ESC to close 3.22 (by 99 users)miryang 밀양
  • 2007
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized miryang
english Secret Sunshine (literal)
aka milyang, 密陽

Based On

based on book
title beolle iyagi
author Lee Cheong Jun (이청준)


genres drama, life, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 23 May, 2007
duration 142 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.22 of 5 by 99 users
total users 191
rating 319



When a woman loses her husband, she moves to his hometown with their little boy, and yet another accident happens to her that make blame herself and doubt her beliefs. But only one man stands by her and helps her get through her tragedy.


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Kim Jong Chan
Lee Sin Ae
Lee Min Gi
Park Do Seop
Steward Kim
Boutique Owner


producer, director, screenwriter
original creator
costume designer
sfx director


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04 May, 2010
Milyang is about a mother trying to overcome the loss of her child. Aishiteru is about the same thing, but involves two mothers and their families. They are both about the pain after losing a child, and what mothers (and their families) have to endure while trying to face the cruel reality of their loss. And the cruelest thing of all: that you have to continue living, even after that loss.


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seoltang 16 Aug, 2017
Haha, essa sinopse não poderia estar mais errada!

Aquele homem poderia ser facilmente retirado da história que não iria fazer falta.

O problema não é nem a religião. Foi como ela se achegou. A moça tinha acabado de perder o filho, nem deu tempo de passar pelo luto. Usar religião como suporte emocional não dá muito certo. Eu achei demais quando ela se rebelou (quer dizer, meio errado, mas ainda assim...Foi toda a revolta que estava ali sendo expressada).
collony 16 Sep, 2012
Tough and slow movie but it's Lee Chang Dong after all. Perfect representation of human attitude after deep tragedy in confrontation with principles of religion - mainly forgiveness. Well deserved Palme d'Or for main actress.
babu 10 Aug, 2011
Pretty "heavy" to watch.... I think there were some things that should've been better explained. But still it was not bad movie... Pretty depressive and forcing people to think more about some things...
iwannaafly 19 May, 2011
Weired , boring , sad , full of depression but it has some touching moments !!
Though I understood the heroine psychological state and I truly sympathized her.
golden91 07 Feb, 2011
I think it's good movie, but still didn't watch it ^_^

I will watch it soon
risingsun 04 Feb, 2011
It was... weird... but I liked it. Even though it was a bit boring from time to time in the end I realized it touched me far more then I expected it to. Jeon Do Yeon is absolutely brilliant!
zaharisa 04 May, 2010
I didn't like that movie at all.

Don't know if the movie was that bad or just sometimes looked so real that it was just horrible to watch.
Or maybe it's because I hate sad movies.

Still I think that there wasn't too much operation in it and I just hated the work of these cameramen.
No offend!

Edit: Even when I was able to understand the heroine in it I pretty much disliked her.