ESC to close 4.33 (by 2849 users)eungdaphara 1997 응답하라 1997
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized eungdaphara 1997
english Reply 1997
literal Answer To 1997
aka answer me 1997


genres comedy, romance, friendship, music, youth


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 24 Jul, 2012 - 18 Sep, 2012
episodes 16
duration 50 minutes
air day Tuesday
at 23:10
status released


avg. score 4.33 of 5 by 2849 users
total users 4229
rating 12326
favorites 612


eungdaphara 1994
2013 TV kr
eungdaphara 1988
2015 TV kr


April 2012, Seoul: The Kwang An High School class of 1997 celebrates its Alumni Reunion in a chic bar. Part of the class are Seong Si Won, who is now a rookie scriptwriter, and her childhood friend Yun Yun Je. Meeting their classmates and closest friends again, Yun Je and Si Won take the viewer along to the past, recalling their days of youth. The journey starts in their second year of high school: Si Won is completely smitten by her favourite boyband H.O.T while her best friend Yun Je has to confront his growing feelings towards the very energetic and straightforward girl. Meanwhile, their friends Jun Hui, Seong Jae, Hak Chan and Yu Jeong are also facing the challenge of growing up, loving someone and taking responsibility for their own actions.




Seong Si Won
Yun Yun Je
Do Hak Chan
Gang Jun Hui
Bang Seong Jae
Mo Yu Jeong




16 Nov, 2013
The bittersweet taste of memories, one of the best dramas I've watched.

Everyone was talking about this, so I watched it. I have to say I was not into the drama like it happened for others, but I keep on watching because there is something that make you say "gosh, this drama is addiction."

It was 'very good' but I give masterpiece because of the meaning it leaves behind.

Good acting, good plot, a very simple story.

But full of meaning.

The everyday life of normal high school friends. Every character is different, with their story. I enjoyed that the drama they put into the story can be easily overcome, but never without thinking about what left us.

So Si Won's sister's story makes you sad but not so much. It is important because it makes you understand what does it means to live everyday without knowing what can happen next.

Si Won interest in H.O.T and Kpop makes you realize how important music is but also how stupid and sweet is to be focused only in something very far from you.

I liked that she was a proud fan till the end, but fan of HOT because of Tony, or fan of HOT because of the memories of her high school days?

This drama makes you understand the important things of life.

The love of your parents and family, the love of your friends, of your lover.

I really loved this. Not a great story, but a great meaning.

In 1997 I was only 3 years old, but I miss that years, they were happy not only for me but for all teens, I guess.

I think I would be a different person if my high school years were in 90s.

Through this drama I could feel the bittersweet taste of memories of something you lost forever.

I think it was a masterpiece for this.

"You'll never get back what is in the past." that's the meaning of all.

Loved this drama. Even though is basically a romantic one, last words were not focused on love but on the past.

"That nostalgic time that was passionate and innocent.

Can your hear it?

If you hear it,

reply, my 90s."
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08 Jan, 2013
This was one of the best dramas I had ever seen in my entire life!!

What really got me was the humor they placed in the drama. It was always so funny and what added to the humor was the Busan accent and the actors/actresses' amazing ability to portray their character really well!!

I loved the fact that the drama was the perfect length. Not too long not too short. Usually dramas never get it right.

I FREAKING LOVED THE PLOT IDEA!! Keeping the audience hooked and wondering "Who's her husband!!" was a good thing. I loved how they added the meetup so to keep the mystery alive and always wonder who is it!

To be honest I have no complaints. I loved the drama. I will always love the drama and no doubt I am going to rewatch it.

My favourite character was Yoon Yoon Jae. Maybe I'm just being bias because I started watching the drama because Seo In Guk was in it (and also because I kept hearing good feedback about it) but I was so shocked at how good at acting he was :3 thoroughly impressed. He was so natural (and good looking :) heehee)
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15 Aug, 2018
Both stories are about childhood friends who spend their lives together and go through the good and bad times. After years, they start feeling something more than friendship towards one another.
Both have a guy who is in love with his best friend, but she is totally oblivious to his feelings. If you enjoyed In Time With You, you will enjoy Reply 1997!


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missiealice 11 Nov, 2018
Eu não achei uma obra prima não, mas respeito.
keepingbreath 29 Jul, 2018
The best of Reply series.
akanekensei 04 Sep, 2017
I rewatched the whole drama recently and one thing I didn't like stood out to me:

When he breaks into her apartment, although she clearly stated that he is not welcome and she doesn't want to see him.
Who cares that they're dating and that they've known each other all their lives. She did not consent to having him in her apartment and in fact did every possible thing apart from calling the cops on him to make him go away. It was way out of line.
It annoyed me because the drama painted his behavior as acceptable and endearing, while in fact it's not acceptable. It's creepy and she had every right to say no.
It plays into that horrible trope that when a woman says no it's just because she plays hard to get and a man should "try harder".
arashinomirai 08 Jul, 2017
I loved everything about this drama,
even the time skip.

The characters were funny, relatable and I loved the main couple.
Also, the drama is now on Netflix, always a plus.

The only thing I didn't like was
Shiwon and Taewoon dating, I get that they were childhood friends, but he was till her school teacher for a while and she was underage during the entirety of the relationship. Just a big no no for me

But still, that din't ruined the drama for me and it made the main couple's relationship all the more compelling (Also I always cry on Yoon Jae's first confession)

Having Eun Jiwon from SechsKies made all the jokes so meta, it was hilarious!

5/5 It was amazing!
kirtil 20 Dec, 2016
I had this all planned; I was going to show this to my friends and this was going to be our xmas drama.
My friends and I all lived thru these times. We were not in korea, but we also saw the walkmans, the birth of cd players and many other things shown in this drama. I was expecting a lot of immersion, and a lot of pauses where we all chip in and tell our stories too.

But my friends are not asian stuff fans, in fact; they usually don't like most of the things I show them so now I have to be very picky in what I recommend (read as: force them to sit and watch until they run or get immersed and want to continue).
So in the spirit of being prepared I decided to check the quality of my source. What! The subs don't match?. wow good catch. ok check for better subs. and see if they sync. ok let's make sure if the next episode syncs too....

And here I am. Having binge watched the whole series. It was that good.
alex3 08 Aug, 2016
I really liked it until
the time skip.

The main heroine was really getting on my nerves, but it didn't ruin the drama for me.
beeesseoul 20 Jun, 2016
Always unconditional love <33333333333
The best of Reply still for me.
sunlary 06 Jun, 2016
Realmente muito bom mas não o melhor da série Reply