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  • 2009
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized inyeon mandeulgi
english Creating Destiny (literal)
aka Making Fate, Seeking Love

Based On

based on book
title inyeon chatgi and unmyeong saranghagi
author Hyeon Go Un (현고운)


genres drama, family, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 10 Oct, 2009 - 24 Jan, 2010
episodes 31
duration 60 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 19:55 - 20:55
status released


avg. score 3.39 of 5 by 479 users
total users 847
rating 1623
favorites 14



Han Sang Eun is a girl who immigrated to Australia at a young age. Returning there upon completing her law degree in the United States, she introduces her American boyfriend, Alex, as the man she intends to marry. Her father, who still follows Korean customs, strikes a deal with Sang Eun. She will be allowed to marry Alex if she agrees to move to Korea to live with his friend for a year. The catch: she will also be living with her fiancee, Kim Yeo Jun, a doctor who has no intention of marrying. With a shaky start, the two begin their 'romance' in an attempt to ward off their parents. But as they start to fall in love, trouble shows up in the shape of admirers, misunderstandings and secrets.




Han Sang Eun
Kim Yeo Jun
Kim Jin Ju
Sim Hye Rim
Jeong Gyu Hwan
Sim Dae Hwan


screenwriter, original creator


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pandora 31 Jan, 2015
Maravilhoso! Digno de ficar na lista dos melhores dramas de romance e comédia que assisti.
moniquedefine 05 May, 2013
eu gostei mais a primeira metade do drama foi horrível demorei um ano para assistir sofrendo e só fiz porque estava entediada mais depois da metade demora um pouco é muito enrolado as vezes.
kingofnigeria 05 Mar, 2012
Agreed. The pacing of this show is absolutely terrible. I could skip entire episodes and not miss anything. This is actually my first K-Drama series, and if I didn't know any better, I would've thought that all K-Dramas are like this, but I'm pretty sure that isn't the case.
catchxfireflies 26 Feb, 2012
IDK, I liked it. I was interested to see the main couple since they're married in real life, and they really did have great chemistry.. but I felt like their development moved at a snail's pace for the first 20+ episodes. It's understandable, since it's a longer weekend drama, but still.

Which reminds me, if you don't have enough script for 31 episodes without having characters have the same conversation 50 times in gradually more annoying circumstances, your drama probably shouldn't be that long. The amount of times I heard "just trust me and follow me and don't waver" and "I WILL NEVAH ALLOW THIS MARRIAGE! ABSOLUTELY NOT", etc... punch me in the face.

But yeah I liked a lot of the secondary relationships, like Hyo Eun and Chul Ho (hilarious) and Hye Rim and Se Won (who both annoyed the crap out of me until they started interacting, they should have done that waaay sooner, rather than having them stand around rehashing the same things with their respective unrequited loves over and over and over ("Yeo Jun oppa is meant to be with me, just wait and see, ooh let's put my life in danger so he'll pay attention to me!"/"I could stay by your side, Sang Eun-ah. Sang Eun-ah. Did I not get my point across? SANG EUN-AHHH, I PROPOSED TO YOU AT 10, LOVE ME!!")) I hated, however, that Yun Hui ended up engaged to her baby daddy, I never warmed up to him. Plus she spent the entire drama saying she didn't have the confidence to marry or fall in love again and rejecting a way better guy, so.. what.

Anyway... yeah. Cute. *shrug* >.>
carolhiis 08 Sep, 2011
raspberrychips 26 Jul, 2011
I freaking love this drama, why is its rating so low?? Eugene & Taeyoung <3333
p3rk3le 24 Jul, 2011
Taeyeong and Eugene got married in real life today ^^ Be happy~!! (maybe I should watch this drama, now? :P )
electricneonlights 19 May, 2011
I finished ep 2. I think the story is interesting yet the progression of it is ridiculously off. I know it's too soon to judge the entire drama..