ESC to close 3.1 (by 194 users)ooh la la bubu 울랄라 부부
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized ooh la la bubu
english Oohlala Couple (literal)
aka Ooh La La Couple, Oohlala Spouses, ullalla bubu


genres comedy, drama, family, romance, fantasy


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 01 Oct, 2012 - 27 Nov, 2012
episodes 18
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.1 of 5 by 194 users
total users 456
rating 602
favorites 2



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Go Su Nam
Na Yeo Ok
Jang Hyeon U
Lee Baek Ho
Victoria Kim




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01 May, 2014
Both are Korean series about a married couple on the verge of divorce. While Queen of Reversals is longer and has more twists, Ooh La La Couple is funnier and has more fantasy.

17 Apr, 2013
Both TV dramas are about a body swap between a man and a woman. Secret Garden is about a rich man and a stunt woman and class difference. Oohlala Couple is about a divorced couple and marriage life.


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alexadm81 28 Feb, 2017
Overall, this was a really nice drama. For me, the funniest part was when they swapped bodies but it turned out a bit melodramatic when:

Yeo Ok found out about her disease.

When I first started watching this drama, I thought it was gonna be mainly with comedy, but it was during episodes 2-9.

I wanted Yeo Ok so much to be with Hyeon U, but it seems it was not such a bad idea for her to remarry Seon U, just that the way she changed her mind was too sudden (even though it were about 2 years).

The acting was great especially from Shin Hyeon Jun, he was so funny after the body swap! Kim Jeong Eun was also funny! There were a lot of things missing from the plot and I think it could have had 16 episodes, so 3/5. The acting and the funny situations compensated for the plot.
kamilles 14 Jul, 2014
It has a lot of funny moments, but that's pretty much it. @___@
dodii 21 Dec, 2012
@yoonmin, haha well you're right about the spoiler.

I ain't done yet but I think she forgives him because in her past life she dies and he's not even able to follow her on the death path because he mostly think about himself, so it's like in the present he finally is ready to sacrifice himself for her. I'm only at episode 11, not that I dont like Hyeon U, but damn, I understand he's obsessed with her, but so stalker, like Vicki, but her it's another case >_>!
dodii 19 Dec, 2012
Haha thanks for the spoilers :P I now know the end (:!! But Yeo Ok "male" side was kinda overacted... well personnal point on view. I'm at episode 11, so done soon soon :D! Just can't wait to see what happen to Vicky & Hyeon U!
yoonmin 01 Dec, 2012
It was funny, I give it that. But it was soooo much better in the beginning =( I almost dropped it because it just became stupid.
Seriously, just because she got a piece of his liver, she forgave him for everything and started loving him again? No. I don´t accept that. it´s just... stupid.
rosycrystals 30 Nov, 2012
I'm a second male kind of girl and I dislike Soo Nam ALOT, but i keep finding myself cheering for him. I guess i do that because I come from a divorced family and there were so many times that I wished at my parents would come back together. That whole concept has left my head by now, but I would love to see a drama or a movie in which it has happened. (Even if it has fairies and magic in it). There are too many divorced couples in this world and this drama is about second chances and forgiveness, and it shows you how terrible divorce is and how unforgiving cheating is. This drama has slowly crept into my heart! <3
artesia 29 Nov, 2012
beginning the drama was really interesting and fun, but after completely changed my expectations.i think it was a great disappointment,although there were some good moments, but unfortunately short.the only great thing was the trio protagonist,specially sin hyeon jun actor ,he had a superlative acting.
lothiriel 18 Nov, 2012
(Unfortunately) The premise of the drama is being fated to love each other. Su Nam and Yeo Ok had a failure in the past which has to be resolved in the current second round. If they don't succeed this time either, there'll be a third, fourth, fifth... etc try, so at the end of the day, they HAVE TO BE together XD Bad news for Hyeon U, as sad as it is.