ESC to close 3.22 (by 943 users)gosa: piui junggan gosa 고사 : 피의 중간고사
  • 2008
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized gosa: piui junggan gosa
english Death Bell
literal Test: Blood Midterm Exam


genres horror, school


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 06 Aug, 2008
duration 88 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.22 of 5 by 943 users
total users 1391
rating 3036
favorites 10


gosa du beonjjae iyagi: gyosaengsilseup
2010 film kr


The brightest class of the school is in the middle of exam for university when all of the sudden a broadcast starts from their tv. A girl is in an aquarium which is slowly filling in with water and an unknown person announces that the exam has started and if they can't finish it in time, everyone will die. The girl dies and the game begins.


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Gang I Na
Gang Hyeon
Choe So Yeong
Hwang Chang Uk
Kim Ji Won
Lee Chi Yeong




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09 Sep, 2012
Although the games' concepts are different, both movies have the students being killed one by one because of the game, while they try to find a way to stop it.
Study, study, study till the death! Both movies have similar ideas in their horror theme, but both movies are quite different as a whole. D-Day is more of a mystery, while Gosa is more of a thriller.


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arisu 22 Dec, 2014
Lol the ending XD good one!

but the KimBum's death, it was pretty weak scene
jangminhae 18 Sep, 2013
and again, what?

I don't want to spoil it but...
the way Kim Bum was killed was awful. it was just like that, no fighting, no defence. I hated it.

It was creepy.
To be honest I don't watch horror movies, because I find them disgusting and ill, so was this movie.
I guess for someone that likes this kind of movies, it was an ok movie.

I didn't understand the last minute or so and that left me a bad feeling, so: 2/5
ayumi674 23 Dec, 2012
So basically, this movie takes place around a school where a student (Called Ji won) went to 2 years before the current date in the movie. 2 years ago, after ranking 1st in exams, she mysteriously disappeared and was, not too much later, found tied up and dead. Well in the movie, like i’ve said before, it’s 2 years later and it’s time for exams again and trouble starts to randomly stur up from a mysterious voice coming from the ceilings/speakers around the school. I don’t want too give too much away so i’ll stop by saying, the mysterious voice gives them tasks to do and if the tasks are not completed within a certain amount of time, another student will die.

HO-LY CRAP. At first, all the of the creepy looking faces and burning desks scared the crap out of me but as the story went on, i was still scared but i wasn’t TOO scared.

was SO upset when that guy killed Kim Bum

Anyway, the story was odd, of course, as usual, in the end of this Korean horror film, there HAD to be a twist, and BOY was it it freaking twist. Unlike a lot of Korean horror films that i’ve seen, when this movie was over, i understood why everything happened in the movie-well, i still don’t get why the person had to go after harmelss students and how the student who was seeing Ji won’s face had to be a part of the evil plot, (Again, not trying to give away too much) buuuuut there ya go :T

Over all, i really thought it was a good movie, and if you like quite a lot of blood and creepy faces popping up out of no where, then this is your movie :D
xezona 18 Sep, 2012
Oh, I noticed JiWon from SPICA here. I liked gosa 2 more.
kiyoshi 25 Aug, 2012
An OK movie.
dobby 24 May, 2012
Сожалею, скучно. Если бы не Ким Бом, бросила бы смотреть фильм на половине пути.
vamto 14 May, 2012
Some of the killings truly creeped me out. Obvious who the killer was lol
anji 26 Apr, 2012
pls guys if u dont like horror movies dont watch them then u dont need such useless comments -.- this movie was fantastic! yea it reminds kins of Saw but I think there are many movies out there like saw xD the first one is the best one ^^ 2nd good also but not like this ^^