ESC to close 4.2 (by 1802 users)inhyeonwanghuui namja 인현왕후의 남자
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized inhyeonwanghuui namja
english Queen In Hyeon's Man (literal)
aka Queen In Hyun's Man, 인현왕후의男子


genres comedy, drama, history, romance, fantasy, time travel


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 18 Apr, 2012 - 07 Jun, 2012
episodes 16
duration 50 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 23:00 - 23:50
status released


avg. score 4.2 of 5 by 1802 users
total users 2902
rating 7566
favorites 241


xiang ai chuan suo qian nian
2015 TV ch


A Joseon scholar loyal to Queen In Hyeon gets entangled in political conflicts during his time. When he is about to be killed by an assassin he ends up travelling more than 300 years into the future where he lands at the set of a drama showing exactly the time he came from. There he meets the actress playing Queen In Hyeon.




Kim Bung Do
Choe Hui Jin
Han Dong Min
Jo Su Gyeong
Cheon Su
Min Am


singer, composer


22 Jun, 2013
Queen In Hyeon's Man is a drama that ties the old times to modern times through time travel.

Honestly I didn't expect much from this drama but boy was I shocked. It sucked me in right from the start.

I was a nice relief to see a male lead that wasn't an arrogant douche. Instead the character of Gim Bung Do was very calm, clever, and had a super cute personality when it came to being in the modern world. Watching him adapt to the new much different world was a joy to watch. The female lead was also a very enjoyable character as she was very bubbly and charming. But the thing that really set this drama apart for me was the romance. Oh lord it was beautiful. To fall in love with someone in that situation. Risking everything and waiting to see them again. The whole idea just made my heart melt. The chemistry between the two leads was fantastic and they had me believing every second of it. Not only the romance but the acting in general was fabulous. They just poured emotion and succeeded in making me cry. Quite a bit at that.

Queen In hyeon's man is a masterpiece in my book and I highly recommend it to anybody.
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22 Aug, 2012
At first, I wasn’t really excited to watch this show because I’m kind of annoyed by the huge amount of time-traveling drama this year. But a good friend of mine spazzed a lot on my Facebook-Wall so in the end I still decided to give Queen In Hyun’s Man a try^^

And I regret nothing! NOTHING!

Queen In Young’s Man is definitely one of the good time-traveling drama I’ve watched! Although being made of fantasy, this drama actually makes sense! The story is well developed and reasoned, just as the linking between the two eras.

In contrast to other drama of this genre, time traveling in this drama is possible but is subject to certain rules and also has consequences to it.

Bung Do gets the chance to know about his time and the opportunity to change history; After reading the historical records, he can travel back and save or kill people. When he does that, the present automatically changes too and the old version of Koreas history did never exist.

The next good point of this drama is that it didn’t have the urge to make the characters suffer TOO much and to extend the story to infinity. There was one big issue (Bung Do travelling to the future although he had things to do in the past) and only one enemy per time period and that’s definitely enough for a drama of this length. The whole show was perfectly balanced; the viewer could follow the action in the past as easily as the action in the present.

I really liked the fact that the talisman was not some artifact you can easily use like you wish; Bung Do had to live with the consequences that the talisman was made with the intention to save him, not to fulfill all his wishes and desires.

Although memory-loss is an aspect which was used more than one time in a drama, I didn’t have anything against it this time because they varied the circumstances: Bung Do forgets everything while all the other people in his world remember; Hui Jin on the other hand still remembers while everyone else forgets. So our two main characters are both left alone in their world, being the only one to forget/remember. And this leads to some of the most epic scenes in the whole drama:

Hui Jin now has to deal with her being the only one remembering something while the rest of the people tries to persuade her that everything was a dream; they even send her to see a psychatrist. I really liked the way Yu In A portrayed Hui Jin in those episodes!!! You could see that her character was struggling, trying to find out if she was insane and the man she loved just a dream.

Another highlight was the acting in the scenes where Hui Jin had a total mental breackdown because she found out about Bung Do’s death or the scene in the end where she remembered everything. Although I didn’t like all of In A’s crying scenes, these scenes were really intense and perfectly made!

A lot of people complained about Bung Do being so calm while coming to the future. In my opinion there are a lot of people in this world and every single one of us has his/her own personality so I didn’t think that was a negative or disturbing aspect because the directors showed as soon enough what kind of a person Bung Do is: rational, calm, prudently and really intelligent. So in the end it wasn’t that huge of a surprise that he was so calm. (Adding that it would have been really tiring to have the same kind of character in every time-travel drama!!!)

Clearly a surprise to me: the supporting characters. The whole series didn’t have one character who was too much for me to bear!!! Even the seemingly evil ones were entertaining or at least really well portrayed. Han Dong Min was such a pseudo-asshole that I couldn’t help but laugh everytime he appeared on screen xD The only character I couldn’t stand was Hui Jin’s manager and “friend”.

The last and maybe the most important thing I want to mention is the romance and chemistry between the two leads. JUST AWESOME!!!! *spazzing*

You hardly get to see a couple which is absolutely not awkward with each other! AND!!!, you don’t have to wait till the very last minute just for one kiss! I didn’t count exactly but I think they kissed 7 times in total. Adding that they also hugged each other. Not to forget the scenes where she was leaning comfortably on him in the telephone box or when they were sitting together in his bed *awww* Cuteness factor 10!!!

This drama gave me the best present ever: I don’t need neither a film nor a second season. I’m so happy that Yu In A and Ji Hyeon U are dating for real!!!
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06 Oct, 2015
Both dramas are about rather incompatible couples; one is between a woman and a Joseon era man who travels to modern times, while the other is between a woman and a human-like alien on earth. In both dramas the characters struggle because of an imminent parting from their loved ones.

25 Oct, 2012
Both have time travelling. In Doctor Jin, the main character travels to the past, while in Queen In Hyeon's Man the main character goes to the future.


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eyeslikefirefly 31 Jul, 2017
This drama is really cute, it does have some issues here and there, but overall I enjoyed it. It doesn't have too much "filler" content, which was nice. It does have a few random scenes that contribute nothing to the story and seemed pretty pointless. But my main issue was with the time travelers reaction to things...mainly, he had almost no reaction to seeing all these crazy future things and pretty much immediately knew how to use them (the curiosity and amazement was much better portrayed in Rooftop Prince, but maybe it's because of Rooftop Prince that they decided not to emphasize his amazement in new things?). He also cut off his hair at one point, but when he went back to his own time he magically had a top-knot again? Most things they were able to explain away, but they glossed over this. Yes, it bugged me a little. :P

The couple had great chemistry though (damn, those kiss scenes...). I'm sad I missed out on it when it first aired and getting to experience the Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo couple (which, reading about it now, they didn't really seem to be much of a couple IRL because he left for military service in the beginning of their relationship and was there the whole time?). But dang that confession during the press conference was cute!
tascha 04 Feb, 2017
the best and cutest couple of all dramas i've seen <3
ryofanka 15 Jan, 2017
I'm so glad I have stumble upon a review of this drama.
This drama was just perfect for me. It give me all the FEELS! that I have missed from kdrama recently.
It made me smile, cry, excited, everything!
But honestly at first I didn't find Ji Hyun Woo good lookin but damn, he's so manly in all levels.
The more you see him the more he gets hotter! And OMG he knows how to KISS! yeah! smokin real kiss!
I also love how the female lead's character in here is not a week dulling but being aggressive haha, its refreshing to see female character who initiates the first move haha.
2nd male lead is also an eye candy and was actually rooting for him early in the drama.
All this is a solid 10/10 for me.
Highly recommended drama ❤
ryofanka 15 Jan, 2017
Very cute drama.
The main couple acting wasn't the best but still I think it was very good drama.
I like the plot, the paste of the episodes and all of the characters. I don't think there is one character that I dislike :)
I am happy I have watched it :)
jangminhae 26 Sep, 2015
This drama was cute on its own way, making me feel good watching it...
However, the last 2 episodes were completely unnecessary. I would have loved it if it had ended simply and cleanly on the 14th episode.
The last scene of the 14th episode was much more warm and lovely than the long kissing scene at the very end of the drama.

The chemistry between the leads was indeed amazing, but the whole drama was a bit average; the acting, the plot, the direction, it was all average.
I liked it, but.....
Good: 3/5

P.S.: It kind of reminded me of My Love From Another Star.... I want to rewatch it right now!!! <3
sassyhippo 23 Jan, 2015
The leads of this drama have amazing chemistry. Ji Hyeon U even confessed to Yu In Na in RL at a fan signing event in front of EVERYONE. it was cute, (there might be a youtube clip of the event) she was surprised, they started dating, but recently broke up?? Tbh confessions should be done privately cuz you don't know if the person really likes you or if they just said yes to avoid embarassment. ANYWHO, this drama is amazing. It's not slow at all and I recommended it to my friend who also loved it ^^
beeesseoul 17 Jan, 2015
Came back only to reiterate on the fact that there will probably never be a drama I watch with such good chemistry between the leads. Ok bye.
kiyoshi 22 Jul, 2014
This one is amazing. I mean the two main leaders were perfect. Everytime they laughed I laughed too, everytime they cried I cried too. Everything was so cute.

Episode 14 : the best crying scene I've ever seen.
Sometimes it was annoying, past-future, past-future, past-future, together-not together, together-not together ... The last scene was not very good. Maybe too simple, and it was a kind of moment that I've seen about 100 times in this drama in the 15 other episodes.