ESC to close 3.21 (by 85 users)koukou nyuushi
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized koukou nyuushi
english High School Entrance Exams (literal)


genres mystery, school


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 06 Oct, 2012 - 29 Dec, 2012
episodes 13
duration 45 minutes
air day Saturday
at 23:10 - 23:55
status released


avg. score 3.21 of 5 by 85 users
total users 220
rating 273



Every teacher at the popular Ichi High is preparing for the coming entrance exam but while doing so, mysterious things happen and it seems like something big will happen regarding the entrance exam.




Haruyama Kyouko
Takimoto Midori
Aida Kiyotaka
Konishi Toshiya
Ogino Masao
Sakamoto Taeko




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02 Jan, 2013
This drama turned out to be completely unexpected. I thought it was going to be an light-hearted but insightful drama about the difficulties and the stress that Japanese students have to overcome during their high school entrance exams (still, elements that were portrayed in the drama), but it turned out to be more of a thriller/mystery kinda drama. At first I wasn't really sure I was going to keep watching it, but the second episode totally got me into the storyline. I loved this drama! I loved it so much that I watched it with Japanese subtitles (because I couldn't wait for the English ones) and re-watched all the episodes out when it wasn't even finished. I think this was the revelation drama of this season (at least, for me).

Even though the rhythm was quite slow (like 10+ episodes for a few hours) I didn't feel bored the slightest. I was surprised this drama focused more on the teacher side instead of the student side, since it was about high school entrance exams, but it was really interesting. The mystery element was nicely used and there were lots of turns of events that kept the viewer watching to find out the truth behind all the happenings.

All in all this was a totally unexpected and really good drama, and I wouldn't mind re-watching it, which I think I'm going to.
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minjung 03 Jun, 2013
Like they said, it turned out being unexpectedly intriguing.
It was pretty slow though, but i wasn't bored... Since i was searching who were behind.
I'm maybe a little disappointed by the ending but it still a very interesting drama about entrance exams from professors' point of view. I almost gave it 4 stars ^^

And it's super random but i really love the op/ed!
hieimitha 02 Dec, 2012
It sounds boring but I don't know. It turned out really interesting.
Hope that the end won't disappoint me. ~ [2]

I'm really enjoying this drama, it's very different from the others and I'm getting more and more curious to know who is behind everything.
filo 27 Nov, 2012
Love it so much ♡
I even began rewatching it now. Though it didn't finish yet.
I want to figure things out on my own. And now I have a better idea who is suspicious and who's not. At first I thought of everyone as responsible for this. Well, they make it look like everyone is behind this.

The first episode is a bit ... not boring but... long? And strange. Don't know how to explain. XD (think of the school song...)
Maybe it isn't a drama for everyone.
It sounds boring but I don't know. It turned out really interesting.
Hope that the end won't disappoint me. ~
nanuklein 19 Nov, 2012
seems boring...