ESC to close 3.94 (by 283 users)osozaki no himawari: boku no jinsei, renewal
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized osozaki no himawari: boku no jinsei, renewal
english Late Blooming Sunflower: My Life Renewed
literal Late Blooming Sunflower: My Life, Renewal
aka osozaki no himawari: boku no jinsei, rinyuuaru


genres drama, life, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 23 Oct, 2012 - 25 Dec, 2012
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Tuesday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.94 of 5 by 283 users
total users 624
rating 1116
favorites 10



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Kodaira Joutarou
Nikaidou Kahori
Fujii Junichi
Morishita Ayaka
Matsumoto Hiroki
Imai Haruna




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Both deal with life and relationships in rural areas (compared to most dramas that take place in Tokyo or equivalent cities/districts). Both titles are slow, which makes you focus on the landmarks they were shot.


Ikuta Touma, First Drama Series Lead Role In Three Years akiraka 4 posts 03 Sep, 2012 by hidde
Actor Ikuta Touma will star in his first drama series in three years following 2009's "Majo Saiban" in a new fall Fuji production entitled "Osozaki No Himawar...


goguma 12 Jul, 2014
@foolad I know about the opening but what I had in mind was the whole ost (like the instrumental songs, there was this one tune I really liked), but thank you anyway :)
foolad 10 Jul, 2014
@goguma Song name: Anata Ni (あなたに) by the awesome band Mongol800
goguma 13 Jun, 2014
wow, this is seriously a hidden treasure. It looks quite average but once you start watching it you can really appreciate it. Just as others say - very relatable, good script, wonderful cast, great chemistry on every level, whether it's main couple (they're great but I also really liked Juunichi and Sayori), other or in terms of friendship. Every character is really nice and even through quite simple sketches their depth comes out (this si the thing about j-doramas theat I really love). Setting at the rural area is kind of fresh I think. And I really like the ost (if anyone knows where I can get it, please tell me!). Watch it!)
alicia 26 Mar, 2014
I loved this drama really much. It was very emotional, touching and enjoyable. And the scenery was simply beautiful *-*
lexicona 20 Mar, 2014
While other dramas deal with similar plots, this drama felt so real. As a 22, almost 23 year old who recently moved out to the rural areas of the country, this really hit home. These people were extremely relatable. I came for Ikuta Toma; I stayed for the rest of the cast. There is someone to relate to no matter where you are in your 20's.
draconia 26 Jul, 2013
Well, I actually can describe this drama in one word: PERFECTION.
Oh, please, someone tell them to make more dramas like this! *_*
I'll definitely watch it again.
kirtil 06 Jun, 2013
despite its shortcommings, this dorama was very close to perfect for me. A slow, laid back story, enjoyable characters, something you can watch to relax and feel good. opening theme (with them singing) was the thing that closed the deal for me. it felt so full of life, I never did skip it once.

And Joutarou & Nikaidou felt so good together. They seemed happy, content, at ease with each other; with all their constant lovers spat (sp?). It was fun watching them, seeing them oblivious as one by one people around them noticed how good they fit together. reminded me of kekkon dekinai otoko.
sayitaintsojoe 04 May, 2013
Just finished Osozaki no Himawari. This is the type of Jdrama that I adore. Friendship/Slice of Life/Little bit of romance. I loved it. If you like Ikuta Toma and this type of drama then I highly recommend it.