ESC to close 3.29 (by 1181 users)ma boy 마보이
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized ma boy
aka My Boy, ma boi


genres comedy, romance, music, youth


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network Tooniverse


date 16 Aug, 2012 - 30 Aug, 2012
episodes 3
duration 60 minutes
air day Thursday
at 21:00 - 22:00
status released


avg. score 3.29 of 5 by 1181 users
total users 1680
rating 3890
favorites 16



Geu Rim finally gets to enter her favourite school because of a scholarship the director offered her. Going to the same school are Tae Jun, a popular singer, and Irene, the new CF princess of Korea. Tae Jun is Geu Rim's favourite artist, and the greater is her joy when she finds out said young man is in the same class as her. But Tae Jun has only eyes for Irene, who doesn't return his feelings but rather avoids any contact with other students.

Geu Rim isn't really pleased about the fact that she has to be Irene's roommate, and she quickly detects that it is the same for Irene herself. Until the day Geu Rim discovers Irene's most personal secret: She is actually a he, and his name is Hyeon U. About a year ago Hyeon U debuted as Irene since no company accepted him as a trainee for a boygroup because of his girlish looks.




Jang Geu Rim
Hyeon U
Lee Eok Man
Han Gyeol
Tae Jun




09 Sep, 2012
Ma Boy is a rare take on the gender-bender comedies where a guy dresses up as a girl instead of the more common other way around. And for a show that's only 3 episodes long, it manages to tackle an aspect of gender-bending that few shows do; how it can distort one's personality when their hiding who they are.

The show is simple and fun, more slice of life than over-the top. which works because of the cable channel (which focuses on youth) and the length. But the story is also deeper as it tackles how Irene has affected Hyeon U-how playing two different personas and having the fake achieve the dreams that the real one fails to can cause problems, especially at an age where finding yourself is hard enough. And we watch as Geu Rim and Hyeon U both grow, she learning to let go of a silly crush and him stepping back and looking to see if his dreams are still the same.

Ma Boy is a great watch, fun and meaningful. And at only 3 episodes, it's great for a quick short watch.
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29 Mar, 2016
Both are short dramas that centre around a girl who transfers to a new high school and must endure bullying to find friendship and romance amidst everything.


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danisensei 16 Sep, 2017
Tae Jun as GDragon was priceless! [5] lol

Really, the only things that saved this web drama was Tae Jun's being that dramatic and the very last scene. It was fun bc of Tae Jun and boring bc of everything else. XD
reinajo 13 Jun, 2015
bad bad bad bad
cocci 27 Sep, 2013
I didn't really liked it, I only managed to finish it because I knew it was super short.
cocci 28 Aug, 2013
I'm totally floored. How is that even possible that she just turned 13 before the drama aired??? I got the vibe that she was young when I was watching her pretty face but barely 13 is freaking me out.
kamilles 29 Jul, 2013
This was funny and easy to watch!
dodi1d 15 Jul, 2013
A little bit boring, but still cute.
mizzchustar 02 Jul, 2013
Tae Jun as GDragon was priceless! [4] lol
ralphina 29 May, 2013
Super cute :D