ESC to close 3.64 (by 521 users)hyeongsa 형사
  • 2005
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized hyeongsa
english Duelist
literal Detective

Based On

based on manhwa
title damo nam sun
author Bang Hak Gi (방학기)


genres action, history, mystery, romance, martial arts


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 08 Sep, 2005
duration 111 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.64 of 5 by 521 users
total users 889
rating 1896
favorites 36



An undercover detective An and his partner Nam Sun are tracking down the assassin Seul Peun Nun also known as 'Sad Eye', suspected of counterfeiting money.




Nam Sun
Sad Eyes
Detective An
Bong Chul
Jong Sa Gwan
His Excellency Byeong Pan


producer, director, screenwriter
original creator


31 Oct, 2011
When I finished this movie I didn't know how to rate it. It took me about a day to realize how amazing and wonderful the movie is. So colourful yet so dark with great acting. The plot is not unique - she is a detective and he is a criminal. Their love is forbidden. Nothing special yet. But the performance is very good. They make you feel the love between the two main characters without a single kiss. The word 'love' is not mentioned even once but you know that their love is great and beautiful. The slow motion delivers more emotions than every word. The fight scenes were like dancing. So beautiful. The last scene teared my eyes and I don't usually cry so easily. It wasn't like fighting it was more like making love.

Great OST! The love song duet gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

A thing that I didn't like is that they made Ha Ji Won's character too simpleton. She could have been more girly, I think.

And 'Sad eyes' was more beautiful than her. Fact!

I'll stop here - it IS a masterpiece but it's not for everyone. You have to feel it. I believe many people can't understand it. I can't fully understand it too.
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10 Mar, 2011
The main heroes have pretty much the same style. They are blade master thieves who like to wear black coloured clothes, to cover their faces with masks and to 'fly' under the light of the moon. Both of them are popular with their sad eyes. They are people who violate the law. Both dramas are filled with action and involve a somewhat tragic love story, set in different centuries in Korea.
Both are pretty much the same in the mood, world, and visuals, plus they both have a tragic love story.


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seoltang 05 Aug, 2017
Bom. Mas não tão bom quanto eu esperava. Na verdade, foi meio confuso. E a Namsoon gritava demais. A única parte boa desse filme é: Kang Dong-Won lindíssimo de cabelos longos.
missblackrabbit 05 Sep, 2015
What the heck did I just watch? That style... loved it! I figured I should check out that director... well he's the one who did M which I've been dying to see but am unable to find anywhere... Anyway, moving on with the critic.

Bright colors typical of Korea, lots of slow motion scenes, excentric characters that remind me why I love asian cinema, SUPERB use of sounds, music, and silence. I mean flawless use of music! Lee Myeong Se has
nothing to envy to Tarantino on that front. Scenes that start off with immobile mimes that come to life as
characters... It very much left me the impression of a BD that comes to life on the screen (I looked it up after, it is based on a manhwa).

It's absurd alright... I mean with lines like "Quickly tell us where he went, and we'll go quietly like a silent fart" and 'fight' scenes that remind you of a circus act more than a kung-fu movie, you know what to expect. I'm not going to lie, at times it felt like watching a play more than a movie and dancing choregraphy rather than figthing but even that, I loved it.

I would describe this movie as a combination of "The Good, The Bad and The Weird" and "The Fall"
with juuuust enough "Crows Zero".

The plot was maybe a little too simple, I hoped it would get more intertwined near the end but it let me down. However the artistic 20m quickly made me forget the lack of substance.
Just like The Fall, you watch this for it's beauty and storytelling, but not for the plot.

Left out of this critic is my amazement for the following scenes:
- The chase on classical music,
- The fighting in a succession of photographs over a remix of Gotan Project
- Traditional Korean dancing on electric guitar with a few notes of harp
...and the list goes on.

5/5 Outstanding/Personal fav
kiyoshi 04 Jul, 2014
I didn't like it. But the end was beautiful.
kyouki 01 Mar, 2014
In the beginning I was quite sceptical but after I finished it, I loved it.
A story about forbidden love and and some AMAZING and beautiful sword dances..!! God I love this one!
Made me cry in the end, just because it was so beautiful. The last sword dance was breathtaking.
iamasian 21 Feb, 2014
Typical peculiar act from Ahn Sung-ki.

\m/ This guy Rocks \m/

and so Kang Dong-won.
mjulia 22 Nov, 2013
Amazing movie. Really different from all the rest.
greyhippo 26 Jul, 2013
This movie just makes me want to throw a table. It was so amazing until the very end. I also had an issue with how loud everything was except Kang Dong Won his character was so silent. It felt like I was constantly messing with the volume to hear him but not to become deaf.
ilate 22 Mar, 2013
amazing movie that consists of all movie genres, including western, action, thriller, romance, comedy etc. I think the plot was not as important as the emotions conveyed by actors, by their acting and mimics. Great chemistry between Ha Ji Won and Kang Dong Won. Worth watching :)