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  • 2012
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized sword art online
aka soodo aato onrain

Based On

based on book
title sword art online
author Kawahara Reki (川原礫)


genres action, romance, fantasy, adventure, game


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network MXTV (Tokyo MX)
by A-1 Pictures (A-1 Pictures)


date 08 Jul, 2012 - 23 Dec, 2012
episodes 25
duration 30 minutes
air day Sunday
status released


avg. score 3.82 of 5 by 585 users
total users 876
rating 2234
favorites 56


sword art online: extra edition
2013 TV jp
sword art online ii
2014 TV jp


Sword art Online is a new virtual reality MMORPG which Kazuto got to play as a beta tester. Later on only few lucky people got a copy of this new game when it was released, Kazuto was one of them. Everyone is fascinated of this high quality MMORPG. But soon players will get shocking news... They are stuck in the game, until they finish all 100 levels of the game. But the journey isn't easy, because to stay alive, they have to keep their health bar full. Otherwise something awful may happen!






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04 Apr, 2013
I came to this series completely uninitiated with the other works in this franchise, hoping for a fun show that promised to be a .hack homage.

At least, that's what I was hoping for.

The series started off promising enough. The plot, which sees a number of players all trapped in a VR MMORPG where in-game death results in death in the real world, seemed promising enough. All the trappings of a thrilling story arc.

Even the setting, the 100-floor Aincrad castle, was fun to explore and was something of a visual masterpiece. In fact, the art is perhaps the series' biggest saving grace.

It doesn't take long before the series shows its true colours, however, as you quickly realize that the main characters are going nowhere and that the side characters, many of whom played a major role in the light novels, are simply killed off or abandoned after 20 minutes in the rush to get to the mid-season.

Then you get halfway through, and the series unceremoniously drops everything that made (or could have) made the series interesting, with an abrupt change of setting and pace which just makes the second half of the series feel disjointed.

The series as a whole is something of a disappointment. It takes an inspired setting and pretense, and from there begins to gradually dissolve it all away. By the end it becomes very clear that, rather than interesting plot or characters, they were hoping to simply sell the audience some pretty colours and fan-service and hope no-one noticed the bait-and-switch.

If you go into this series with that in mind, you may actually enjoy it. If, as I was, you are expecting something more from it, then I seriously suggest looking someplace else.
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01 May, 2014
Both series are set within a MMORPG game. The gamers become trapped inside the virtual world and have to learn to adapt to survive. In Log Horizon, the story is more focused on the characters and how they adapt psychologically to their new environment, rather than on the adventures they have or on the game itself. I found, in Log Horizon's case, it was more interesting how the MMORPG was worked into the shounen genre. Sword Art Online feels as though it's just a shounen anime in which the MMORPG is a setting. Whereas in Log Horizon, the world the characters are living in plays an important role in their development, and in the development of the story.

27 Dec, 2013
Both have action scenes and value team work, though in Fairy Tail, team work is of more importance. They both have guilds and characters with powers, and only a slight bit of romance. The major difference between them is that Sword Art Online is set in a virtual world while Fairy Tail is set in a medieval world.


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purefault 13 Oct, 2015
Not that it matters, but the more I think about it this series, the less I like it - even the first arc. I mean, it was fun and entertaining, but the character development was rather poor, most of the secondary characters weren't developed at all, Kirito was always OP regardless of the fact that his progression was never really shown, I never understood why anyone would have been attracted to his character (he's a rather cliche character), the whole sub arc with the "child" character felt unbelievable, etc... and then of course, the change of tone, setting, and quality ruined the rest of the season. What happened?

I had thought about reading the light novel to see if maybe the source material was better, but after the whole "2 years of semen" line quote, I think I'll pass. The whole story is just poorly written,and the popularity of this show goes to show how easily many people are swept by shallow "feels". Bleh.
purefault 06 Jun, 2015
@kirtil I pretty much agree. There were a lot of flaws with the first half of this season, but at least it was believable and enjoyable... but the second half felt just pathetically done.
kirtil 20 Jan, 2015
@Random chan and I hear good things about log horizon second season too. I am kinda rolling willpower to wait for the season to be completed before I start watching but there is still around 10 episodes to go so will most likely fail at some point haha.
Random chan 20 Jan, 2015
@kirtil I second log horizon :D~
kirtil 20 Jan, 2015
@dran said it perfectly in his review; "The series as a whole is something of a disappointment".
Personally I would have gone ahead and said major instead of something of a but nm.

This anime is like 2 separate animes merged into one. from episode 1 to 15 you are presented a gem of an anime; it was good, fun, had nice premise and story with entertaining characters. Then it's like adolescents raided the studio and took over everything. From there on it's thinly veiled mental masturbation material; be it ero/ecchi material, laughable main villain or the over the top "I win" moments from the hero. And your obligatory resolution episode at the end.

I rated it 3 but I don't consider this a keeper. I would have rated it 4-5 if they kept up the first part of the anime whole the way. And if I knew this was 2 different animes put together then I son't think I would hve watched it. second part is that bad.

If you are looking for a good anime in line of .hack then I would suggest you give log horizon a try.
forestmaiden71 21 May, 2014
I feel like this show was super good and addicting up until the 2nd story arch...then it changed the whole tone and felt more like fan service than the great show I was enjoying...
mimiko 03 Jan, 2014
@cfaust I agree. I really like the concept and it has it's moments I enjoy. Even so, I somehow couldn't put my finger why I didn't enjoy it as much as everyone else. Maybe it is because of the characters....
cfaust 20 Oct, 2013
I liked the basic idea of the story and it was somehow interesting, but... the characters were so unbelievable and there were so many moments I just rolled my eyes because it was so ridiculous..