ESC to close 3.29 (by 2994 users)areumdaun geudaeege 아름다운 그대에게
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized areumdaun geudaeege
english To The Beautiful You
literal Beautiful For You
aka For You In Full Blossom, hana kimi, 花ざかりの君たちへ

Based On

based on manga
title hanazakari no kimitachi e
author Nakajou Hisaya (中条比紗也)


genres comedy, romance, school, sports, friendship


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 15 Aug, 2012 - 04 Oct, 2012
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.29 of 5 by 2994 users
total users 4471
rating 9861
favorites 188


hanazakari no kimitachi e: ikemen paradise
2007 TV jp
same setting
hua yang shao nian shao nü
2006 TV tw
same setting
hanazakari no kimitachi e: ikemen paradise 2011
2011 TV jp
same setting


The story of Gu Jae Hui, a girl, who comes from America to meet her idol Gang Tae Jun -- a high jump star. In order to meet him she must pretend to be a boy and become a student in his school. Jae Hui wants to support Tae Jun because for some reason he decided to end his career.




Gang Tae Jun
Gu Jae Hui
Ha Seung Ri
Jang Min U
Cha Eun Gyeol
Min Hyeon Jae




05 Jan, 2013
Jae Hui is a lovely boy, living in an all-boys school in Seoul and shares a room with her big idol Tae Jun. Her best friend is Eun Gyeol and even though she sometimes has problems with other students, everything seems normal. Or rather would be, if she wasn't a girl and hiding her true identity. She came to the school to help her idol - Tae Jun - back to high jumping. Because back in time, when she lived in America, he helped her out with his wise words and now she wants to return the favour by helping him jump over his shadow - and that without having anyone realize, that she's a girl! Let the game begin...

The first part of my review shall be only about this Hana Kimi, and no other version I've watched so far.

It's a nice story. A story that you can hardly mess up. Having some guys think they are gay and watch them later when they realize it's a girl is nice! Worked in many series already. And the school is also rather funny. Even the rather bad actors didn't make me hate the drama in any way. It was a bit hard to watch them play that way, but it was okay. I've seen worse. Actually, Hyeon U, the one who played the second main male character, was pretty good! I liked his acting and looks. And also the rest of the cast was nice. Just Minho rather disappointed me and I would've expected Sulli to be more...masculine. Since she played a boy and they gave her that role and all... I won't even mention Kwanghee and how forced his acting looked. Maybe he should try to go for Taiwan dramas? Poor guy...

Now, for the story - they did chagnge quite a bit, but that made it enjoyable. For example, they did mess around with the ending. And they also changed some characters. But I think they wanted to make it better with that, and even though I can't say it was a lot better than usual, I also can't say I dislike the changes.

What I dislike is all the advertising in the whole drama. All the time. It's from SM Entertainment, so the two leading characters are from an idol group. Fine. The whole OST is sung by SM stars. Still fine. But letting EXO appear in the drama was already very awkward and seemed desperate. Oh, and have I mentioned the load of Samsung ads in it? Normally you can only see the phone, but here, they even show you how awesome their new camera is and what aweseome functions it has! Annoying! Really, I wouldn't mention it, if I didn't find it really annoying. They even had the nerve to make some single shots with only the camera screen on it, showing it's loading bulk and how they switch screen... Annoying!

Now, compared to other Hana Kimi versions, it wasn't that bad. I liked the chemistry between the characters and the school still looked like a lot of fun. I just didn't like how nobody ever doubted her as a boy. She doesn't look like one in any way I could think of, where Ella in the TW version really looked like a boy! I think even Maki did a better job trying to hide her feminine side.

In the end, they tried really well changing the story to make it better and didn't fail at that. Additions were nice to watch, the pace was good and aside from all the ads, I like it.

But the acting was way too bad for me to give it more stars. 3* and a recommendation for all the SM Entertainment fans out there.
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bru93 27 Jul, 2015
Eun Gyeol is without a doubt the best thing about the entire show and Hyeon Jae was one of the most interesting characters (probably the one with more character growth). If only this was an actual adaptation of the manga instead of an almost AU fanfic...
mytelefe 21 May, 2015
I barely made it to the end (thought about dropping it around 9-10 episode) characters get a little better in the final episodes but it still was missing something and the ending was not satisfying. I couldn't enjoy the show because the main leads were my least favorite characters and supporting cast couldn't quite make up for that (even though they put some effort to do so).
Character interaction and dialogue was stiff, repetitive and lackluster to put it lightly, showing that writers didn't really try too much while porting this story.
In short best part about this show is music (J Min - Stand Up is just insane!) and the cute dog (maybe because it didn't have to read the script).
nami24 07 Mar, 2015
This has been in my "watch" list since it was ongoing.. and am just too lazy to cont it..
i like minho and sulli and hyunwoo and everyone..
but the few eps that i had watched from it didnt excited me as much
i watched the jap version and i liked it better..
so i felt bad and thought i would cont it one day for the people i like.. but i just cant bring myself to it..
Kdramas tend to make lots of drama but to me hana kimi is a funny jdrama/manga and idw see it being too dramatic or anything.. so yeah guess i will finally after 3 years i would pass it..
but this doesnt mean the drama is boring!
It might be fun to some but for me i just gave it up since i lost the feels that i used to have once?
To me i think the cast doing great maybe i didnt like the script ?
anyway yeah ...
Bye :c
hope to maybe plan to rewatch it later maybe..
asioja 14 Sep, 2014
It's quite good and funny but the characters are awful so I had to drop it :p the girl is stupid and she's like annoying stalker. The situations were very funny but since the relation beetwen two annoying people is the most important, all the time you have to deal with those two :p But the dog is suuuper cute :D
bzzfrog 29 Apr, 2014
Cha Eun Gyeol is so cute but Tae Joon, my gosh (suspect because i'm shawol). I don't liked the ending, idk, very (?)
neo9000 21 Apr, 2014
Dropped at episode 8. It is not bad but not good enough that I can watch this shittie guy who makes me wanna slam my head against the wall. (I think it was Cha Eun Gyeol, tried hard to forget this retard)
kamilles 24 Feb, 2014
Cha Eun Gyeol is perfect!
emmelined 23 Feb, 2014
I'm in the 8th episode, and dunno whether contiunue watching.... Hana Kimi Jp 2007 is waaaaaaaaaaay better than this. Gotta say I expected more of this... gosh, I was so wrong :/