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  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized big
aka bik


genres comedy, drama, romance, fantasy


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 04 Jun, 2012 - 24 Jul, 2012
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


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rating 6988
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Gil Da Ran is on her way to becoming a certified high school teacher, and is recently engaged to the seemingly perfect doctor Seo Yun Jae. When Yun Jae gets into a car accident along with Da Ran's snarky new transfer student, Gang Gyeong Jun, the two are left fighting for their lives. She rushes to the hospital and is overjoyed to see Yun Jae alive -- until he starts insisting he's not her fiancé, but Gyeong Jun. Something mystical is at work, and Da Ran is desperate to keep Yun Jae's body safe and the truth a secret from family and colleagues until they can figure out a way to switch the two back. As Gyeong Jun tries to protect his own still comatose body from money grubbing relatives and Da Ran starts to realize all the things she didn't know about her fiancé, things become further entangled when Gyeong Jun's girlfriend, Jang Ma Ri, arrives in Seoul to look for him.




Seo Yun Jae
Gil Da Ran
Jang Ma Ri
Gang Gyeong Jun
Lee Se Yeong
Gang Hyeok Su





21 Feb, 2014
Welcome back! This time around, I am back with a drama review for the 2012 summer hit drama "BIG". Basically, everyone was talking about it and I somewhat started watching it as well since I do like Gong Yoo.

[ The Plot ]

The story revolves around Gil Da Ran (Lee Min Jung), a clumsy and self-concious trainee on her way to become a teacher, who happens to luckily be engaged with a good looking, kind and sucessfull doctor named Seo Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo). However, Yoon Jae's lack of time to meet her makes her doubt the relationship and his love for her. Meanwhile, Gil Da Ran is put in charge of the exchange student Kang Kyung Joon (Shin Won Ho from Cross Gene) joining her school, who ends up listening to her sorrows and giving her advice despite his young age. He finally advices her to put Seo Yoon Jae on the edge and directly ask for his feelings for her. However, just when Seo Yoon Jae is on his way to meet her to tell her his answer, he ends up having an accident with Kang Kyung Joon involved and their bodies and souls eventually get switched in the course of it. When will Gil Da Ran get her answer and will it be what she wants to hear?

[ The Cast ]

So basically, I did like Gong Yoo before and I think half of the drama's charme lies within Gong Yoo acting like a teenager and making priceless faces Kang Kyung Joon is inside his body, which he is most of the time. Meanwhile, Lee Min Jung is really, really cute and her big eyes full of tears made me cry more than often as well. Furthermore, the series also features Suzy as Kang Kyun Joon's childhood friend Jang Ma Ri who is incredible obsessed with him and literally going crazy in order to get close to him. And lastly, there is Gil Da Ran's younger brother Choong Shik (Baek Sung Hyun), who is falling in love with Ma Ri at first sight and struggling badly to get her attention. His sincererity is so

incredible heart warming and cute that I immediately fell for this character ♥

[ Comments & Thoughts ]

I really, really liked this series right from the start. The general idea might sound a little weird, but the presentation of the series is really great, including the soundtrack and the visual style of the drama. I really enjoyed watching this drama for the awesome use of slow motion cameras and the wardrobe of the main cast. The series is also very humorous and made me crack up a lot of times, and I loved the detailed descriptions and stories of the side characters. Once again, I really need to mention Beak Sung Hyun's acting, which made this series even more worth while and added a lot of cute charme to it.

However, I was a little disappointed with Ma Ri's character half through the series, since she changes from a cute girl into a somewhat annoying fury. Also, the main characters are changing their minds like every second, which can be a little annoying sometimes, since there is a lot of unneccessary drama, but then again it can be interpreted as the characters own personal struggle, so I do not want to be too harsh at this point.

I guess the biggest regret - and that applies to 80% of all Korean dramas I have watched so far - was the really disappointing ending ONCE AGAIN. I saw people being very upset about this matter in the internet, and to be quite honest I can understand it all. While the side characters get wonderful and detailed endings, the final moments of the main characters feel very rushed and do not explain anything that had happened prior to that point of the story. While the series had a lot of cute love scenes, don't we always wait for the final happy end? Or at least a perfect unhappy end? Unfortunately, BIG did offer neither of this, so I feel everyone's complain.

[ The Bottom Line ]

Despite all this, BIG is still a really nice drama and should end up on your watch list if you like cute romantic stories with a little - but not too much - angst. There is definitely a lot of awesome scenes waiting in this drama that make your heart pound faster and go all "Awwwwwww" watching. There is also a lot of ridiculous and funny scenes that will make you laugh out loud for sure.

If you like light hearted dramas and prepare yourself for the not-so-well-done ending, I think this will be an awesome watch from the beginning until the very end. Just don't expect too much from the final episode ^ ^;
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16 Aug, 2013
Hong Sisters are polarizing - while some hate their lack of real quality, some adore the cute interactions they often get by creating crack in the form of 16 episodes of banter and eternal love.

I just don't want to hate on the Sistahs like a bad person would, I truly believe they wrote themselves into a mess they couldn't solve. Usually, when you get your noona romances (the ones that'll succeed and be the OTP, not unsuccesful puppy love), you have to work hard to convince the audience, because a 25 yo teacher and a 17 yo kid? That's creepy, guys, no way out of it. So, as a savvy writer, you'll cast a guy who looks (is) older, work with a few time jumps and voilá, the ick factor is gone. Here, Shin looked like 12, and poor Gong Yoo was the silent super good and lovely second lead (they didn't even antagonize the fiancé, guys!). They couldn't push Gong Yoo to the side (what with him being an A-lister) and pair the teacher with a 12 yo kid, either. It was just not possible.

In the end, the script was full of logical stretches, lame as hell makjang-twists, and a draggy pace, while lacking the cute factor, the only redeeming thing the Hong brand can rely on, making it a loss-loss.

As a result, the drama was painful. If Incompetence was a career, this show would have a PhD in it. It's amazing, even hypnotizing how good at being incompetent it was. Sometimes you'll be able to say hey, at least ONE thing wasn't that bad - maybe it was cute or the leading couple had great chemistry or that song that made you cry while everyone was asleep. Well, forget about that. Big is... kind of the worst thing on the surface of the world since, well, maybe since the dinosaurs went extinct? You think I'm kidding? You wouldn't if you had watched this.
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07 Jun, 2012
Both stories are about a young boy who suddenly becomes an adult.


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hellyelly 06 Feb, 2017
The end wasn't very satisfying but i fell inlove with the drama, such a nice actors <3<3<3
sillysym 08 Jan, 2017
It didn't feel good.
she left a good boyfriend for him. I would have understood if he was bad. But he was good and they were in love. It felt a bit nonsense. It was better if the other was was dead.
luchia07 29 Jan, 2016
Ah ah I wish I wanted to see Sin more :/
konishii 25 Nov, 2015
Is this drama really about switched bodies!?
i rlly want to see the brothers met!!
stehcamine 26 Jul, 2014
Que desperdício de cast.
nanael 31 Jan, 2014
I really don't get the end. Like, really.
It was freaking too long and there was so much useless drama... I watched it in fastforward for the last 5 episodes. :/
catchxfireflies 12 Dec, 2013
I finally decided to drop it... I was determined to finish it because of Gong Yoo and LMJ but I can't, especially knowing it doesn't get any better. I'm sad because I loved the cast and I've watched every other Hong sisters drama (even Fantasy Couple, ugh) and managed to finish it but it's just not gonna happen~

Skip this one and watch the much better Master's Sun instead.
beeesseoul 06 Oct, 2013
Jumping on the bandwagon. The end and every scene that lead to that end completely ruined the drama. Rated it 3/5 because of Gong Yoo and because it actually had a great start.