ESC to close 3.28 (by 356 users)yi qi lai kan liu xing yu 一起來看流星雨
  • 2009
  • TV
  • China

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romanized yi qi lai kan liu xing yu
english Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower (literal)
aka yat hei loi hon lau sing yue, 一起来看流星雨

Based On

based on manga
title hana yori dango
author Kamio Youko (神尾葉子)


genres comedy, romance


language Mandarin


country China
type real
format TV
network *Hunan TV


date 08 Aug, 2009 - 29 Aug, 2009
episodes 36
duration 40 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.28 of 5 by 356 users
total users 742
rating 1166
favorites 9


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Chu Yu Xun is a hardworking girl from a modest family who is excited to find that she has been accepted to the prestigious Alistun University... until she meets the school's rebellious H4, a group of the richest, most powerful, and most good looking boys of the school. Through struggles, they overcome their differences and out unfold stories of friendship and love.


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Mu Rong Yun Hai
Chu Yu Xun
Ye Shuo
Shang Guan Rui Qian
Duan Mu Lei
Mu Rong Zhong Shi


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newdramafan 11 Jan, 2016
Not's kinda draggy at times though. I wasn't completely satisfied with the ending so I'm going to try to watch season 2. I'm not sure if I can watch 36 more though...
forestmaiden71 25 Oct, 2011
So, I know I'm not that far in...but they seem to have mastered the whole "l love you" then "I hate you" thing. It's fun to watch, and the changes are interesting. It's always fun to see what things the different versions have in common and how they change small things as well. Oh, and as a fun note - I think the main chick's friend (Lili) totally reminds me of Moaning Murtle from the Harry Potter movies. :P
berrytm 06 Aug, 2011
Yeah, I guess I knda loved it at first, but the bad thing was, I have Chinese TV, and I watched it on that channel. Guess what? It replayed SOOO MUCH! Everytime I thought OMG I wonder what the next chinese drama is gonna play *plays* ITS BOF CHINESE VERSION. =.=|| It's actually still replaying it at the moment, not as often, but omg, I've grown tired of it T__T
Okay, I'm not saying it's bad, I kinda forgot what my impression was on it, after I watched it the first time, but I don't think it was bad ^^
kematic 24 Jun, 2011
This version is nice because it goes more into the others lives, it doesn't only focus on the main couple :) All the other couples are adorable~

X) this version's so stupid but it's so cute!

it's more unique in comparison with the other versions
anji 05 Apr, 2011
I watched all hana yori dango version.. I love all the chinese was looooong but cute and funny I really enjoyed!
in the middle it became a little bit lame 3-4 eps but not for long ^^
its a must watch for all hana yori dango fans ♥
thefreak 21 Mar, 2011
First episode, first impression:
Voices like The Smurfs and Chipmunks (they all sound like they're being synchronized~~), and a somewhat professional swimmer again....
And what's with Mu Lei fainting while seeing blood?! Ô.o Rui has to be flawless! >_<

Have to get used to the new character traits^^°
bolfri 15 Sep, 2010
Before making a bad review, try consider is you would like to watch once again that same dialogues or situations. This drama was different than the others, but have special climate. Everyone, who have liked "Hana Yori Dango" or "Meteor Garden" have to watch this. I loved it. ^^

The most fantastic thing is that the "rich-man" is just rich and handsome. And they show us, how he fall in love. This was hist first time and they can prove us. =)

In one word: Zajebiste ^^ [polish: mega-cool]
hikari321 18 Jul, 2010
when is season 2 coming > I think that the main char cried too much like a baby but i liked this drama but not as much as hyd lol
oh and the ending was just a bit.. blah on this XD