ESC to close 3.01 (by 433 users)cheon beonjjae namja 천 번째 남자
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized cheon beonjjae namja
english The Thousandth Man (literal)
aka The One Thousandth Man

Based On

based on folklore


genres romance, supernatural, fantasy


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 17 Aug, 2012 - 12 Oct, 2012
episodes 8
duration 70 minutes
air day Friday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.01 of 5 by 433 users
total users 921
rating 1302
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In order to become human, a gumiho (nine tailed fox) tries to eat the liver of her 1000th man, but finds that her victim may truly love her.




Gu Mi Jin
Kim Eung Seok
Gu Mi Seon
Gu Mi Mo
Park Jeong Hak
Seo Gyeong Seok




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22 Oct, 2012
In the wake of Korea's gumiho craze, The Thousandth Man is a pleasant and regretfully short take on the mythical creature. Going back to traditional lore, the drama focuses on a gumiho's trial to become human by consuming the livers of a thousand men. The struggle for our main character arises when she decides to only eat the livers of men who truly love her. Unfortunately, that decision has left her with few options in modern times and only a few months left to live.

Our hero, unknowing of her real and magical situation, empathizes with her impending death. This dynamic is treated humorously, and because this is a mini drama the reality of it is forced down and tenderly layered under the humor. Much too quickly, it is raised up again as the levity of Mi-Jin's situation finally creeps up on her. It made me wish for more episodes, but somehow the brevity made sure this drama was packed with good moments.

Overall, the acting and writing of this drama was superb. By switching seamlessly between typically comedic overacting and realistically serious or playful moments, The Thousandth Man remained short and sweet. Although, viewers might be disappointed with the sudden ending, the impact of every one of these character's lives will leave a lasting imprint.
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Both are a good story about a gumiho who falls in love with a human guy.


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stabinsavvi 14 May, 2014
This was pretty interesting but the end had me wishing there was a little more... It leaves questions and not about the Gumiho Mi-Jin. But I found it to be a nice watch. I liked it. Not too much of that whole drama thing they have going on now where 2 girls are fighting for one guy till the last episode. It's a nice change from that. Definitely worth a one time watch.
neo9000 26 Aug, 2013
Watched Ep1 cause I loved 'My girlfriend is a gumiho' but this one seems to be more like a horrible parody of it... dropped.
michikohime 23 Aug, 2013
Hyomin in both gumiho drama? Weird.
5wla 12 Jun, 2013
bad and boring ,, just don't watch it =.= ,, I hated the concept
fuuko 06 Jun, 2013
If you have nothing to do and are very boring, since it's only 8 episodes, have a look, but if you don't have much time, better not waste time.
thefreak 18 Mar, 2013
Boring, plain, predictable and no chemistry between the leads
I quite liked the interaction between Eung Seok and Gyeong Seok and between the Chairman and Secretary Park (although he was really creepy sometimes!)

The topic of becoming, or better BEING, human was quite well developed in my opinion but the rest was just really chaotic. I still don't understand why they had to become human!? Why are there even Gumihos when the only goal they have in life is to eat 1000 livers and become human? They don't do anything good for nature or mankind what's the point? They even age when they're a Gumiho....
poulminjae 20 Jan, 2013
I loved this drama... :) And I liked Hyomin... some ppl say that she is bad, but actually I like her acting :)
eunhye 18 Nov, 2012
Hyo Min is one of the most annoying and talentless actress I've ever seen.
p.s. Cheon Hee, why u always films dramas with the actresses I hate and can't stand watch?