ESC to close 3.04 (by 67 users)daepungsu 대풍수
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized daepungsu
english The Great Seer
aka The Great Geomancer, 大風水


genres drama, history


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 10 Oct, 2012 - 07 Feb, 2013
episodes 35
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.04 of 5 by 67 users
total users 312
rating 204



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Lee Seong Gye
Ban Ya
Hae In
Ji Sang
Lee Jeong Geun
Yeong Ji


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leylachan 07 May, 2013
it started great but I'm starting to get bored.
6 episodes to go... I'm gonna take a break from it and watch the rest later..
I'm more and more afraid of being disappointed by the ending ... arghhh I spent so much time on this ....
vanityfull 20 Feb, 2013
@aquariia I know the story^^ I just really wanted to see, how are they going to film it, therefore a bit disappointed >
aquariia 20 Feb, 2013
@vanityfull You know it's based on historical facts right? You can still checked what happened with some people. It's not the same but better than nothing if it's answer your questions.

The drama indeed is suddenly cut but It didn't annoy me since I've already knew the story. I also don't think the one episode more would change much. It's not easy to make good ending for such dramas since the story is being continued.
vanityfull 19 Feb, 2013
I don't understand, why did they have to cut it to 35 episodes instead of planned 36? You can even see where it was cut while watching the last episode. The ending therefore was horrible and ruined everything. Story wasn't wrapped up properly at all, so many questions, ugh I mean, the last arc with
the Queen trying to get rid off Bang Won and Ji Sang
kind of lost it's meaning. MAAAAN, and here I was dying to see
her and Jung Do Jun in jail or something
aquariia 09 Feb, 2013
I think I have to divide this drama into 3 parts to rate it.

1. The children period. 2/5 Watchable but too melodramatic in my opinion. I prefered the young cast though. Especially Hae In and Ban Ya.
I hate those romance stories when one is lefted behind, Dong Yun in this case. There's no hope he'll come back but I must watch many pointless flashback about him or scenes which bring nothing.

2. The middle part. 3/5 I'm not big fan of Ji Sang/Hae In romance, probably bacause I'm not big fan of Hae In but overaly the story is getting better.

3. The last part (starting from ep 23). 4/5 My favorite part. Finally there's more about overthrowing Goryeo. More action and new characters. I loved King U and Bang Won.
I only wish Jong Geun would die earlier, he deserved to die or at least to be send into exile. How come LSG and MJS let him stay in court when he kept sheming agains them.

Overally, the historical part of the drama is pretty good, but the part about looking for Ja Mi Won, seers and lands is draggy. The Great Seer is good drama but I expected more from the story about establishing Joseon.
vanityfull 06 Feb, 2013
man, this drama is killing me and the characters I love most ><

why did they have to kill Ya Suk? T_T
aquariia 01 Dec, 2012
I was having hard time to go through the young period but it's getting better later. Non historical part of the drama is pretty average. I've watched 14 episodes so far and in my opinion they're focusing to much on certain characters past instead of going forward. I still hope Lee Seong Gye get more attention soon since I'm curious about his character.
littlesakura 01 Dec, 2012
Same here, just watched the 16th ep and I'm still in love with this drama.
The only thing that disappoints me is the acting of Ji Jin Hee....I started the drama because of him but his acting is awful. I guess it's because of his character, I hope later, when we'll have a more mature Lee Seong Gye, his acting will be better.