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  • 2012
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized piece
aka piisu

Based On

based on manga
title piece
author Ashihara Hinako (芦原妃名子)


genres drama, life, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network NTV (Nippon TV, 日本テレビ)


date 07 Oct, 2012 - 30 Dec, 2012
episodes 13
duration 30 minutes
air day Sunday
at 00:55 - 01:25
status released


avg. score 3.61 of 5 by 456 users
total users 818
rating 1645
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Because of the dead of an high school classmate, Mizuho and Narumi meet again. They have been secretly dating in high school and after their break up haven't seen each other again. In addition, the mother of Haruka, the classmate who died, tells Mizuho that her daughter was pregnant while being in High School and asks her to find out who the father was.


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Narumi Hikaru
Suga Mizuho
Yanai Takashi
Setouchi Madoka
Nishida Remi
Origuchi Haruka




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28 Mar, 2013
Mizuho and Narumi somehow ended up having a strange relationship during high school, without sleep with each other, which is rather strange for Narumi, since he is the love of every girl in the school and enjoys his time with any girl he finds attractive. Only Mizuho shows him that he has still limits. But that relationship one day ends and they stop meeting. On the furneral of a classmate, they meet again. Strangely the mother of the dead girl talks to Mizuho as if she and the dead girl were good friends, revealing that the dead girl was pregnant at some point and that she wanted to find the father... Mizuho agrees to help her. And so the mystery begins.

I watched the story mainly for the lovely gifs I saw on tumblr and to get a better opinion of Nakayama Yuma. I have to say, he was actually lovely. Just that he might've taken a few of his vampire talents into the new drama, since he jumped out of the window from the 3rd floor and nothing happened...

Well, anyway, let's talk about the drama!

I liked the story! The idea was really nice, but at some point it got sooo predictable. The first 6 episodes were nice and exciting. But after that, I didn't feel like there could be any surprises and I only kept watching to get my confirmation. Nothing exciting. Only a tiny bit of character story.

All in all, the ending wasn't all that great and the later half of the show too predictable. So I'm only rating it with 3*. But still, I wouldn't have thought that Yuma can do so well and play the playboy so well. I still see him as a child, so I was surprised how well he managed to play the bad boy highschooled.
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anapipoka 13 Oct, 2018
where i can see this?
bluediamonds 22 Jul, 2015
How to begin my comment..?

Well first of all i don't know whether i really liked it or not. I don't know if the direction was bad in some points or it was Honda Tsubasa's acting that ruined everything. Her acting made me feel tired.
I don't know what i would do if the episodes were longer than 23 minutes or even worse if this drama had more episodes.

The story was fine, although it "lost" the meaning it started with and for the first 4 episodes it was aiming on a different direction (i was even thinking: is it really going to show us something the synopsis was talking about), then in the middle it got to the main point it started with and then 5 minutes before the ending, it was like it talked about the first 4 episodes again.
I felt that, since the screenwriter had an idea, he didn't really knew how to connect the beginning with the middle and the ending. Like, his idea were floating and was struggling to join the things he had in mind. He succeeded in some small parts but still it was weird.

Also, about the ending, i liked it. I was sure it'd end like this. It was the only reasonable ending he could use. BUT
when Remi said she was pregnant and everything was a mess etc, i was like you-are-kidding-me what a pointless plot we got here! I figured the ending from the very first minute of the 1st episode when she talked about the abortion of "some friend" but i never thought it would lead to this. It needed something smarter..
thekoikoi 17 Apr, 2014
Okay, I watched this like a moth ago but yeah. I'm not sure if I enjoyed it or not, at first I started watching it cuz' I was crazy about the manga, and I have to say I HATE Honda Tsubasa... SHE SUCKS, her acting it's terrible,
I just watched her and thought she's just a pretty face! That aside, I loved Nakayama Yuuma, he's surprisingly good! And the OST, was perrrrfect.

I loved this drama.
beautifur 18 Feb, 2014
I loved it so much. Last episode included.
Honestly, I was worried after reading the comments but the ending was good imo very appropriate. I don't get why so many people hated it.

Some of the acting was a bit... questionable but the whole drama was great. Interesting plot, beautiful scenery and wonderful OST ♥ 5/5 for me.
jocchi 22 Dec, 2013
Nice drama, interesting plot. I wanted to rate this drama higher, but I only gave 3 stars because of the end.
The fact that Haruka and Mizuho couldn't get together in the end disappointed me, I really really liked them in the first episodes and I was hoping that they could finally be together. But that was probably the best ending possible, without altering too much the characters. I think Haruka wasn't ready to have a relationship, even though he probably felt something for Mizuho.

I liked the fact that Mizuho finally understands herself better, and she will probably do better in the future :) Oh, and very good OST ♥
irresi 07 Oct, 2013
I liked this drama, even the ending was good imo
Hikaru has problems with himself, he's not ready for serious relationship even though he loves Mizuno. she told him her feelings so he know she'll be waiting for him when the time comes. that's what I think :)
mikazuki 25 Jul, 2013
wow, it sure was different from the other japanese dramas i've watched (well, i haven't watched them too much). i liked it a lot. the characters and the story were really nice. it was prettily filmed and the soundtrack was amazing. and it was so enjoyable to watch because of short episodes. i just started watching this on a whim and it turned out to be really good. definitely didn't waste my time.
stellybish 07 Jul, 2013
I enjoyed this. It wasn't perfect but the story was really intresting.
Yuuma and Tsubasa had amazing chemistry.
Haruka was a great character!
Kinda sad that Hikaru and Mizuho didn't end up together but anyway.
I looooved Mizuho with Yanai-senpai! He totally fell for her! I could feel it >__<"
It was an intresting journey, finding Haruka's booyfriend :)

What you learn from this drama > people always have 2 faces:
- one that are showing to everyone
- and the other keeping it a secret from everyone else