ESC to close 4.2 (by 1804 users)inhyeonwanghuui namja 인현왕후의 남자
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized inhyeonwanghuui namja
english Queen In Hyeon's Man (literal)
aka Queen In Hyun's Man, 인현왕후의男子


genres comedy, drama, history, romance, fantasy, time travel


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 18 Apr, 2012 - 07 Jun, 2012
episodes 16
duration 50 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 23:00 - 23:50
status released


avg. score 4.2 of 5 by 1804 users
total users 2904
rating 7574
favorites 241


xiang ai chuan suo qian nian
2015 TV ch


A Joseon scholar loyal to Queen In Hyeon gets entangled in political conflicts during his time. When he is about to be killed by an assassin he ends up travelling more than 300 years into the future where he lands at the set of a drama showing exactly the time he came from. There he meets the actress playing Queen In Hyeon.




Kim Bung Do
Choe Hui Jin
Han Dong Min
Jo Su Gyeong
Cheon Su
Min Am


singer, composer


04 Jul, 2012
Queen In Hyun's man may be the best time-travelling show out there and one with possibly the sweetest romance as well.

For most shows, time-travel is a means to an end, a way of getting the characters together and with no real set rules. This show is different. Time travel is not only governed by clearly laid out rules, but there are consequences to it that tie back to both the romance, but all the other storylines as well. Plotwise, the show is quite strong.

And for once, the romance is simple and sweet. There are no jerks, no noble idiots, no tears for the sake of tears. The leads treat each other like equals, tease one another and genuinely get to know each other. In a land full of jerks and cold-hearted men, this is refreshing to see.

Queen In-Hyeon's Man may be getting raves of reviews, but their all worth it.
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07 May, 2012
Both dramas are about people who travel in time to our present and try to solve mysteries.


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whitematsurika 03 Dec, 2012
Cute, but not that great. [3]
fumetsuka 20 Nov, 2012
so many positive comments on this show. <3

i really really liked this show and do already re-watch it kinda. i like the OTP and I was so happy that the 2nd male lead wasn't that bitchy bad boy as it is usually in romance dramas. the time-shift-thing is a great setting for a cute and adorable love story.

imho you'll see in the drama the appreaciation the lead actors have for each other growing. :)

anyways this was the cutest and most addicting drama for me this year. yeah, the were greater more intense or dramatic ones. but i liked the music, the lead and the storyline. for me this is a must-watch if you love romance dramas :)

and I also fell for this side of Ji Hyun Woo <3
rashinhye 19 Nov, 2012
omg the ending was perfect and sooooooooooo good...the chemistry was masterpiece
so good compared to the ending of rooftop prince which also had time travel theme :)
nyappymiyu 09 Nov, 2012
For me this was a very boring drama. Nothing interesting.
vanelya10 07 Nov, 2012
Great drama to watch :))) really good one
manic 02 Nov, 2012
LOVE this drama. Go watch it now!
koriya 01 Nov, 2012
Cute, but not that great. [2]
ralphina 26 Oct, 2012
I wasn't sure about the drama, despite all the positive comments below. But after watching it, I understand the suspense about it very well! The drama was easily and fun to watch, the short duration not letting it get boring nor dull. I was worried how the writers will manage going back and forth in time but they managed to do it very well. The cast was amazing, all actors had such a good chemistry and to find out that actual love blossomed during filming it is wonderful! Now I understand how the main couple was able to perform so well.

I wanted to say so much more but I highly recommend this drama for someone who is looking for a simple love-story with some angst and other interesting things going around it. One can't help but to fall for the actors in this...