ESC to close 4.27 (by 1953 users)neukdaesonyeon 늑대소년
  • 2012
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized neukdaesonyeon
english A Werewolf Boy
literal Wolf Boy


genres drama, romance, fantasy


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 31 Oct, 2012
duration 126 minutes
status released


avg. score 4.27 of 5 by 1953 users
total users 2797
rating 8340
favorites 155



In 1960s Korea, a sickly girl called Sun I discovers a feral boy has been living in the barn of her family's new country house. Her mother, believing him to be an orphan of war, welcomes him into their home, and they call him Cheol Su. The boy proves to be extremely loyal to Sun I, who in turn gradually succeeds at teaching him to act more human than animal. Soon after they begin to recognize the depth of their attachment to one another, the actions of a jealous suitor and a few fearful villagers threaten to separate them forever, and Sun I must do what she can to protect Cheol Su when the true extent of his inner beast comes to light.




Cheol Su
Sun I
Ji Tae
Sun I's Mother
Sun Ja
Dr. Gang


director, screenwriter
producer, planner
sfx director


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18 Jun, 2014
A good movie definitely, but more so due to the acting than due to the plot. The acting is wonderful - the characters are really fleshed out and the actors did a great job in showing the emotions (Particularly Song Jung Gi, who barely spoke a word throughout the film and still managed to convey Cheol Soo's feelings well)

The problem lies in the plot. The movie suffers numerous plot holes that honestly bothered me quite a lot. Some elements key to the plot and story aren't fully developed in the movie and are just left hanging. For example, the already mentioned point about Cheol Soo's original and actual condition. It definitely needed more development and explanation.

Still, the movie is quite enjoyable due to the actor's pulling through and giving a great performance. Based on the plot holes alone I would give this a 3 or a 2, but given the quality of the acting and the fact that I still enjoyed the movie I ended up giving it a 4. It's sweet and funny during the first half and a bit sad and melancholic at the end. The ending is quite predictable, but again the acting makes up for the move's flaws.

This is not a movie for nit-picky viewers though. If plot holes and details bother you, I would not recommend it. If you can manage to overlook these issues and just focus on enjoying the movie and the acting, then this is a good watch.
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18 Feb, 2013
My opinion about this film is....divided.

I would recommend ‘A Werewolf Boy’ to everyone who wants to watch a typical Korean romantic fantasy movie. The only thing I do not like about this genre is that the viewer knows exactly how the film is going to end. What I actually want to say: Don’t fool yourself and accept that this film is nevertheless a predictable, dramatic romance story.

What surprised me the most was the huge amount of comical scenes you get to see in the first half of the movie. A few were really enjoyable and helped a lot with developing the characters; but there were also other scenes which were over the top in my opinion.

Don't let yourself get fooled by the English title because this project is a lot but NOT your typical werewolf film. I'm still emotionally fighting against the implementation of the werewolf/wolf theme in this film; which is also the topic I think was the worst developed.

Excepting that the special effects were beyond bad (I would have preffered less fur and only accents and details in Cheol Su's transformation), all the things Cheol Su adopted from his wild parents, respectively his wolf genes, are not possible for a human if he’s not genetically, and thus physically modified. However cute Jung Gi looked like when he was growling, howling and baring his teeth, our vocal cords are not able to produce such sounds.

I had the feeling that the film couldn't decide between Cheol Su being a project of human desire or a wild boy who raised himself (was raised by wild animals?). I know that he was both -somehow- but that topic was so unbalanced and therefore confused me a lot!

Even if I have said a lot of negative things, there were also a lot of positive things in this movie. For example the acting, it was great, especially Jung Gi's! -Yeah, come at me haters! But wouldn't you praise someone who had to rely on facial expressions and body language for 120 minutes straight and did well?-

The atmosphere was great too (mostly done by the lighting and background music).

But the things I just mentioned also kinda ruined the ending for me. At first I thought it was all a dream when she was walking along the gear filled with pot plants, and then finally opened a door while golden lights were shining brightly. I seriously waited for the angels to start singing! And the character of Sun I really was out of my favor when she left him there, AGAIN! How could she be so cruel?

All in all this movie could have been a lot better if it had taken another path storytelling (although I don't quite know which path....), so I was slightly disappointed with the outcome.
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poice 17 Mar, 2019
Sorry but this movie is average at best. At times it was so ridiculous that I barely finished it.
laydii 15 Apr, 2018
This was a lovely piece ;-; my heart the entire time was LIKEE
lorpy 03 Nov, 2017
@calm I think the same
calm 11 Feb, 2017
Am I the only one who doesn't like this movie? I kept reading only positive comments about it so I watched it just know but it was really bad in my opinion... :O
babo 30 Oct, 2016
Watched it again, for the third/forth time. Just as good as ever. Cried, as usual.
anyzs 13 Jun, 2016
i have just watched this movie and im surprised that no one is talking about how similar it is to edward scissorhands.
this movie is actually an improved version of the one with johnny depp (ugh, disgusting man)
great movie, soundtrack and acting.
strawberryz 09 Apr, 2016
Why so sad. :(
doma1277 06 Mar, 2016