ESC to close 3.5 (by 1272 users)cyborg jiman gwaenchanha 싸이보그지만 괜찮아
  • 2006
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized cyborg jiman gwaenchanha
english I'm A Cyborg, But That's OK (literal)


genres comedy, drama, mystery, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 17 Dec, 2006
duration 105 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.5 of 5 by 1272 users
total users 1892
rating 4454
favorites 45


boku no kanojo wa cyborg
2008 film jp kr
same setting


Yeong Gun believes she is a cyborg. Instead of eating food, she charges herself using her transistor radio. While wearing her grandmother's dentures, she walks around the mental institution that she stays at, feeling a greater connection to the electrical appliances than to any human. Surrounding her are a group of similarly interesting and antisocial characters. One of them is Il Sun, who tries to convince others that he can steal their personalities and attitudes. Yeong Gun is attracted to his awkward quirkiness and he admires her for her beautiful big front teeth. She asks him at a group counselling session to steal her sympathy. His attention is caught, and he finds his interest in her grow as her body weakens.




Park Il Sun
Cha Yeong Gun
Sin Deok Cheon
Wang Gop Dan
Son Eun Yeong
Hwang Gyu Seok


producer, director, screenwriter
costume designer


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09 Oct, 2016
Both tell stories about mental hospital patients. They have a deep meaning and tell a beautiful story about human relationships.
They both have a way of finding the humor and logic within insanity.


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sude25 16 Jul, 2014
I thought i was watching Korean version of Stanley Kubrick movies. These kind of movies weren't created to make sense, they were created in order to understand inner theme.. If you feel like you didn't understand it, try watching it again and again in order to see satirical point of view..

And that hairstyle of Rain.. :D
alicedreams 19 May, 2013
I didn't like this film that much. I'm thoroughly disappointed as it seemed exactly like the kind of film I'd enjoy.
ahmadz 09 Mar, 2013
One of the worst movies I've ever seen, deserves less then 1 star. I couldn't understand anything! .
quels 09 Jan, 2013
Chan-wook Park, thank you!
Cruel and extremely lovely... Perfect. <3
makiru 23 Dec, 2012
I took 4 years to finish this movie, I mean, seriously.
Maybe I was too young back then to understand and appreciate the concept of this,
so I watched about 20 minutes and stopped it, I thought: Even Rain couldn't save this damn weird movie!
Anyway... Today I wanted give it a try, so I watched, and I liked it.
The actors made it believable, I really like Soo Jung and her character in this one was very unique.
The relationship between the main characters was really cute.
I think the scene that he is "fixing" her is really touching.
I am a huge fan of Rain so... For me Rain is just so awesome all the time LOL
The movie is weird, totally weird but that's the charm of it. A different and crazy point of view about life.
brandymarie1987 04 Oct, 2012
Really enjoyed this film. It was quirky, cute, and funny, yet somewhat moving.
gvedit 08 Jan, 2012
Sajnos(?!), én nem gondolom ezt vígjátéknak, viccesnek meg pláne. Ha elmosolyodtam, az a kedvesség megnyilvánulásaira való reakció volt. Azonban, nagyon el kell gondolkodni a következőkön:
" Állítólag az antiszociális létre nincs orvosság, de az orvosok azt mondják,reménykedjek.Néha magától elmúlik30-40 év múlva. Bár általában ez a 30-40 év
a börtönben telik... Azért jöttem ide, mert nem
akarok börtönbe kerülni."
Nálunk azonban jórészt felszámolták azokat a kórházakat,ahova menni lehetne!
itanunes 26 Dec, 2011
Filme mto bom, achei o começo meio estranho, mas depois eu morria de rir, o Bi Rain detonou na sua atuação...