ESC to close 3.72 (by 1217 users)pasta 파스타
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized pasta


genres food, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 04 Jan, 2010 - 09 Mar, 2010
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.72 of 5 by 1217 users
total users 2172
rating 4531
favorites 89



Seo Yu Gyeong is an aspiring pasta chef who has worked as an assistant in the kitchen of La Sfera for three years. Upon her promotion to a chef, the head chef changes and she -- along with all the other female chefs -- find themselves fired by Choe Hyeon Uk. Unable to accept the fact that only the women were fired, Yu Gyeong convinces Hyeon Uk to rehire her. As they clash heads over everything, life becomes complicated in the kitchen and in their personal lives.


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Seo Yu Gyeong
Choe Hyeon Uk
O Se Yeong
Kim San
Han Sang Sik




06 Jan, 2014
This could almost be perfect. It's a great drama, and all the pasta is going to give you the urge to go to your favorite Italian restaurant.

That said, at first, I was kinda unsure about it, maybe because of the "poster" that made it look like a somewhat old and melodramatic that tries to be funny drama. But, after the first ep, I was already hooked and I could see it was not made as I thought it would.

Then again, for the first few episode, I was not sure if I could bare all the yelling. Understand me, I'm not talking about the usual complain non-dramawatchers : "it seems they're always angry and they're always yelling". There's actual yelling, a lot! It's a Italian kitchen, in South Korea, so yeah, I shoul have figure it out sooner.

Even though the characters might not as touching or as memorable as in other drama, I was really intrigued by all the great cliffhangers that inevitably ended each episode. In addition, I really really like both Alex Chu and Lee Sun-kyun, who did a great job. For a while, when I was walking around in the streets, I was even trying to copy the way Lee Sun-kyun embodies the Chef, he has a very particular way to walk, stand and move with this character. And also, I really liked the main actress and the one playing San's sister (even though I would have liked to see a bit more about her story). I could understand why Gong Hyo Jin is called the "romcom queen" or something like that. The only complain I got is about her character way of wanting to please everyone, all the time, always, even though some people are really really mean for no reason with her.

The love stories are all really interesting, even the smaller ones (but maybe not the one with Ho-nam and one of the Eonnies). The love "square" is alright even though you definitely know (as usual) how it's going to end up. Also, the "opponent" are not trying to sabotage badly the main couple, they're just trying to be the best they can be so that the one they love aknowledge them. It's refreshing.

The characters I would have thrown out are mostly the former La Sfera people, like that terrible CEO that comes back somehow and trolls the whole restaurant while Kim San does absolutely nothing about it. That was just stupid as hell. There's no way, even though he has been your sunbae, that you would keep someone like that around since he makes a point everytime to be a troublemaker. That was the weak stuff in this drama : the motive to keep this asshole. How can everyone forget so easily what he has done? I don't get it. I would never trust someone like that, even with a no-reponsability job. And, also, I don't care at all about the Eonnies, they're terribly useless. Apart from the Sous-Chef, all the other former chef are just mean, useless and always whining and whining and whining again. They are the main "rollercoaster" subject in this drama. And this I kinda hated. Because at one point, they seem to be at peace with the Chef, but it never last even though they aknowledge that he's in fact a great Chef that is trying to help them be better at their job.

Yes, sure, there's a part where all end up well. It's a romantic comedy, so it doesn't end badly! That said, I was kinda disappointed by the ending... That also the main reason why it doesn't get 5/5. Since there was so many great part in the drama, so many memorable scene and situation, I was longing for a ending that would be up to the standard of the whole thing. But the last scene, meh. They could have worked on a it a bit more.

Also, even though this drama can be considered to flirt with feminism at time (but don't get me wrong, it's korean feminism, so it's really really subtle), the ending is kinda dissapointing on that matter too. Seo Yu Kyeong, that everyone bossed around all the time stay the same bossed around Seo Yu Kyeong. They could have change it just a tiny tiny bit for us to see a strong (somewhat) female lead that is still cute at time. I feel like she's still, at the end, not deciding anything by herself.

Still, even if there was all those little part I somewhat disliked, it was a really great watch, really refreshing from what we're used to in the Korean drama world, mainly because the adversity doesn't come from inside the love square. It was cool to see genuine characters that have flaws but are not disproportionately cruel or mean to other.
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22 Sep, 2010
I heard a lot about this drama, but never wanted to start it cause I knew this was about the Chefs at an Italian restaurant and I already watched one drama like that. And Bambino! had too many boring moments and only MatsuJun made me finish that drama. But then a certain someone ^^ forced me to watch this :D

The story was really nice, it shows you the stressful and really interesting life of the Chefs at the Italian restaurant La Sfera. And although you saw the same kitchen and them cooking over and over again, it was always interesting. What made the kitched here so much fun were also the different teams, the Italian and the Korean. The kitched as a battlefield was really funny.

Most of the time the story played in the kitched, so that you didn't get to know a lot about the Chef's private lifes. Here I sometimes wished for some more information about the supporting characters.

But this way the main couple had all of my attention ^^ And they deserved it, cause they were such an adorable couple. I was glad that everything went so so well for this couple, no huge conflicts or any I'm going to study abroud for three years but when I come back our relationship won't change at lot stuff. It was also nice to see that the other girl and guy had no chance at all ^^ And there was finally the other girl who wasn't a stupid b... but a really nice person, who played fair.

Out of the characters I especially liked the Head Chef, cause I always loved how his personality changed when he was together with different persons or even when he was Head Chef or Hyeon Wook. And I didn't expect to like this character cause I disliked the actor (the drama Triple ruined every actor in it for me, horrible drama ><). Best quote: "You're fired!!" I loved this one so much, too bad it didn't appear in the second half :D

The female lead was also great, everytime she said "Chef" (or Chep hehe) it was sooo adorable. I loved it how she was really open to her feelings and not confessed like only in the last 2 eps ><

Ahh and if your looking for some eye candy, of course this drama has it :) All three members of 24/7 played the Italian team and made this even more enjoyable ^^

Overall this drama was a really peaceful one when a conflict appeared it was solved quickly, there was no evil antagonist who wanted to destroy the restaurant or stuff like that. Everything proceeded really smooth in this drama and perhaps that was a little bit too smooth for me, cause sometimes I felt something missing.
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16 Aug, 2010
Both dramas have to do with a determined person who wants to become the best Italian chef, and all the obstacles they face to make their dreams come true.


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michikohime 06 Jan, 2014
How in the world did that asshole CEO get a job back at La Sfera, played the troublemaker on the first day he returned and all the other day afterward, and stayed there for all that time without getting fired again? I HATE HIM SOOOOOO MUCH
somiboo 26 May, 2013
Finally finished it. I feel a great sense of accomplishment having done so. Its a cute story but it drags on and on and on. There is really not enough material for it to stretch out for all of 20 Episodes. There was just a lot of repetition, a lot of pointless conversations, and every episode (except for the last 2 which were my favorite) were exactly alike. Its hard to understand why Chef likes Seo Yu Gyeong aside from her determination, because aside from that she pretty much agrees with everything and everyone and always has a really dumb look on her face. There were lots of interesting characters, but the home-based cooks were all a-holes as were the girls who sided with them and they never really seemed to learn anything or get called out on their behaviors (that made things hard to watch). Still, it was cute and okay. Lee Seon Gyun has such an amazing voice and hands-down the best walk ever.
galeana 24 Feb, 2013
Well it was pretty good and I learned how to flip a pan (if you know what I mean) and cook spaghetti aglio olio.
poulminjae 06 Sep, 2012
It's a little bit strange for me, but from all handsome young guys from this drama I prefer Lee Seon Gyun... Like, he would be my father, but I think he is the most handsome and sexy men in this drama...
Everyone is getting crazy about No Min Woo... of course, he is sexy and so on, but I couldn't watch this drama just for him.
Anyway, I'm on 6th episode and I already love "Pasta" :) I probably will finish it soon because I just can't stop watching it !! <3
alexadm81 09 Aug, 2012
What I liked a lot at this drama is that it isn't only a cooking drama it has a bit of comedy also...It was really enjoyable and much better than Bambino!, so I think this is one of the best Korean dramas ever!!! And Lee Seon-gyun played so good the Chef's role, I liked the other characters too!
mikomi0e 11 Apr, 2012
lol, I'm at ep 6 right now and just recognized No Min U.
gerry 08 Feb, 2012
this drama was really good! and there was so much chemistry between the main characters. I enjoyed it a lot!
alexvonc 06 Feb, 2012
one of my favourite dramas!! i love italian food and the main character, so fresh~