ESC to close 3.11 (by 109 users)iki mo dekinai natsu
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized iki mo dekinai natsu
english Breathless Summer


genres drama, family, food


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 10 Jul, 2012 - 18 Sep, 2012
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Tuesday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.11 of 5 by 109 users
total users 221
rating 339
favorites 2



Tanizaki Rei makes the shocking and unusal discovery that her name isn't in the family registry, meaning her citizenship is nonexistent. In her quest to assert her rightful place in the country she was born, Rei gains the help of former reporter Kiyama Ryuuichirou, a man whose life was forever altered by a past accident. While Ryuuichirou is forced to reflect on his past and learn how to live again, Rei will have to face the harsh truth behind her birth.


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Tanizaki Rei
Kiyama Ryuuichirou
Kusano Kouta
Tanizaki Youko
Ayukawa Hiroki
Tanizaki Kaori




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sayitaintsojoe 13 Feb, 2015
I dropped it, but later I picked it back up. I wish I hadn't. It wasn't that great.
rochan 04 Oct, 2012
@susan You're so damn right. Totally agree with your comment.
mizuxmizu 29 Sep, 2012
I liked this drama too.
But I agree with the middle part and the ending, well..
beautifur 20 Sep, 2012
I'm probably the only one but yeah, I liked this drama.
But I agree with @aquariia the middle part was a bit too much and the ending could've been better.

Kaname Jun is flawless though, I love him.
aquariia 20 Sep, 2012
I've said before I'm not bored but unfortunatelly the more I watched the worse it become.
Summing up, good idea, decent beginning, WTF middle part, boring ending.
aquariia 02 Sep, 2012
I both love and hate this drama.
I love the relationship between Tanizaki and Kiyama but I hate the way the story developed. Everything become so overdramatic.
Youko stabbing father, Rei's and Youko's job problems, Ayukawa's illines, the second daughter bullying, jelous woman, unfavour magazine article, the whole story of Kusano. What's next? Earthquake? Sucide? This story became unreal.

I'm not bored during the drama (well at least most of time) but I'm having a lot of WTF moments.
raspberrychips 02 Sep, 2012
I'm infinitely bored with this drama. Dropped after episode 6.
susan 09 Aug, 2012
This drama started out really well, but now (episode 5) I'm getting annoyed at how generalized and shallow this series and its characters are. Japan has a habit of painting in incredibly broad strokes but I was hoping somehow this would be different, even though subplots were clearly readying themselves from episode 1 to undermine the otherwise great story.

Also, Kimura Yoshino's terrible overacting this time is incredibly irritating. And she's usually such a bright spot in dramas and movies! I also think Takei Emi is great in general, but there's a limit to how much impulsive behaviour, naivete, and poor decision making that I can tolerate in a character. Am I supposed to just accept that her only redeeming qualities are that she's pretty, she's gentle, and she loves apple pie? Don't even get me started on the sexism throughout. Again, that's just Japan for you.

This show just lacks a semblance of reality and has far too much melodrama for its slow-moving plot. I know, I know. That's just "dorama" for you. But with such a wonderful start I'm disappointed by the way things are developing.

I have to admit that I was hoping for something more slice-of-life, something more of a human drama that actually reveals the characters over time. Not a blatant melodrama with no shock value whatsoever. This series does nothing but do EXACTLY what you'd expect at every turn;
A jealous coworker undermines the main character, a new friend conceals a betrayal (there's even TWO of these), and a misunderstanding leads to a jealous lover going on the attack. Oh, and the main character sabotages her future at every possible chance. Am I to believe that a young woman apparently driven to become a professional patisserie, even despite her young age, is this grossly incompetent in her personal life? "you seem like a nice person! Let's be friends!" No one in the world is that trusting. How does such a paranoid, mentally unstable mother raise such a naive daughter anyway? Her step-father died when she was FOUR. There's no way he had enough time to influence her personality. And are they trying to tell me that a woman with a history of poor judgement and instability has never had a relapse in the past fourteen years? Bull.

Why, show, must you draw me in with awesome, only to slap me in the face with BAAAAAAAAAAAAD writing?