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  • 2012
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized shinsekai yori
english From The New World (literal)

Based On

based on book
title shinsekai yori
author Kishi Yuusuke (貴志祐介)


genres drama, mystery, romance, sci fi, adventure, psycholog., post apocal.


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)
by A-1 Pictures (A-1 Pictures)


date 29 Sep, 2012 - 23 Mar, 2013
episodes 25
duration 30 minutes
air day Saturday
at 00:30 - 01:00
status released


avg. score 3.84 of 5 by 109 users
total users 252
rating 419
favorites 4



The story is set in a world that attempts to be an utopia, where humans live in small communities. Five children who attend a special school where they develop certain supernatural powers they have, slowly discover the dark and unpleasant things bound in the world's history.






original creator
director, animation director, storyboard creator


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22 Nov, 2014
‘Shinsekai Yori’ tells the story of five friends, who live in an utopian world set in the future. In this world, people are able to use “Cantus”, which is a kind of telekinesis power. Children have to attend a special school to learn to control their powers and be able to use them in any situation. Beside the human race, there’s also another species called “Queerats”, highly developed rats with humanlike abilities. They are accepted by the human kind, but have to behave very submissive and obey any orders. Anyway, after some time being on this new school the five friends encounter some mysterious happenings and slowly secrets are revealed, which show that this utopia they are living in isn’t perfect at all.

First, it’s definitely not an anime you can be half asleep while watching because it’s sometimes a little bit complex, meaning that it’s important to pay attention to understand everything. I can’t agree with people saying that it’s very confusing though because it isn’t. It’s just an anime with a great and interesting story and such anime usually require your full attention xD

The story basically is divided into three parts, separated by two timeskips. These timeskips are a great way to develop the story, since there are many storylines which need more time to evolve. To be honest, I first was kind of surprised by the second one, after watching some more episodes I have to admit that this change of time was necessary though.

As mentioned above, the utopia doesn’t seem to be that perfect as people thought it to be, so these friends find out more and more unpleasant details about the world they are living in. Some of the “unpleasant details” influence the life of the protagonists directly and so they are slowly realizing that there are mysterious things going on. The slow progress of finding new information about the world they are living in is really interesting for the viewer as well because he doesn’t know anything in the beginning, too, and so he can discover secrets and mysteries together with the characters.

So you will understand more and more after every episode and all the information you get will create a new understanding on what’s going on, which is a great feeling and really makes this show exciting.

I especially liked the female protagonist, Saki, since she has a calm, but not boring, and very pleasant and nice personality. Actually, all the characters act naturally and believable, which is necessary to create a serious atmosphere. So, there aren’t these tsundere, badass or extremely cute characters, which really annoy me sometimes and aren’t suitable for such a show. Also, I think it’s very refreshing to watch an anime where the characters are actually “normal people” and not exaggerated stereotypes.

I actually didn’t like the way of how the romantic relationships were developing through the anime. They kind of changed drastically after every timeskip and the viewer can’t really comprehend why someone loves the other one and why the whole situation is different after the next change of time. Also, the whole romantic storyline isn’t really necessary since it doesn’t have a special connection to the main story.

Of course, the above mentioned Queerats take an essential part in the anime, too, and so also change and develop. I don’t want to spoil you the fun, so I can’t really talk about any details, but it’s really interesting to see how whole colonies (and some extra Queerat characters) change after a while. Also, not only do the Queerat’s personalities evolve but also their relationship to the humans, which is very exciting to see.

Furthermore, the soundtrack is quite awesome since it supports the overall dark atmosphere pretty well. I had the feeling that there aren’t many different tracks though, nonetheless, I didn’t care because the music is so epic :P

Overall, I have to say that I enjoyed watching every episode from beginning to end. I loved the dark atmosphere, the characters, the soundtrack and the way the story was developing and keeping you interested the whole time.
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02 Nov, 2014
Both depict two worlds that have created a seemingly perfect society, hiding dark secrets to prevent everyone from knowing that everything isn't as perfect as it seems.


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Random chan 08 Aug, 2016
After rewatching this, I liked it a bit less.

It is still great and much better than other shows made during the same period of time (which I believe was a factor that made me excited back in 2013 when I watched it when it was airing)... but it's lacking and has a lot of elements that I dislike. But I still really like the world that they've created here.
Random chan 28 Mar, 2015
@bloom I'm with you :o
bloom 24 Mar, 2013
It was simply amazing I did not expect any of the twist defiantly a masterpiece