ESC to close 3.88 (by 1826 users)rich man, poor woman
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized rich man, poor woman
aka ricchi pua, RMPW, ricchi man, pua uuman, リチプア


genres comedy, romance, work


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 09 Jul, 2012 - 17 Sep, 2012
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Monday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.88 of 5 by 1826 users
total users 2782
rating 7090
favorites 87


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Hyuuga Tooru is the owner of a promising technology company worth billions of dollars. Despite his success, Tooru has many flaws, among them a medical condition that makes it difficult for him to remember people's names or faces. In fact, one of the only names he remembers with clarity is that of the mother who abandoned him. When a young headstrong woman applies for a job at the company, Tooru ends up embarrassing her in front of the other recruits, but he's taken aback when he learns her name.




Hyuuga Tooru
Natsui Makoto
Asahina Youko
Asahina Kousuke
Yamashita Yoshiyuki
Ono Haruka




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26 Oct, 2012
Rich Man Poor Woman is a fresh drama on the J-dorama landscape. In an industry that rarely plays the romantic angle, a romantic comedy is a nice change. And when it's well done, then it's just awesome.

Rich Man Poor Woman doesn't do anything ground-breaking. And in a lot of ways, it's standard fare. The rich, socially awkward but brilliant male meets a poor, plucky, low on self-esteem female. They both see the worlds in different ways and naturally clash, then help change each other for the better.

The thing that makes this show stand out though is the execution and acting. Everything is low key, and real. There's little hysterics and over-dramatic moments. The problems keeping the leads apart are simple and basic; issues everyday people must overcome. And the interactions between the characters is heartwarming, and is another reason why the acting is great. Everyone does their roles justice, and look like they had a blast doing so.

It's not perfect, there are some flaws and parts of the story that could have been left out, but Rich Man Poor Woman is definitely one of the better romantic comedies out there. It's a shame Japan doesn't make more shows like this nowadays.
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25 Sep, 2012
Hyuuga is a strange guy and leader of Next Innovation. His company isn't that unknown and when it comes to work he's considered a genius. Makoto Natsui on the other side will soon graduate from university and didn't find a job yet, which slowly brings her despair. Finding out about Hyuugas company she goes there to apply, but he kicks her out almost immediately. Until she does the unimaginable and tells him her name is Chihiro Sawaki - the name of his mother, who he's looking for so desperately. He also ends up needing her help and the destiny they share started.

The story itself isn't new or anything special. Actually it has a lot of work included, but since the characters only get to meet through work and interact there, it's nice to watch it! And the work of Hyuuga isn't that boring as well.

There is also Asahina, the co-owner of the company, who spices things up, as well as his sister who is the love-rival of Natsui. The most precious thing in this story is the character developement. How Hyuuga slowly grows and changes is precious to watch. The side characters are also very enjoyable. I especially liked Yasuoka.

Bad points are probably that they had to extend the drama to 11 episodes, but after watching the last one I was thankful that they didn't try to rush it in 10 episodes. The 11th episode was exactly what I expected and wanted from a good romance drama, and they finally gave it after much frustration. Even if they don't show too much romance, the chemistry between the main characters is good enough to keep you watching and watching. I always waited for the next episode, even if the ending wasn't all that exciting.

So 5* for me, since I feel like this drama is a bit different from many other japanese romance dramas.
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27 Jan, 2014
Both series are about a rich man who falls in love with a poor woman. Also there is comedy in both.

24 Jan, 2013
Both these dramas have a romantic storyline, and in both there is a rich man who falls in love with a poor woman.


"Rich Man, Poor Woman" To Make A Return akiraka 11 posts 14 Feb, 2013 by tomoyalove
It's been announced that the title "Rich Man, Poor Woman" will be revived in 2013. The Fuji Television Monday night romantic drama series starring Oguri Shu...


pyapi 25 Aug, 2014
Predictable, clichéd, etc. Although it was rather refreshing to have a "love rival" that wasn't a total bitch or nut job. Oguri's character also develops well throughout the drama. But those were the only redeeming qualities, in my opinion. Overall, a rather Okay-ish drama. 3/5
yuna 19 Jul, 2014
Typical Japanese romance for you.
littledreamer 04 May, 2014
My first drama, ever :D Memories...
kelly17 19 Dec, 2013
she acts like a 12 year old.
and i dont like his philosophy.
kioyn 13 Nov, 2013
So cuuuute :3 Arata is ideal second number. But he deserves more main roles.
trixi 02 Sep, 2013
This drama has received so much praise I was expecting a new HanaDan, but after 3 episodes I'm utterly disappointed, I don't think the two leads have chemistry at all, I'm going to finish it to see if it gets any better, I hope I'll be surprised.
yumivanessa 15 Jul, 2013
It's so cute and funny <3
And Makoto came to Brazil yay hehehe
revy 08 Jul, 2013
One of the most boring romance dramas out there. Usually Ogurin has chemistry with anyone but Ishihara is a blank slate of a character and there's nothing sizzling between them. Also one of my least favourite roles that Ogurin has done. You can have a jerkass character but please please please make him/her at least somewhat redeemable. Even Domyoji had his good sides, this Hyuga seems to be a dick just for the sake of being a dick. Also the main lady is utterly uninteresting and her thing about her name just makes her seem like a creepy stalker. Considering dropping this tbh.