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  • 2012
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized sprout
aka supurauto

Based On

based on manga
title sprout
author Nanba Atsuko (南波あつこ)


genres romance, school, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network NTV (Nippon TV, 日本テレビ)


date 08 Jul, 2012 - 30 Sep, 2012
episodes 12
duration 30 minutes
air day Sunday
at 00:50 - 01:20
status released


avg. score 3.1 of 5 by 639 users
total users 1166
rating 1979
favorites 11



One day in school Miku isn't feeling well and therefore has to sit down on the stairs, there seems to be no one who could help her, but suddenly someone gives her his hand and carries her to the nursery room. The moment their hands touch, she falls in love but because of her condition can't clearly see that person's face. Sometime later, Miku's parents decide to rent some of their empty rooms. One of her new flatmates is Souhei, who is at the same school as Miku is. Miku isn't very amazed about this new situation but slowly grows accustomed to it.




Narahashi Souhei
Ozawa Miyuki
Ikenouchi Miku
Katagiri Hayato
Taniyama Kiyoka
Hayase Haruka




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16 Jan, 2013
Miku met her destined person only once at school. He offered her help to get up when she felt bad and brought her to the schools nurse. Because she was so sick, she didn't see his face, but she remembers his warm hand... While looking for her destined person, her house gets turned upside down. Her father stops to work and to get money, they make their home into a boarding house. And this is where Souhei comes in. His parents divorced and since the house is close to school, he starts to live there with two students. At first Miku dislikes her life in a boarding house, but soon she gets to grab his hand and thinks she found her destined person...

The story is your lovely everyday shojo manga romance. Ordinary girl, school and lots of love-triangles...octons...or something like that...

Everybody likes everyone, but not at the right time. It's not exciting or anything, but I felt like that makes it so special. It also excluded your everyday drama. There are no evil witches who trick the guy into a kiss while the main girl is watching. Basically, this drama is only the story of a high school girl falling in love. And even though it sounds boring, I enjoyed watching it. No dramatic twists, just everyday life. It's good in-between some more dramatic movies and series.

What I liked most is that the main girl is 100% your everyday japanese girl. She is cute, afraid of being an outcast, falls in and out of love without shedding endless tears and she's not too beautiful or overdressed. I liked her, once I realized that she wasn't the beauty you normally get to see as an main actress.

So, after all this praising, why is it only 2 stars? The acting is bad, the script as well. Watching this sometimes made me feel seasick. The story itself is only good if you haven't watched a lot of other cheesy romance stories recently - it depends on your timing. The story is so simple, it could fit into one movie.

Even though I liked it, I have to admit it's not worth more than two stars. Similar to the chinese drama "My Prince", I really enjoyed it, but I guess that's only me.

Recommended to all the Johnnys fans out there (Two main boys from Johnnys, three side characters from Johnnys... What else do you wish for?) and to those who miss watching a simple high school love story that makes you feel warm and cozy without adding too much drama.
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02 Sep, 2012
Both are a kind of indie drama with soft pastel shades and a short duration of episodes. Kingyo Club and Sprout are about susceptible teenagers, a sophisticated view of the world, and first love.


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whitedestiny 04 Jan, 2014
I was thinking may be it will be different but it was predictable. I didn't like the ending AT ALL.
kyouki 30 Dec, 2013
Why is this so overrated on various sites? Maybe this show is good for young teenagers, but MAN they overreact over such small things! I found this very slow pace, the acting not so good, but well, the music was good! It's purpose is to be cute and "first love" experience, but it doesn't work that well for me. But well, it's short!
thekoikoi 14 Sep, 2013
1st episode and yeah, this is different from the manga...
In the manga Miku ends up with Souhei, WHO THE FUCK IS THIS HAYATO?! I'm so lost ugh...
Guess I started, I have to end it.
limenora 21 Jun, 2013's an average drama for me.
I tought there will be a twist, or something, and Miku ends up with Hayato. This was it's really predictable.
nehaahmed 21 Jun, 2013
About halfway through this drama, I accidentally read a spoiler that the couple I was rooting for wasn't going to end up together. I thought, oh no, this means a lot of annoying moments and unnecessary drama is coming, and considered dropping it. However, since this drama is so short, I thought I might as well finish it, and I am very glad that I did.

This blew my expectations. It did not become annoying at all. Rather, the surprising maturity of the side characters and the breakups really made this drama something special. I love that there is no annoying side character that the show makes you hate. It shows that breakups, while always painful, do not always turn people into monsters.

The main character, in my opinion, was very realistic and I love that. Miku is not the typical "perfect heroine" that we see so often. She is a teenage girl who gets annoyed easily but deep down has a good heart. She does not know much about love, but she is true to her feelings. We get to watch her mature through the drama as she interacts with and learns from each of the other characters. It's something truly special.

I really liked the pacing too; nothing seemed too sudden or anything.

Overall, 5/5. I'd definitely recommend it to people who like to watch cute puppy love are tired of that annoying character in almost every drama that the show makes you hate. Very cute drama.
liza 05 Jun, 2013
really awesome i really liked theme song ^^ <3
liebert 21 May, 2013
Dumb love, but beautiful. At least it has a very happy ending. Pretty much predictable :)
sireriin 28 Apr, 2013
This drama was very good!!

Only I didn't liked the ending, I liked Hayato-kun more than Souhei-kun... T_T