ESC to close 3 (by 625 users)7 geup gongmuwon 7급 공무원
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized 7 geup gongmuwon
english 7th Grade Civil Servant (literal)
aka 7th level civil servant, level 7 civil servant, the secret lovers, secret agent war, my girlfriend is an agent, bimilnamnyeojeon, 비밀남녀전


genres action, comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 23 Jan, 2013 - 28 Mar, 2013
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3 of 5 by 625 users
total users 1283
rating 1878
favorites 5


7 geup gongmuwon
2009 film kr


Having crossed paths before and left a terrible impression on each other, Kim Seo Won and Han Gil Ro enter their first day of training for the National Intelligence Service with tempers raging. Neither yet has what it takes to truly serve their country, but as they train alongside their teammates, being taught the values of the patriots they cautiously aspire to be, the two begin to see each other in a new light. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances and the lies they're forced to tell as a result might ultimately keep them apart -- even as comrades.




Kim Seo Won
Han Gil Ro
Gong Do Ha
Kim Mi Rae
Jang Yeong Sun
Kim Won Seok




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05 Jan, 2015
7th Grade Civil Servant shows that you can have a great plotline handed to you, with fantastic actors and still manage to mess it up.

The show starts off fairly promising. You have the spy antics (complete with poking fun at common conventios), the idealistic youth and their tough-loving mentors and a mystery that seems intriguing. All complete with good comedy.

And then from there, things go downhill pretty fast. The spies are barely competent as adults, let alone as highly trained agents meant to protect the country. The problems go around in circle after circle after circle ad nauseum, and the conflicts take forever to set up and pay off. Characters change personalities multiple times in one episode. Frankly, it's all pretty head scratching.

The one saving grace is the acting. At some point, it seems even the actors realise how odd the show is and continue to give decent performances for what could easily have been dialed in. Ju Won in particular seems to have fun with it while nailing his character's (far and few) worthwhile moments.

Try it out during a dry spell, but leave any logic at the door.
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11 Mar, 2013
This was definitely not the follow-up for Ju Won that I was expecting. The drama itself was decent and light-hearted, but had a hard time evoking any emotion from me, whatsoever. I am not sure if it was meant to be a comedy, a romance, an action, etc... I am not sure the drama ITSELF even knew what it was supposed to be. On most accounts, it didn't fit neatly into any category. As for the actors, they did well enough. The chemistry between Choe Gang Hui and Ju Won was credible and the supporting cast did an excellent job interpreting and depicting their characters. I think what this drama lacked the most was a solid script and story line. It's disappointing to see such fine actors in a drama that does nothing to exhibit their true talents.
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Both series are cop dramas where the leads have met before and left a bad impression on each other.


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tamayatz 21 Feb, 2016
I think this drama has been a waste of time.
kyouki 26 Jun, 2014
The first 5 episodes were good and hilarious. I felt like it went downhill after that. Way too long scenes, which could have been avoided and way to short scenes of some of the important moments. The fun drama turned to a serious drama. It didn't work well... Was really annoyed by a lot of scenes.
Some scenes were too staged and the acting halted or were delayed. The relationship between Gil Ro and Seo Won didn't make sense for me. And what happened to their parents approvals? And why this half assed ending for Gil Ro and Seo Won.. Totally not great. I expected a lot, but didn't get it. And the "romantic moments" were just awkward and weird... In all the haste for this drama to suddenly becoming serious, why couldn't we see what happened with Mi Rae and JJ? I assume they went to prison, but seriously, no closure?

Unfortunately only 2/5 from me! Really enjoyable in the beginning, but had to force myself to get an ending from this drama. Maybe I should watch the movie instead.
murii 05 Nov, 2013
Watching ep 5 and I like it so far. It's nice some comedy once in a while and Joo Won is amazing!
fotoh 03 Oct, 2013
everything is perfect about it except the female lead
like seriously ! if the female lead was a different actres (one that would suit jowon , not one who could be his mother) i would be 100% sure that this drama would have been one of the top dramas out there !
cocci 14 Aug, 2013
If you like action, don't watch that, it's a comedy first. Nothing makes sense whatsoever but it works because it's funny. I am thinking about it for an hour now and I still didn't find one single thing that happened that makes sense. It feels more like a parody that takes itself too seriously... it's weird. Weirdest action drama ever.

I stiil liked it though and Joo Won made me laugh so much!!!
hyukjae 22 Jul, 2013
dropped. disappointed.
i love the movie, it's soooo good.
but the drama, i tried, i reaaaaaally tried because of joowon, but i can't stand seowon, she's so annoyingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.
except for joowon, everything else is just so bad, these agents.... worst agents i've ever seen on tv, they just don't think, it's annoying, they're so stupid, i can't. lol
mikazuki 20 Jul, 2013
finally, i completed it! the first part was pretty boring, but it got better in the second half. there were lots of boring parts but funny ones, too. i think it was nice and decent drama.
reavel 03 Jul, 2013
I found it pretty enjoyable. I laughed it had romance but not much just like I liked it cause it was pretty grown up nothing too cute just normal. But yes it was funny and it had action. So i can say that this was more an action comedy than romance action or romance comedy. I didn't expect anything from the actors and didn't compared their roles to their previous works. SeoWon parents... never ever understood the "keep it a secret" part of their daughters work but it was all part of the comedy act. Regarding Joo Won this only proves his acting skills and that he is very versatile. KangHee she have done this before so she was on her regular role.