ESC to close 3.72 (by 271 users)ima, ai ni yukimasu
  • 2005
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized ima, ai ni yukimasu
english Be With You
literal Now, I'm Coming To See You
aka I'm Coming to See You Now

Based On

based on book
title ima, ai ni yukimasu
author Ichikawa Takuji (市川拓司)


genres drama, family, life, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 03 Jul, 2005 - 18 Sep, 2005
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Sunday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.72 of 5 by 271 users
total users 564
rating 1007
favorites 17


ima, ai ni yukimasu
2004 film jp
same setting
jigeum mannareo gapnida
2018 film kr
same setting


Before Mio dies, she draws her son a book. In it, she promises him to come back during the rainy season six years after her death, to spend some time with him. He was waiting eagerly and when the rainy season finally arrives, she really appears! She doesn't remember where she is from, who she is or where she is. She also doesn't recognize her own son. But the tiny boy is sure that it's his mother and brings her home. Takumi on the other side, doesn't know why there is another person who looks like his dead wife and tries to think everything through, while he takes care of both of them.




Aio Mio
Aio Takumi
Aio Yuuji
Miura Saori
Kikuchi Shunsuke
Aio Mio (young)


original creator


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Based on a book by the same author, the stories have a very similar feeling. Both of them are very touching and show a soft love.

14 Jan, 2014
Both dramas are set in the countryside. They both have supernatural elements and a great mystery.


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hidde 04 Jun, 2011
As beautiful as the movie. :')
honey 19 Mar, 2011
A rather surreal drama which sometimes makes you feel like it's slow paced. But because it's surreal, I feel like it drew me in even more. I love the passion Hiroki has as a father, how cute his son is and how they act out the relationship between those two and the re-appearing mother... I espeically like the ending, because I was always wondering about the title and in the end, it all made sense. It was just such a beautiful idea for the ending! And I was pretty much surprised. Normally I foresee the ending, but this one just caught me off guard.

For me it's a very unique and beautiful drama. If you watched the movie "Tada, kimi wo aishiteru" and liked it, you probably might also like this one. If you didn't like the movie (like me), you should also give this one a chance because it's the same style when it comes to relationship and fantasy, but is a better story. And if you like fantasy, dramatic and cute family-stories you should also watch this one. =))
miinu 25 Oct, 2010
I read both, the novel and the manga... They were okay, I really enjoyed them. But... The drama up now it's makin me bored... I guess I'll put this on-hold XD 'Cause after all, I'd like to watch it... But I need a lot of patience...
d0npian0 05 Oct, 2010
Maybe I'm slow but the ending really surprised me. I love twists even if they are unrealistic, so for that alone I love the drama.
What I think makes it special though is how beautiful it is. The storyline is maybe a little slow-paced but heart-warming and the scenery is awesome. It maybe helps that I love rain and in the drama the point actually is that it rains all the time.
manny 02 Oct, 2010
i don't think this drama is boring...sure, there isn't much happening...and it's obvious from the beginning what's gonna happen at the end...but i love the way the relationship is described...this is a sad, beautiful and unrealistic story at the same time...and i love it...:)
flcl 22 Jul, 2010
This was a huge disappointment. It just is absurdly boring...

- Best thing about this show was Namase Katsuhisa's role n_____n

Anyway, every episode was epicly boring, music made them even more boring. This also was _very_ unrealistic, many scenes were out of this world, no one would really act/say those things in real life or cry that much over silly things ETC. Plus the main plot, it was unrealistic which was a huge disappointment.

Acting was partly good especially when it was more realistic, Namase Katsuhisa's role was very natural, like his roles tend to be being such a good actor. Applauds to him for making this drama worth 2 stars instead of 1. It was a pleasure to see him act once again after such a long time. Narimiya Hiroki also did decent job in his role but it was mistake for him to act in drama like this.

This drama is just very unnatural and it seemed like the acting was really forced and of course it would because they tried to imitate romanticism.(I think...) I also got very confused because of the ending, and I'm not sure if I understood it but it may be my fault.

I wouldn't want to make others suffer as much as I did watching this so this time I won't be recommendating this to anyone.
akatsukiwings 20 May, 2010
I loved this drama. I cried during it...i really liked the scenery XD
bakaichi 19 May, 2010
Beautiful story and Hiroki is a very good actor.
This drama made me cry a lot.