ESC to close 3.71 (by 182 users)teuksusageonjeondamban ten 2 특수사건전담반 텐2
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized teuksusageonjeondamban ten 2
english Special Crimes Force TEN 2
literal Special Affairs Team TEN 2
aka 특수사건전담반 TEN 2


genres action, crime


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network OCN


date 14 Apr, 2013 - 30 Jun, 2013
episodes 12
duration 60 minutes
air day Sunday
at 23:00
status released


avg. score 3.71 of 5 by 182 users
total users 389
rating 675
favorites 7


teuksusageonjeondamban ten
2011 TV kr


Special Affairs Team TEN continue to work as usually, even when they lose their effort and struggle from fear and rage.




Park Min Ho
Baek Do Sik
Nam Ye Ri
Yeo Ji Hun
Seo Yu Rim
Jeong U Sik




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bluediamonds 01 Jul, 2015
Although season two wasn't as good as the first one, in the end it really caught me off guard and saved it.
I was planning on rating it with 4 stars but it really made me change my mind.

If you guys like crime series it's worth watching it. It's a good one. I recommend it.

Also the ending was very questionable, is there gonna be a third season somewhere in the near future..?
I really hope yes but I kinda doubt it.. :/
lapis 19 Jan, 2015
I just finished watching both seasons back-to-back for the first time, so the spoilers below are mostly my chaotic ramblings after having finished the second season finale. My head's still swimming, so I just need an outlet for my jumbled thoughts.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Okay, breathe. First off, I refuse to believe they're really parting ways forever. I don't care if there's never a third season to prove it, in my head they'll be a team forever. They're going to get back together quickly and work together nicely and everything's going to be fine and dandy for the rest of their existence. They'll be a happy team, doggone it!

Next off, Min Hooooo! Poor guy! sob So did they manage to reattach his finger? It looked like there was a bit of finger sticking out over the top of the bandage at the end, so surely they would've done a better job of hiding it if it's meant to be gone. I was so worried when his finger got cut off because that makes it almost impossible for the character to come back if there's another season, since obviously the actor didn't really lose a finger. I like the character, I don't want him written out of the show!

And ahfadhfahf, what an emotional roller coaster! At first I refused to believe he was dead, but then as things progressed it really looked like he was, and coupled with that missing finger... sniff I actually thought they'd killed him off. :( So relieved they didn't!

Now that last scene! Who was that?! Could it have been the real F killer? Makes sense that the real F killings stopped for those seven/eight years if the true killer was locked up for unrelated charges. And if that's who it is, whoa! So much potential for the third season, if there is one! Definitely looks like they were setting up for one, at least.

Whew! Okay, calmer now. Moving on to general things, I honestly didn't notice much difference in quality between the first season and the second. As a whole, the show's a pretty good crime procedural that usually managed to have a few twists in each case that I genuinely couldn't predict. They also often made the murderers seem at least sort of sympathetic, instead of just evil. Their reasons were... sadder, I guess, than I usually see in these sorts of shows.

I'd like to see a third season made of this drama, especially since, ah, they seem to've left room for one, but I'm afraid to hold my breath on that.
d0npian0 22 Jan, 2014
I also don't think that it was as good as season one... but it was still pretty good as a detective drama.
vanityfull 08 Dec, 2013
LOVED IT! One of the most underrated series of the year - that's for sure.

Poor Minho tho ><

I think second season did really well, the storyline became more personal...Waiting for 3rd season!
zaharisa 10 Oct, 2013
The first 2 episodes were such a mess.. OMG.. but I still like the drama.. a bit.

Edit: Nope. Couldn't take it and dropped it.
aquariia 20 Jul, 2013
I enjoyed this series as much as the first one.
dramahloic 05 Jul, 2013
Sadly, the S2 is a big disappointment....The 1st season was so much better (IT WAS AWESOME IMO & IT KEPT ME EXCITED FOR THIS SEASON).
They should had kept the same events progress from the pervious season and not this mess. :/
alleinr 05 Jul, 2013
Last two episodes were very good, but still season has too many flaws.