ESC to close 3.77 (by 1579 users)orthros no inu
  • 2009
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized orthros no inu
english Orthros' Dog (literal)


genres drama, suspense, supernatural


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 24 Jul, 2009 - 25 Sep, 2009
episodes 9
duration 54 minutes
air day Friday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.77 of 5 by 1579 users
total users 2570
rating 5955
favorites 109



Introverted and mysterious Ryuuzaki Shinji possesses a power called 'the hand of God', letting him heal any disease or wound just by touch. A kind and innocent high school teacher named Aoi Ryousuke possesses it's direct opposite, 'the hand of Demon'. When detective Hasebe Nagisa becomes a witness to one of these extraordinary powers, she begins to investigate these two men, leading to their initial meeting and ultimately instigating a battle of unbelievable power.




Ryuuzaki Shinji
Aoi Ryousuke
Hasebe Nagisa
Kumakiri Masaru
Kumakiri Zenzou
Maezono Chiharu




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21 Jan, 2012
A story of dark and light, good and evil or supernatural powers. This drama rarely reaches such grandness. While the plot had the potential to really create thought provoking situations and complex mysterious storyline threads it never takes any effort to do so. Its typically a dorama and tries to play to mass audiences by being easy to digest.

The so called bad guy Ryuzaki Shinji is played well and keeps you guessing throughout but everyone else is somehow a letdown. Even so teh drama is quite watchable and its only 9 episodes long so its not the biggest commitment to see it to a completion.

My biggest criticism is that this drama should have been great with more considered writing and some better acting (I'm looking at you Nishikido Ryo). All in all i can't recommend this to watch but should you watch it just don't expect too much and you'll have a pleasant viewing experience
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08 Aug, 2010
It’s hard to steer free from Johnny’s Entertainment guys if you regularily watch dramas and Orthros no Inu is no exception in this. The main characters are portrayed by Takizawa Hideaki (from Tackey & Tsubasa) and Nishikido Ryo (from NEWS & Kanjani8), with one of the minor characters being played by Yaotome Hikaru (from Hey!Say! JUMP). Mizukawa Asami takes on the lead female role.

Even though I knew all three Johnny’s guys before watching the drama, I was not in particular a big fan of any of them. Also, since I generally prefer romance/comedy drama, the genre was fairly new to me as well. Still, this drama kept me glued to the screen. Let’s have a look at what it is about.


Orthros no Inu revolves around two guys who each have a special power. Ryuuzaki Shinji is able to heal any kind of wound or disease by the touch of his hand, Aoi Ryosuke complements this power by being able to kill people through the same action. Strangely, the personality of these guys is opposite to the power that they have, and seems to neutralize it in a way that reminded me of Inu Yasha & Sesshoumaru in the anime Inu Yasha.

Aoi Ryosuke is a high school teacher with a very kind heart. He wouldn’t hurt a fly and has a strong sense of morality. When he sees a female police agent being attacked, he comes to her rescue by using his power to get rid of her attackers. However, his guilt drives him to the police station to confess what he did.

Ryuuzaki Shinji is a dark character with his own motives. When we first meet him at the beginning of the drama, he is locked up for murder. The police agent brings the two of them together, not realizing the possible consequences of her actions.


Although I’ve heard people complain about them, I was personally impressed by the acting skills. With my favorite Tackey & Tsubasa song being the happy & jumpy ‘Venus’, for Tackey to play a dark hero was the last thing I had expected. However, he pulls it off unexpectedly well.

Nishikido Ryo, someone I used to dislike because of his straightforwardness and at times rudeness, had this look in his eyes that seemed to shine of goodness and innocence. When I first read the synopsis for the drama, it all sounded a bit over the top for me, but I think the characters became credible and even intriguing. And this is exactly what keeps you glued to the screen: what will happen to these two characters next, and how will they react to new situations?

My only complaint would be that sometimes there are some unexpected and unnecessary plot twists, and no real story except for the interaction between Tackey and Ryo’s characters and how it affects the people around them. Maybe the drama could have been better if there were a clear goal for them to try and reach throughout the drama. But because I ended up wanting to know more about the main characters, this wasn’t such a big problem.

I’d recommend this drama to fans of the genre or the lead actors, and considering I was neither – it probably wouldn’t hurt to give it a try either way. Orthros no Inu might end up surprising you like it did for me!
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20 Jan, 2012
Both themes are different. But if you are interested in more dramas that include mysterious powers born from the hand, then these two dramas are for you.


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hakaina 08 Jul, 2016
It was my favourite drama back to 2010, and I happened to rewatch it now and how surprised I was that I still consider it's one of the best I've ever seen! Maybe the acting is not as superior as it could be, maybe the production leaves much to be desired but ugh something about the congestion of everything: plot, acting, filming, makes me love this drama with all my heart. I rarely recommend this to my friends in order not to ruin everything to their excessive expectations, but when someone actually ends up enjoying this as much as I do, I never feel as genuinely happy. :D
danisensei 12 Jul, 2015
I confess I found it kinda boring in the beginning. These last days I've decided to finish it, and wow... I found it awesome. Unpredictable, meaningful, and emotive. Loved it.
sukimatsuura 11 Sep, 2014
@kiraning I totally agree with you!
dodi1d 31 Dec, 2012
the story is great and this drama sends a lot of messages! i really loved it so much! i wish there was more episodes, Takizawa did a great job his acting is so f***ing awesome!!! and Ryo really the best.. i will never forget this drama, but the ending kinda weird i didn't understand it :S
vanelya10 16 May, 2012
it was ok :) nice :P
kiraning 10 Mar, 2012
We really have to stop pretending that Takizawa can act, but that being said, I don't think he was half bad in this show. Personally I think Mizukawa Asami could have toned it down a bit. Plot is...not particularly bad, nor spectacular? I was interested in some parts, but completely baffled and bored at others.
sayitaintsojoe 07 Feb, 2012
Sometimes something about it, whether it be the cinematography, or the production value, or the acting made it feel a little cheap, but the story itself was really good.
nightrainboww 04 Feb, 2012
@hiina, there was a spoiler that was later removed :P (so it now looks like flcl complained about ''good plot, OST and cast'')