ESC to close 3.36 (by 998 users)i do i do 아이두 아이두
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized i do i do
aka I Do, I Do, aidu aidu


genres comedy, romance, work


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 30 May, 2012 - 19 Jul, 2012
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.36 of 5 by 998 users
total users 1694
rating 3352
favorites 18



Hwang Ji An is a successful shoe designer with a cold personality. While dealing with her parents' disappointment in her, she has a one night stand with Park Tae Gang. Ji An claims that their time together meant nothing to her and does not plan on seeing him again. However, after Tae Gang is hired as an employee at Ji An's design company, their one night stand starts to have its consequences.




Park Tae Gang
Hwang Ji An
Jo Eun Seong
Yeom Na Ri
Mrs. Jang
President Yeom




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11 Nov, 2012
Park Tae Gang and Ji An meet through a motorbike accident and end up in bed with each other on the same night. Sadly, they didn't think of their safety and Ji An ends up pregnant. Of course there are many problems with that: He is way too young and doesn't have a job or anything that could support a family. Also, she is a famous shoe designer and soon might be able to take over the company she's working for. So she thinks about getting rid of the baby. And then there are the parents who want to see her married and him successful. Because of some contest he get's the chance to start working in Ji Ans company.

The best part about this drama was Kim Seon A as leading female. She is perfect in any way and I love her as an actress. There are so many roles she took on already and I think there is none that she didn't do well. The same goes for this one. The confident business woman fit her so well, even when she slowly started to develope mother feelings.

There is also Lee Jang U, who I really love for his performance in Man of Honor, so seeing him here again made me really happy. I feel like he is a very talented actor as well, just that he might not be the best as a partner for Seon A. Not that he isn't as good as her. And they also had great chemistry in the drama. But I felt like she was too old to be paired with him... Since I love to think more "behind the scenes" I felt like it must've been awkward kissing so intensely in front of the camera. And even though I really ejoyed it because they were perfect, I still felt bad about their age gap.

Other good parts about the story are the side characters, that were perfectly normal and fine. No rich evil that overabuses his/her might, no love rival for the main characters that would step beyond borders. They were human and nice (sometimes too nice?) and I felt with their reasonings while being annoyed by them. That's how you do it.

What I totally disliked were the clothes from Ji An. I never was grossed out by costumes as much as here. She should've portrayed a pregnant woman? Where? There were bones everywhere and her dresses were just over-revealing. She might be able to wear high-heels, I'm fine with that. But please, give her a proper dress and let her eat a few weeks before filming. It didn't fit. And I know that she can gain and lose weight for a role, so why not let her do it again?

All in all, the drama was really nice to watch. Especially because of the charakter of Jang U. Tae Gang was just such a cutie and precious and lovely. He was pure and hardworking. I really enjoyed watching him.

The best part for me was the pregnancy, so I'm giving it 4 stars for that and for the great actors it had, even though storywise it might've been only 3,5*.
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01 Sep, 2012
I do I do is an odd show. It's not terrible, but there's not much to recommend it either; although overall it's a breezy ride that could be a lot worse.

I do I do starts off as your basic rom-com. Bickering leads that end up being thrown together frequently. It's fun and light; especially having trope flipped on it's head with the female lead be the boss and the male lead being the more unsure one. The character arcs are great as we watch both leads grow; one into a more competent person and the other learning that there's more to life than a career. But overtime, you realize the show is not REALLY going anywhere with the plot. For the majority of the show, time seems static, we see the characters developing but there's little sense of anything else. And while that can be a great thing, sometimes it does make you wonder if anything will happen.

The acting is pretty good. It's not Kim Seon A's best project-sometimes her acting seemed stiff, but she did great when it came to the emotional beats. Lee Jang U played Tae Gang well, nailing both the comedy and the sincere moments. The rest of the cast were passable, but didn't detract from the show.

I do I do is a show for any rom-com or Kim Seon A fans. It likely won't top your list of favourite shows but it won't make your list of terrible shows either.
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Both dramas are about two people who share a one night stand, and for both couples the consequence is the same.
Both are about a love triangle involving an older woman who has a somewhat snappish character, a man close to her age with whom she gets along pretty well, and a younger man who makes a lot of mistakes but cares about her deeply and saves her from her hardships.


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poice 06 May, 2019
Great, easy to watch drama with nice message. It's nothing special but I really enjoyed this one. I binged-watched it in one day. I really liked every character, even the "evil one" were quite likeable. I fell in love with Hwang Ji An! Such confident, intelligent and independent woman. I gave it 4/5.
saraooo 06 Feb, 2014
one of the worst dramas ever so typical
darkhriss 29 Dec, 2013
My first korean drama, and it became one of my favorite dramas ever! I'm really surprised at the comments below. I laughed so much at this drama and it made me squeal like crazy.
kamilles 12 Nov, 2013
I liked the beginning a lot. The rest was alright, but nothing special.
artesia 31 Oct, 2013
it is the typical fairy tale with a happy ending as many.
missdrama 23 Aug, 2013
The typically plot. The typically happy end. The typically korean drama. Nothin' special.
manaacass 11 Jul, 2013
It was the best scrpit ever, and then i dont know in what episode, everything went down! i was forced by myself to finish this drama, 1 year wait for watch just 1 episode.
moonlightangel 04 Jul, 2013
Actually I'm glad I finished it.