ESC to close 4.09 (by 1859 users)sinsaui pumgyeok 신사의 품격
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized sinsaui pumgyeok
english A Gentleman's Dignity (literal)
aka Gentlemen’s Class


genres comedy, drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 26 May, 2012 - 12 Aug, 2012
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 21:50 - 23:00
status released


avg. score 4.09 of 5 by 1859 users
total users 3006
rating 7608
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This drama follows four handsome, middle aged men. They've been friends since age 18 and even though they've hit 40 they refuse to admit that they are getting older. What follows are their crazy, complicated love stories.




Kim Do Jin
Seo I Su
Im Tae San
Choe Yun
Lee Jeong Rok




21 Aug, 2012
Kim Do Jin, Im Tae San, Choe Yun and Lee Jeong Rok are 4 guys in their 40s who are friends since high school. At some point, they meet the girl of their heart. And this drama tells the story of that. Kim Do Jin meets Seo Yi Soo who originally likes Im Tae San - his friend - but he is together with her best friend and roommate Hong Se Ra. Additionally there is Im Tae Sans younger sister, who loves Choe Yun since she's a child. And the only married guy - Jeon Rok - loves to flirt with other girls, making the live of those around him very hard when they try to cover his lies up in front of his wife, Min Suk.

The story itself sounds very ordinary and boring and that the four main charakters are already in their fourties doesn't really add to the excitement when you read the synopsis. But I saw a lot of nice gifs on tumblr and decided to start the drama anyway, since it sounded good enough and because I was charmed by Kim Do Jin. And I regret nothing.

This drama is made by the same person as Secret Garden, and that's something you can feel. How the story builds up, the chemistry between the characters and the flow are very similar. They all have a great relationship and you fully enjoy each character, even if they aren't flawless.

What I really liked about this drama were the starting sequences. I read some critique about it, but for me, they were perfect. The end of the episode might be really exciting and a good cliffhanger, but the next episode starts with a tiny story of the 4 main-guys. And that is the thing that makes them seem so close and what let's you get insight into their friendship. I could feel the characters even more, because of that short stories. Only after that, they started to get back to the original story and even re-show some scene from a different point of view or from some time back at some other point, to make you understand what really happened in the last scene of the previous episode. It was new and exciting.

Now to the pairs. Kim Do Jin and Seo Yi Soo were flawless, even though in the end I realized that I'm not watching the drama for their love. I watched it for Do Jin and his story and for his friends. Yi Soo is funny in the beginning and the main girl, but she slowly goes into the background. And that was fine, since it was done so well. She was still the main character and she never got annoying. They found a good balance to also let the other girls get their time.

Jong Rok and Min Suk were funny. I really dislike me like Jon Rok and at first I wasn't fond of Min Suk, but the further the story went, the better I liked them. They were somehow the most steady part in the story. I felt relaxed while watching them and at some point I was really proud of Min Suk and felt like I could easily take her as idol.

Hong Se Ra and Im Tae San... I love them in the group and I love their story. But I was glad, that they weren't the main pairing. They were both - at some point - the "bad guy" of the story. I guess that's why I didn't like them all the time. But like in Secret Garden, they aren't pure evil. They are just human and make mistakes. So I felt really close to them.

And last but not least, Yun and Mary. I adore that girl and her love. She is amazing, Yun is amazing and strong. And I felt so close to Mary. A lot of people might think that Mary is too young for Yun, but since I'm her age, I could totally understand her and I felt with her. I'd do the same, even though I doubt I'd be able to love so strong. She really is amazing.

And now finally the side characters like Colin and Dong Hyeop. They made the story lively and cute. As a big CNBlue fan I actually also started the drama for Jonghyun as Colin. But I have to say, his character wasn't the reason that I loved the drama so much.

Now, after saying all this... Is there even anything bad? I... don't think so. There is nothing I could say. Even the OST is perfect.

So, basically, I would tell everybody to watch this drama. It's probably the best drama of the season. But I've already see comments about how bad this drama is. So I'll recommend it only to people over 18, since most of the bad comments were made by girls who were 16 and below. It made me think that maybe this drama is only good to enjoy if you already have some experience in life... But if you're open to watch the F40 (F4 from Hana Yori Dango in older) you'll really enjoy this drama!
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15 Aug, 2012
A gentleman's dignity is one of the those rare shows that aren't all that great, but are fun to be on for the ride.

The acting isn't anything to write home about (it's good enough to be feeling-invoking but nothing amazing), and the directing could use a bit of work. The music is definitely a highlight but the magic is in the story-or lack thereof.

Not much really happens in the show. It's simply does follow the lives of the four friends, depicting a variety of issues they face-as 40 year old men who really are still 18 at heart. We follow them as they navigate the world, with the sure-feet of self-established men, who still occasionally stumble. But it's those moments-the ones created between characters- that make this show fun. It's not the grand scale, it's the simple daily life that's so enjoyable.

The show may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's enjoyable and-almost fluffy in a way-if you do like it.
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09 Jul, 2012
Both male leads are arrogant, proud, and determined to get the female lead. The male lead looks for opportunities to get near the woman they just fell in love with. He follows her almost everywhere, but the female lead isn't impressed at all. First she hates it and so they argue everytime he shows up.


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stehcamine 04 Jul, 2017
Único drama da Kim EunSook que realmente presta.
ralphina 05 Jun, 2016
Should watch it again :D
locaxdrama 19 Mar, 2016
I liked and thoroughly enjoyed this drama, but I did not love the main pair. I found the main female's acting, and especially her baby voice, to be annoying and the main male's character to be too superficial. I enjoyed the other couples and the younger characters, but the main couple just didn't make me fall in love with their romance. 4/5
ukezinho 03 Mar, 2016
unknown 03 Sep, 2015
@alex3 totally understanding you - i am also rewatching this with a friend...falling in live with it all over again ♡
alex3 03 Sep, 2015
i might just rewatch it since it was so good
joyjee 14 Jun, 2015
What a fun watch! <3

That proposal flash mob in the last episode was so cuteee!!!

jujuvieira 22 Jan, 2015
Amei... Do Jin e Yi Soo ♡