ESC to close 3.9 (by 1869 users)sesang eodiedo eoptneun chakhannamja 세상 어디에도 없는 착한남자
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized sesang eodiedo eoptneun chakhannamja
english The Innocent Man
literal A Nice Guy The Likes Of Which You Would Never Find Anywhere In The World
aka nice guy, good guy, good man, the good man never seen before, there’s no such thing as a nice guy, chakannamja, 차칸남자, 세상 어디에도 없는 차칸남자


genres drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 12 Sep, 2012 - 15 Nov, 2012
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.9 of 5 by 1869 users
total users 3126
rating 7295
favorites 183



Gang Ma Ru and Han Jae Hui are lovers who bonded through the hardships of childhood together. With a promising future together -- Ma Ru as a doctor and Jae Hui as a reporter -- it all disappears when Jae Hui ruins Ma Ru's future in pursuit of further riches. Wanting revenge, Ma Ru works to seduce Seo Eun Gi, Jae Hui's step daughter and heiress to the conglomerate Tae San. However, none of them anticipates the events they set off all those years ago, as it goes from becoming a game of revenge to a game of survival and winning Tae San.




Gang Ma Ru
Seo Eun Gi
Han Jae Hui
Park Jae Gil
Chairman Seo
Gang Cho Ko




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04 Dec, 2012
The nice man that doesn't exist anywhere in this world ... what an interesting and thrilling ride this drama turned out to be I would have never expected in the beginning.

To be honest, I was quite reluctant to watch this drama; I was expecting a tear-jerker and was totally not in the mood for that, but I still wanted to give it a try, because ever since Painter Of The Wind and The Princess' Man I was a big fan of Mun Chae Won and I had always wanted to see more of Song Jung Gi, so I gave it a try after all.

And I didn't regret it.

Nice guy (to keep a long title short) tells the story of a young, bitter woman, that basically acts like a scared dog; biting everyone away in fear of getting hurt. It also tells the story of a man who threw everything he values (including his relatives, education and self-esteem) away for a woman that wasn't worth it and has to learn exactly that - that the woman wasn't worth it. And lastly it tells the story of that woman, who had someone else take all the bullets for her just to leave that person bleeding and dying on the ground. What a nice bunch of pretty messed up characters we get - especially when the boy falls in love with the bitter girl and the cold woman makes the girl even more bitter by marrying her father and snatching even that tiny little bit of love away from her.

Others have said the same and I can just second it: The way this drama blurred the lines of good and evil in the character build was excellent. Everyone did wrong, mostly for understandable reasons (sometimes not, but oh well, such is the way of dramaland) and to watch our characters find the tiny bit of right in all the wrong was surprisingly interesting and satisfying to watch. My favourite character by far though was Seo Eun Gi, reminding me a lot of Mun Geun Yeong's character in Cinderella's Stepsister. That kind of character is actually kind of rare in dramaland - a young girl that does not stay positive, righteous and bright despite - please excuse my language - all kinds of shit happening to her, but a girl that most understandably is turned bitter by what she had to go through and who really learns how to fight and not whine and wait for Oppa to settle it all. Therefore it was a bit disappointing when after her Amnesia she kind of turned into exactly that - but, rarely enough in the world of drama, amnesia really worked for this story and was not a ridiculous last resort to fill the blanks until the final, so it shall be forgiven. And fierce Eun Gi does return in the end and she actually had to learn to be at least a little more forgiving and positive, so all is well on that front.

All the more disappointing was the final, though, because after we were provided with tons of story throughout nearly all of the twenty episodes of Nice Guy ... the end was a constant stream of filler twists and nonesense. I don't want to say too much here (if you want to know more look for my spoilery comment on the drama's page), but it always makes me sad when the last 30 minutes of a 20 hour drama diminish it from a five to a four star rating. It's not that I hated the actually ending, which - spoiler, spoiler - was a happy one, which I was content with, but the way it was acted out. It swept a lot of problems adressed in the drama under the carpet and really lacks a lot of our wanted answers.

Still, all in all Nice Guy was a surprisingly good none-tear-jerking but rather thrilling ride through the messed up lifes' of really interesting characters and I would warmly recommend it to everyone. Acting was also quite good I'd say; Song Jung Gi did fine, though he really did not show many sides, but especially the girls - Mun Chae won and Park Si Yeon - totally lived up to my expectations and delivered pretty well. Some of for most of the drama perfectly drawn character lines were suddenly cut off during the last episode, but all in all, still a very good drama!
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20 Nov, 2012
Nice Guy is your typical revenge thriller, done well.

In a story where the leads are as dark and twisted as the villains, where everyone is shrouded in shadows and no one is pure, it's interesting to watch as you go from rooting for one person to the other. The twists and watching everyone fall further and further is entertaining, especially as you realize there's a thin line separating our heroes from their enemies.

Watching a show where you feel guilty rooting for one side, with scenes shot beautifully and where things finally add up is great. The typically revenge plots are given a twist, and done surprisingly well.

Some people may find it too dark, some may find it too typical for a revenge show, but to me, Nice Guy was an entertaining watch for those days where you want something darker than the typical fluffier, romantic comedies.
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27 Dec, 2015
In the both dramas the poor guy builds relationships with a rich girl to promote his interests first. Gang Ma Ru and Choe Jun Gi start their relationships to achieve their own plans, but then realise that it isn't so easy.
The stories and cinematography of both have a very similar feel to them. Both dramas incorporate mental and physical disabilities to further the melodramatic plot. The endings also feel very similar, plot wise.


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naath ~ 1 week
Amo muito! Perfeito!
sillysym 16 Oct, 2017
did he die or not?
jeaudrey 21 Mar, 2016
Rewatching this because is my favorite always s2
reginaphalange 08 Mar, 2016
i liked this drama, with its ups and downs of course but i didn't found it to be boring at was intense and i really liked Maru's inner thoughts.
i never seen Song Jung Gi in anything before except for RM but i loved his acting a lot and he was suited for his role.

but that ending tho... the last 20 min tbh i think it was unnecessary. the ending that @vaniahs wrote in an older comm would have been much better for this drama.
jujuvieira 13 Aug, 2015
Q drama maravilhoso *--*
otike 03 Feb, 2015
i am at episode 11 and i have to say that it is not boring but frustrating to death!!!!
dzyublik 06 Jan, 2015
@vanityfull I agree. I was also a little disappointing end. I wanted a different outcome. But still it does not spoil the drama.
I'm glad that there are those who share my opinion :)
vanityfull 06 Jan, 2015
@dzyublik Ditto. One of the best makjangs I have ever seen. I ll be honest, i didn't really like the ending that much
with Ma Ru loosing his memory
. But i can forgive writers, cause the rest of the drama was just pure awesome! I don't see why so many people say this drama is boring, unless they don't like makjangs (THEN DON'T FREAKING WATCH EM), are biased towards certain actors (GO WATCH UR LEE MIN HO WHO CAN'T ACT ANYWAY, ok he was good in City Hunter, I will give him that. just an example here. Lee Min Ho fans - feel free to brick me, it ain't gonna change anything) or...i don't know...age maybe? ok fine, you have started a drama, you didn't like it - different people, different opinions, I respect that. But not when main actor (Song Jun Gi) wins Top Excellence Award 3 times, main actress (Mun Chae Won) also wins Top Excellence Award, they win best couple award, both of them win Netizens' Award...

This drama was also nominated in following categories during KBS Drama Awards, Baeksang Arts Awards, Mnet 20's Choice Awards, 1st K-Drama Star Awards, Seoul International Drama Awards:

Best New Actress Lee Yu-bi
Best Supporting Actor Lee Kwang-soo
Best Supporting Actor Lee Sang-yeob
Best Supporting Actress Jin Kyung
Excellence Award, Actor in a Mid-length Drama Song Joong-ki
Excellence Award, Actress in a Mid-length Drama Moon Chae-won
Excellence Award, Actress in a Mid-length Drama Park Si-yeon
Best New Actress (TV) Lee Yu-bi
20's Booming Star - Female Lee Yu-bi
Outstanding Korean Drama OST - "Love Is Like a Snowflake" - Junsu
Outstanding Korean Drama OST -"Really" - Song Joong-ki
Outstanding Korean Actor Song Joong-ki
Outstanding Korean Actress Moon Chae-won
Outstanding Korean Drama The Innocent Man

Like, how can you not call some people biased after this?