ESC to close 4.04 (by 1493 users)liar game: the final stage
  • 2010
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized liar game: the final stage
english Liar Game Movie

Based On

based on manga
title liar game (LIAR GAME)
author Kaitani Shinobu (甲斐谷忍)


genres crime, suspense, psycholog.


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 06 Mar, 2010
duration 133 minutes
status released


avg. score 4.04 of 5 by 1493 users
total users 2430
rating 6032
favorites 72


liar game x
2010 web jp
liar game: saisei
2012 film jp


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Akiyama Shinichi
Kanzaki Nao
Tanimura Mitsuo
Momose Norika
Sendou Arata


singer, composer


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01 Dec, 2013
I loved this movie. I felt like the concept was very fitting, and the game was pretty simple to follow. It didn't take very complicated strategies to solve. I guess the only trick was how it's portrayed as a solely player vs. player game.

There wasn't as much character development as I would have liked, and after watching it there are maybe 4 characters I really know nothing about and suspect were there just to make it a mystery, but knowing all of their stories isn't really necessary either. What's important is that there was OTP.

To those familiar with the Liar Game (manga, drama seasons), you definitely know by now that romance between the main pairing is scarce. The Liar Game is more about strategy and suspense, so this movie hit the motherload. There are at least 3 instances where AkiyamaxNao fans will squeal. Be prepared.
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30 Oct, 2010
The producers of Liar Game made the right decision, when they cut off the ending of the series and put the final stage in a whole movie. At first I was really angry about that, since I had to wait a long time for the movie. But in the end I am so glad they did what they did.

This movie brings back all the lovely parts of the first two seasons of Liar Game. Namely: Mushroom-head, Akiyama-san and Nao-chan.

The good thing about that movie is, that they are still using mushroomhead as that evil bastard he is. And Nao-chan is still that useless girl. But Akiyama-san finally shows emotion and I think, this movie is just the best that the whole series has. It's short and a highlight. I love all the characters, no matter how evil they are. And even though I found something that wasn't solved all that well (for those who know: Plant!? What happend to that concept?), I was still happy about the ending and the outcome. What I liked most? That RANDOM romance parts, that end up not being romance!! I mean, you can just see Akiyama-san being all sexy and flirty and then he suddenly turns into that cold liar again. I love him too much, I guess.

For the other things: I love the game. And the set. It doesn't really fell like "Garden of Eden", but it still looks so creative and I found myself liking the set so much, that I had to write something about that here.

The overall ending of the game and the reason for the game were a bit so-so, but I think it was a good explanation for what happened. The only thing that made me worried: Isn't Nao-chan in the end the same like the others? Conning people into doing what she wants? Well, sure, it's a good thing, since she wants others to have no debts. But I still think, she isn't as "naive" as they want to make her... Well, go and watch for yourself!! Even if you can't deal with Nao-chan, think of Akiyama-san and then you can manage watching this wonderful movie until the very end!!
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10 May, 2013
Both depict intellectual battles. You might think, "Wow, that was really smart!" several times in an hour while watching both Liar Game and Death Note.


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alexadm81 09 Aug, 2016
Not as amazing as both seasons, but still a great watch. The fact that its duration was 2 hours and I didn't get bored for even a second, says something.

I thought the ending was very good.

The very last scene was really nice when she received that letter, showing there's always honest people.
dodi1d 28 Jul, 2013
it was a good movie though, but i'm soo disappointed about the ending!
i thought that there will be some man behind the game... and i wanted a romance scenes between Akiyama and Nao :/
dramaaddict 03 Apr, 2013
I liked this movie, it had as much suspense and tricks from Akiyama as in the series (Akiyama was such a badass again), but
the end was like something was missing. I was like "This?! This is the big answer for all? You're kidding me!" I really thought there was some big organisation behind it and not this :/ Also, even though Nao was getting on my nerves the whole time, I really wanted to see a bit more romance between her and Akiyama!
calm 04 Apr, 2012
I'm dissapointed. I thought the letter is from Akiyama and says: "Will you marry me?" or at least "Let's make love!" XD
komorebi 29 Oct, 2011
I thought it was an okay ending for the series. The game itself wasn't as interesting as the ones they played in season one and two, but the actions, the lies and the characters made up for it.
xxcorpse 22 Jul, 2011
For those wondering - the letter says 'Sengetsu okarishita sen en desu. Arigatou.' Which means 'Last month i borrowed 1,000 yen. Thank you.'
robo108 18 Jul, 2011
When I watched this, I was slightly pissed but was wholly satisfied at the same time. Nao pulled some of her idiotic naive moves, which doesn't really get on my nerves, but the characters were all unsatisfying. Unsatisfying as in not enough personality and uniqueness, and some of them didn't get enough "air time" you could say. The game was satisfying but not the best, and the ending was pretty good, but it was another one of those that felt like it was missing something. All in all it was a good ending to a great series that is one of my favorite of all time ^~^.
Am I the only one that squealed when Nao and Akiyama hugged? :DDD
authenticdivine 26 Oct, 2010
Game this time wasn't even half as interesting as the other games played in season 1 and 2.