots.
Only downsides: the girl was weak imho and... is he immortal? I mean COME-ON!
yamashita 12 Feb, 2014
It wasn't that special but I'm getting like Lee Byeong Heon more :)
kiyoshi 22 Apr, 2013
I gave only two stars. I don't know ... it was boring.
kioyn 28 Oct, 2012
Немного пафосно, но, вообщем, неплохо. Vot tak vot.
sugarpain 21 Aug, 2012
Loved it!!One of my favorite movies!:)
mikomi0e 14 Aug, 2012

This is never going to end, is it?! I didn't rated it with one star just because I didn't understand the meaning, don't misunderstand.
I didn't like how the writer didn't approach the viewer with feelings. I didn't feel any pity for the lead, like I normally would do. He didn't have anything to sympathize with, imo, since his character were like a doll instead of a poor human. I didn't think what President Kang made was evil enough to hate him as a viewer. I didn't like how random some characters were
one of the gangs, who appeared once and in the end again but just shoot and died.Or the russians who suddenly had a car accident.

I didn't expect any good quality, great fighting scenes or 3D effects, but I heard the movie had a great meaning, which unfortunately isn't obvious enough to understand. Everyone just made their own theories and the other ones ended up without understanding it like me. Also it dragged alot, I mean, 120 minutes felt like four hours for me.
Like I said before, my expectations were probably too high. Of course a few flaws are kind of acceptable since it's a movie from 2005 but I started to rate really strictly and if I can't remember one thing which impressed me enough than I rate it only with one star.

I tried to answer properly and from what I still remember, is it acceptable?! It is my opinion, you don't need to agree or understand my point of view. I already know someone who thinks the same, that's why I'm not considering to watch it again.
I'm really in a bad mood right now, didn't sleep for 2days. So, I guess, something what you can call "falscher Zeitpunkt" - I won't answer anymore, just so you know. I need to finish my report today.
hanni12 14 Aug, 2012

Stay by the truth, that wasn't a misunderstanding and you know it. You didn't just not get the ending, you said that the whole movie was confusing and that you didn't understand it on the whole. Your English is fine, don't use that as an excuse. The movie doesn't suck, it is a failing of your part, if you simply don't understand it.

And sure, I respect your opinion and you can dislike whatever you want. It just annoys me, that people make comments that they didn't understand the movie and that it is terrible because of it. What is the point of your comment? What do you want to tell people, how should people react to it? Sure, I make a lot of negative comments, but I don't expect people to let it slide and give my reasons for it and answer people properly. If you aren't interested in a discussion, why can't you just write an personal review?

And everything that isn't brand new is expected to have a worse quality?
mikomi0e 14 Aug, 2012
I'm not in the mood for a discussion where someone sounds provocating to me in the first place.
I never said that I don't want any discussions on mdl, you misunderstood. You surprisingly wanted to know the reason for my rating, I replied honest. I'm not interested to discuss this any further means I won't change it no matter what you want to tell me. But I think, there's a misunderstanding on my first comment, I corrected it.

My expectations were probably too high since I saw better revenge movies, so I'm disappointed. No reason to call me hopeless.
I don't get people like you, I mean, because you liked the movie doesn't mean I can't dislike it. Because you understood the storyline perfectly and it was "great" in your opinion, doesn't mean I can't comment or rate the movie "bad" because I didn't get the ending. I know this is from 2005 so I didn't even mention the little unsatisfying things in here on my first comment, so please, don't talk like I wrote the worst comment ever.

Ah, and I'm not rating for other people, I'm rating for myself. Just so you know.