ESC to close 3.72 (by 1217 users)pasta 파스타
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized pasta


genres food, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 04 Jan, 2010 - 09 Mar, 2010
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.72 of 5 by 1217 users
total users 2172
rating 4531
favorites 89



Seo Yu Gyeong is an aspiring pasta chef who has worked as an assistant in the kitchen of La Sfera for three years. Upon her promotion to a chef, the head chef changes and she -- along with all the other female chefs -- find themselves fired by Choe Hyeon Uk. Unable to accept the fact that only the women were fired, Yu Gyeong convinces Hyeon Uk to rehire her. As they clash heads over everything, life becomes complicated in the kitchen and in their personal lives.


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Seo Yu Gyeong
Choe Hyeon Uk
O Se Yeong
Kim San
Han Sang Sik




22 Jun, 2010
This drama starts funny, with a head chef, who likes the heroine and wants to date her on the one hand, but on the other hand fires her, because he is her new boss and has the policy to only have male assistants in the kitchen.

This drama was entertaining and nice to watch and not a tiny bit dramatic. And that's one of my main points of criticism. The way they got together (and how their relationship developed) didn't convince me of their love for each other, like other dramas did. It looked a bit random and like something, that could break apart at any random point as well. And I didn't like Yeo Yu Kyeong. She never got any of chef's jokes, was not even half supporting him like he was supporting her and she behaved like a 13-year-old shy girl with a ball of yarn in her mouth. Sometimes she even said smart things, but due to her character she gave me always the impression she was dull. I think the president would have been a better match, since he was a bit dull as well xD

But I looooved the chef. He is the coolest and toughest guy ever. You probably are surprised, since I detested Full House because of the yelling guy, but the chef isn't like him. He doesn't yell because of some sort of complex, but because he knows his place and wants his people to get something done. And he has a really sweet side. So most of the four stars go to Lee Seon Gyeon. He made this drama so enjoyable!
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16 Aug, 2010
Both dramas have to do with a determined person who wants to become the best Italian chef, and all the obstacles they face to make their dreams come true.


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hidde 09 Dec, 2011
Cute and funny! xD (just started watching).

Edit: I liked it. :)
It was fun to watch, no overmelodramatickoreandrama plots.
The romance was simple but nice.
Cute couple (and they laughed a lot, lol...too cute).
arielifeoma 03 Dec, 2011
I don't have anything against the other actors but did anyone else watch this just to get glimpses of Noh Min Woo?
seigiathrun 16 Nov, 2011
Amazing, was like all the typical dramas lately. Loved both the leads.
mushuto 07 Nov, 2011
Така, обещаха да го пуснат това по българската телевизия!! Дано го пуснат, ще го следя със интерес <3
krisikiko 24 Oct, 2011
Yeah, Chef ^^
I love this drama...
zaharisa 18 Jul, 2011
Почти нямам приятел, който да не ми е препоръчал тази драма...
А покрай една друга драма, в която я гледах наскоро- започнах лудо да симпатизирам и на актрисата, която отпреди това никак не харесвах... така че- време е за гледане! :))

Много готина драма- наслаждавах и се.

I enjoyed the drama! :))
Just like lustmord-san said- there was a lot of chemistry between the mains. :))
mariabagnale 17 Jul, 2011

Posso Farre =D[/quote]Yes so strange for me who I am italian !( but it's wrong in italian is "lo posso fare")
Everyone when speak in italian really have a odd accent but the bad one are not so much the koreans but the actors to acting like italians one, they are obviously not italian.
It's like a italian that don't speak english but acting like is so, you know the difference is really huge.
chikuma 28 Apr, 2011
I'm after the first ep and I have to say it's quite good as for now. I like Hyun Wook's shouting and "You... fired" XDD.