ESC to close 3.72 (by 1047 users)byeoreul ttadajwo 별을 따다줘
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized byeoreul ttadajwo
english Stars Falling From The Sky
literal Let The Stars Pick
aka pick the stars, give me the star, wish upon a star


genres comedy, drama, family, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 04 Jan, 2010 - 16 Mar, 2010
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 20:45 - 21:55
status released


avg. score 3.72 of 5 by 1047 users
total users 1721
rating 3892
favorites 55



Pal Gang was a typical woman in her twenties. More concerned with her looks and catching the eye of her crush of five years - Gang Ha - the last thing on her mind is family. Yet with the sudden death of her parents, Pal Gang finds herself responsible for her five younger siblings. A woman used to living in a fantasy suddenly has to face the harsh world and it all becomes harder when she becomes a live in maid at Gang Ha's house.


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Won Gang Ha
Jin Pal Gang
Won Jun Ha
Jeong Jae Yeong
Jin Ju Hwang
U Tae Gyu




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24 Jun, 2010
This was a very good drama. I got sucked in right from the second episode and then didn't want to stop. This drama really shows the ugly sides of humanity, and especially how low you can go for greed. There is also a story of strength and having to stand on your own two legs for the first time and to fight for survival.
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22 Jul, 2012
Both are about a young girl who suffers because of her family circumstances and has to become a housekeeper of a young, rich, and pretentious guy who likes to insult people. Later on the girl and the guy start relying on one other. That's of course before her lies are revealed to him and their relationship is threatened.

23 Jun, 2012
In both dramas the female lead has a crush, for over few years, on a guy who doesn't even know about her existence. The male lead in byeoreul ttadajwo is known as a heartless man, just like the male lead in jangnanseureon kiseu. When the female lead decides to give up on her crush, it happens that she's forced to move into his home. Though slowly the male lead falls for her, he decides to get married to another girl, who is loving and determined to marry him.


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cocci 16 Jan, 2014
I totally don't how I finished that, I didn't enjoyed it at all. I guess the kids are cute...
greyhippo 08 Dec, 2013
Loved it!
deformedchrist 26 Oct, 2013
I enjoyed every moment of this drama! so LOVELY and CUTE!
alex3 13 Sep, 2013
Honestly I'm also skipping some of scenes in this drama, but the whole family-romance thing is pretty good and fun to watch. X3 It's really heart-warming.
beeesseoul 22 May, 2013
Mostly a family drama rather than a romantic comedy. It was really cute. I wasn't annoyed by the kids and their acting was actually pretty good. The drama dealing with the antagonists get a bit annoying to be honest. However, the drama dealing with the family was actually heart-warming yet also heart-wrenching at times. I really liked this drama, I don't know, maybe because the plot was somewhat unique to what I had seen before. The leads were adorable in the end.
anji 14 Apr, 2013
well not the best drama but pretty good, it really worth to watch it ^^
galeana 16 Sep, 2012
The drama part is.....well I'm just skipping a lot of scenes there.
sha3o0ol 02 Aug, 2012
One of the best drama <3
The actors were great and the kids too, I loved the end so much.