ESC to close 3.48 (by 570 users)1 litre no namida
  • 2005
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized 1 litre no namida
english 1 Litre Of Tears (literal)
aka one litre of tears

Based On

based on real story


genres drama, life, illness


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 10 Feb, 2005
duration 98 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.48 of 5 by 570 users
total users 983
rating 1982
favorites 19


1 litre no namida
2005 TV jp
same setting


Aya was a regular clumsy girl until her mother noticed strange things with her behavior, so she decided to take her to a doctor. There, both discover that Aya has a deadly disease that can't be cured. But Aya is not giving up and trying to live her life as fully as she can and be as normal as possible. She understands she is sick and is trying to be happy as she is, even though she knows someday she wont be able to talk, walk, work or do anything that normal people can.


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Kitou Aya
Kitou Shioka
Kitou Mizuo




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25 Dec, 2012
1 litre of Tears is definately one of the saddest dramas I've ever been able to see. I picked up this movie after actually having watched the Drama.

Aya Kito is a japanese girl with a life like all others. Lately some changes has started happening around her everyday life. This movie is the 100% true story of a sick girl, Its based on the Diary of Aya Kito. The Movie was from a different perspective than the original drama as The drama was more added on too and held characters who weren't in the movie.

I Think the actors all did a pretty good job. Aside of my point of view where I Thought The Drama actors would be starring in the movie aswell.. They did a good job and managed to win me over. As for the music, It wasn't a music drama so it didn't really contain too much music. The Music that was there to be found, Were good though..

I really liked the movie for the atmosphere it has too it. The fact that the story is true only makes it all the more unbearable. Its a really good movie allthough the pace is slow at some points, I'll have to say I don't think the story could have been any better..

Its a good movie, Aswell as the drama is a must watch.

I'd recommend people who like more serious stories to watch this series.. The Movie might start of slow, But It will have you crying by the time you reach the storys end.

R.I.P Aya Kito..
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liza 05 Jun, 2013
this is really sad i cried my heart out ;[ it really made me appreciate what i have.....
twinkey 20 May, 2013
i haven't watched the drama version yet but i think i prefer this version. from what i've seen of the drama there is much more emphasis on the love story and i think it will take away from the real story. i didn't cry much over this because i so admired her and her will to keep on going even when it was most difficult and when people were terrible towards her.
magda 04 Feb, 2013
Well, i seen the drama and really, but really ive cried alot, Just the simple ideo of beeing sick and seen her passing through a lot of pain and the disease, in her way. A very good and gorgerous movie. To be honest, ive cried more than 1 liter of tears, from the begging 'till the end. I don't know if I'm a very sensitive person, but this movie and drama was a life story that make me realize that the life is not pink and you have to go through a lot of pain for finding the happiest moment in your life. Evem if she died, when I heard that somebody has cancer, my mind thinks about this movie, because i was shocked to see how they are trated and I know that ,in Asia, people who are sick are discriminated , but this isn't their fault; it happen, even you live your life healthly. But in other cases, you can find a cure, but this is a rariety and I'm feeling sorry. A lot of times I was thinking rewatching the drama, but I'll cry over again and my mother will say that I'll not cry that much when will be her funeral, Whatever, I really love the drama and I'll never forget the characters, because they made me realize alot of good things, and one of them is the family, that is suporting and loving you inconditionally.
jiyee 07 Aug, 2011
agree with darkarisu, but even though she didn't die miserable i felt miserable though, idk why, just the thought of someone going through all of this was too much for me. so how am i supposed to watch this drama if i cried way too much with this, it just made me feel so miserable i have no idea how to describe it, i liked the movie and watching only the movie was enough heartache for me, i really don't need the drama to make me feel much more worse than i already feel. watch it, it'll open your eyes!
gyaruhime 23 Apr, 2011
literally cried 1 litre of tears~
darkarisu 09 Apr, 2011
I didn't cry at all, and I didn't pity her.. Why? Because this movie is great and it shows us how worse the society can be with handicap people.. And it showed how much she has to go through.. BUT it shows also that these people have dreams, goals, they fall in love, they feel! They are like other people, and the end was beautiful
even when she dies, she was happy, and that's what is the important for handicap people!
This is just my opinion..
I think the most of them who watched it didn't understand these things.. because everyone writes "how sad, i cried a lot"
I'll also watch the drama :)
kiyoshi 27 Mar, 2011
The drama is better, but still very good.
carolhiis 24 Mar, 2011
Cut *--*