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  • 2008
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized bloody monday

Based On

based on manga
title bloody monday
author Kiboyashi Shin (龍門諒), Megumi Kouji (恵広史)


genres action, crime, suspense


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 11 Oct, 2008 - 20 Dec, 2008
episodes 11
duration 58 minutes
air day Saturday
at 19:56 - 20:54
status released


avg. score 4.13 of 5 by 3019 users
total users 4749
rating 12455
favorites 561


bloody monday season 2
2010 TV jp


Takagi Fujimaru is an excellent hacker who is dragged by Japan's Public Safety Special Third unit into a struggle with dangerous terrorists who are trying to infect the world with a deadly virus. This virus has already deleted a whole city in Russia and is now set to destroy Tokyo.


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Takagi Fujimaru
Kanzaki Jun
Minami Kaoru
Takagi Haruka
Kujou Otoya
Orihara Maya




28 Feb, 2011
I started watching this because I love it when Narimiya Hiroki plays the bad guy, but seriously, this series had me glued.

The hacking plot created a total different atmosphere compared to most of the doramas I've watched until now; it gave a cool and awesome image to the IT world, but also to the main character (sometimes I forgot he was only 16, even when Miura Haruma's face is young and fresh). The virus plot started pretty strong and, even when it eventually faded away and started being just as a background thing, the series had a few twists that were completely unexpected or at least surprising to me. Also, I loved the different use of camera angles and the soundtrack.

Miura Haruma is outstanding here, especially compared to the rest of his works so far; his performance as the genius hacker Takagi Fujimaru does not disappoint. But the supporting cast could perfectly stand alongside him; Kichise Michiko was flawless as the sexy, manipulative and devious Orihara Maya. Narimiya Hiroki was awesome as the playful and trickster math genius J, and Matsushige Yutaka served well his role as the tough Kano.

The first episode was awesome and really made me want to check the rest of the dorama out; something I don't regret. It had me expectant until the end and it didn't disappoint me.
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22 Dec, 2010
Story: 4/5

Production: 4/5

Cast: 5/5


This was just thrilling to watch. Every second of every minute of it was worth watching !! ~ There was never a dull moment in this drama. The actors brought the characters to life so beautifully. Everything was detailed and precise leaving nothing simple and ordinary, but tactics that make you baffle. This is a definite must-watch drama :D

Can't wait to see what is in store for the second drama xD
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29 Jul, 2012
Both dramas talk about hackers, and in both the antagonists are always one step ahead of the protagonists.
Both dramas feature the conflict between those with special abilities. Spec vs. Spec in SPEC and Hackers vs. Hackers in Bloody Monday. If you like either drama, try this recommendation out.


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nimnz 09 Sep, 2013
When I watched the first episode I didn't think I'd love it this much!!

It's incredible! Falcon is just fabulous! I loved the idea of the animated flying falcon when Fujimaru starts hacking!
I also liked Kirishima so much, gosh he's just so charismatic! XD
Although J is the bad guy but I really like his character.

I hated K from the very beginning, even before they reveal her identity!
She's really disturbing! On the top of that, she seems totally clueless and dumb!
I thought K would be someone who is very important and charismatic, but it turned out to be just another idiot.. huh
jhem 20 Aug, 2013
every episode makes me puzzle, can't trust anybody................. if I were Falcon.... I guess so.
eunhye 21 Dec, 2012
Hardy completed it.
Emotionless. Boring. I had a feeling like great actors just don't want to act. It wasn't any interesting for me to find out about terrorists or about Fujimaru's father of about the virus. I was interested just in how much time left to the ending. It made me asleep every time I started new episode
dodi1d 12 Dec, 2012
i love this kind of dramas, Miura haruma did a great job :)
ralphina 20 Aug, 2012
Well done Japan!
lulukpop 15 Jul, 2012
liked the fast and smart plot of it and the actors were excellent, Miura Haruma and Narimiya Hiroki acting got my stuck on the screen from the first episode :D and tell you the truth I wasn't sure I was gonna like that kind of drama, but since I started it I wanted more and more :O
majorzero 02 May, 2012
Well, it was waste of my time, even horrible as hell sixth season of 24 was far superior than Bloody Monday.
lust4drama 02 Mar, 2012
does anyone know if this series will be licensed soon to be on dvd in north america?